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Laura Kirjokivi  Empowering movement against trafficking in women & all aspects of human rights. Vehicle 🚴‍♀️ channel is my 👄 More info at Facebook @ Riding for Hope

Rugged but beautiful south of spain 🌼
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First snow 💜 we love it with Toivo!
Good news, ill start volunteer work next month with immigrants here in Helsinki. Couldnt be happier 😊 Oh and on saturday ill head to Spain for some farm work with mi gaul @soffabroman 🤠
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Nature is confused.

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Boys who like girls - Miehen malli

Great document about men in India who started a movement called MAVA (www.mavaindia.org) to educate boys in India about womens equal rights, to stop violence against women and to raise discussion nationally about this patriarchial caste system that teaches boys allready at young age to talk violently about women. "Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) has pioneered efforts in India to engage Boys and Men to address issues of gender inequality and discrimination by interrogating the existing dominant model of Masculinity, and help stop prevent gender-based violence against women. "

THIS IS SUPER!!! Because when you talk about womens rights you must talk about men and ask, WHY men are violent against women and thats the core that I think every organisation working with women rights should face and talk about, involve the local men in the discussion and action, there is no one without the other.

If men have had the power for ages and now (what I hear in the streets) its time for the women to take the power then where is equality, its not that all the men we have now are the men that are responsible for our system so instead of blaming the whole men kind and trying to have power, WE should together as men and women talk about this!

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Finally t-shirts and bags arrived! 🤗☝️ Ill start sending it to YOU and after that I can send the donation to FinnWID- naiset kehitystyössä ry 👌

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Do you consume enough?
Stop buying new shit and consume less.
It starts from you.

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When im not cycling or cooking, im flying 😄 This toulk some time, but thanks to good base and advices I made it! 💚💜 #riding4hope #flyingintheair #acroyoga

Trying to keep my self occupied in this post touring 🚴‍♀️🚵‍♀️ life. Maybe Riding for Hope will soon be Cooking for Hope 🤣

I guess cooking is like cycling for me. I can follow directions or choose my own route.
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Olisko jollain lainata pyörää Hesassa about viikoksi?
Toivo odottelee uusia osia & sillä ei viitti ajaa 😭 Mä en voi elää ilman pyörää, se on kuin olisi sielu ilman sydäntä 💜
Voin myös mielelläni sponssi ajella & mainostaa somessa firmaasi!! Laitahan viestiä tulemaan jos sellainen kiinnostaa ☝️ #riding4hope #pyöräily #pelastaa #sielun #sponsorointi #pyöräkauppa #bianchi #trekbikes #helkama #jopo #mummopyörä

Kun kurkuma ja kurpitsa rakastelee syksyä 💜🍁 #eatwell #stayheathly

According to calender, I have been allmost three weeks back in Finland. It feels like a long time since I always know how to keep myself busy and the days go by differently to when your cycling. When your on the road, time goes really fast but but your not aware of it.

Do I miss it?
Yes and no, Im happy to be back because I have this intuitive feeling that this is where im supposto be now, this is where my bread crumbles led me back.
However I miss the thrills and excitment and most of all the nature 🐾🐿🦎🦋 I dont feel like spending time indoors and sitting in front of a computer inside these four walls when the last two months I spend most of my time outside 💜

In the picture, there is saltwraps, Willow extract and Omega- 3. Cycling around Europe doesnt come without a price, my shoulders and arms have been hurting a lot since the summer and before taking modern medicine (visiting my dads medicine stash) I wanted to try and help my body to heal with natures product.
Ill report back to you.

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Kun jotain haluaa 😄

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