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Rida Khan  I want to be like my kids when I grow up: ✨full of JOY😂 ✨full of LIFE💃 ✨full of LOVE❤️ ✨Never caring what anyone thinks😋 ✨just excited to BE 😍


Little girl with big dreams. 😅❤ #fghterfire

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

Don't wanna go home.😅

Trampoline and water - 2 of their fav activities combined!! 😜. #childhoodunplugged #summerfun

momenta of bliss

There’s so much in the world to be grateful for. Spending time with loved ones, exploring nature, dancing, hugging, laughing, reading, swimming… all of these things bring magic into everyday circumstances. Happiness is the spiritual experience of choosing to live each moment with love, grace, and gratitude. There’s no such thing as perfect. It’s our perception that makes it so. .
❤ Beautiful words by @fullyrawkristina

The Truth. #waynedyer

I have a thirsty fish in me - that can never find enough - of what it's thirsty for!

'Man is a bird without wings and a bird is a man without sorrow.' Louis de Bernières


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