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ride_the_cliche  RVA 🔹Abandonment 🔹 Landscape


eventually this beautiful old gal will be gone....replaced by something sterile and unsightly. I'm glad to be able to commemorate her with this image.

living on a lighted stage. beyond the gilded cage

I'd heard about this place for years.....and ultimately spotted the roof on a remote aerial.....yes...it's fully furnished.....and yes it's creepy as hell

whenever I'm in these places, I always envision the reaction of an Antique Aficionado

Rural Americana

the beginning of the end.... I will be keeping my 👀 on this gal as she beautifies over time ......

Keep Virginia Beautiful

Luray, Virginia

water break

hunting Virginia waterfalls

when you can hear the heartbeat and the heavy breathing from the Explorer shooting next to you...a reminisce from my scariest explore ever @_soliveyourlife_ @jamiebettsphoto @ruralwanderer @deanjeffrey

unexpected forest finds

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