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Riki Lecotey 'riddle'  - Maker - Cosplayer - Take the craft seriously but not myself - Promote Cos-fidence through craftsmanship - Business/con inquiries ridd1e@yahoo.com

Who knows where Adventure will take us... 📸 @worldofgwendana What is your favourite Zelda game? #legendofzelda #link @nintendo #linklecosplay

In celebration of LEGO DC Super-Villains launching on Oct 16th at non at the DC BOOTH, I thought it would be fun to bring together all the DC Super-Villain cosplayers for a huge DC Super-Villian meetup and photoshoot at New York Comic Con! There will even be a game copy Giveaway for cosplayers who attend the meetup! @legodcgame #wbsponsored #NYCC

Red, White and Blue... I salute you. I get nervous posting saluting photos cause it is a skill and I practice to get it right but sometimes I mess them up. Photo by @worldofgwendana #respectthesalute #captainamerica #marvel #femalecaptainamerica @marvel @marvelstudios #cosplay #ageofultron #infinitywar

Incase you missed my IG stories, I started a FREE patreon. A few years back when social media reach was starting to get bad I wanted to make a patreon that was free that would allow people to follow me and receive all my updates but only recently did I figure how to do that. Think of it more as of a News Feed/Community that everyone is welcome to be a part of! And while pledges are appreciated, I wanted to allow all my content to be for free, so if I do start posting tutorials they will be accessible to everyone. Also I don’t want to disappoint people if, because of my work/travel schedule, I’m unable to post costume progress or photoshoot. I have so much respect for Cosplayers that are pumping out costumes and tutorials monthly.. that’s a ton of work! Most of all I just want to create a community where I can get to know you better and Vice Versa. I’m just grateful to share the things I love with you and it’ll be easier to communicate with you. Again it is free.. this way the standards are set low :P I think I wrote this better in the ABOUT ME section on my Patreon.. BUT YOU GET THE IDEA! HTTP://WWW.PATREON.COM/RIDD1E #burnette #glasses

Incase you missed it! I will be doing a LIMITED appearance at @sonicboomb0x / @wardrobesupply on SAT/SUN at NYCC! I will also have a few hours at LEGO artist, @danveesenmeyer table on Sat as well. I will have Prints and Calendars and happy to answer any Cosplay and or squirrel questions! Which of my costume would you want to see me in on Sunday?? #nycc #comiccon

Feeding time from my IG Story yesterday. Last night I brought him to another rehabber who will add them to a group she is raising. There is no sense of scale he is 82grams and that syringes is 3cc. #squirrel #squirrelsofinstagram #thedodo @thedodo #wildlife #rehabandrelease #rescueandrelease #babysquirrel

Squirrel info, LONG POST! Got a call on my way home from work last night that this 4-5 wk squirrel had been found. Was up early Cause of my work schedule I will be passing him to another rehabber who has siblings his age and has the time to feed this little guy ever 3.5 hours. It may seem like it’s fun to raise baby squirrels but if you find a one best to get them to a license rehabber Asap (especially if a cat bite is involved) They can assess injuries that you may not see, they know how to correctly feed but also it’s far Easier to integrate into into another litter when young. Squirrels need to be raised with others to learn how to socialize/bond with each other rather then a human. Remember Sampson who I released? He was “found” after the humans who raised him didn’t like playing with him cause he was biting too hard. He was afraid of other squirrels which can cause issues with some squirrels release and make them Not releasable. So the morale of the story is .. if you find a squirrel contact you local rehabber or wildlife center, if you WANT to learn how to rehab you can tell a rehabber you can work underneath their guidance or volunteer at a wildlife center. If you do find a baby squirrel. The MOST IMPORTANT THING IS KEEP HIM WARM, and I don’t mean just put him in blankets. I mean put them on a heating pad or hot water bottle. Do NOT feed them unless the rehabber you are speaking to advises you and will properly tell you how. NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU GIVE THEM KITTEN OR COWS MILK. If you anyone you know finds an wild animal, I highly suggest the app ANIMAL HELP NOW, or squirrel message board (if it’s a squirrel). Also, something you might not know is Rehabbers do not make any profit doing this, and often they spend a lot of their own money to pay to buy supplies. So when you bring them your new found fur baby, they ask for nothing, but if you could make a small donation it goes a long way and is appreciated. Phew that’s a long post!! #animalrehab #squirrel #squirrelsofinstagram #babysquirrel #babyanimal #cute

Are you ready to rumble @glownetflix fans?! 📸 - @hngophotography / Zoya - @ridd1e / Liberty Belle - @katiecosplays. Costumes made by respective cosplayers #wrestling #glow #zoyathedestroya #libertybelle @netflix #spandex #alisonbrie #zoyacosplay

“Peevy, you'd pay to see a wo-man fly, wouldn't you?” Photo by @digistevephotography

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and away means forgetting.” Photo by @anthonyhnguyenphoto #tinkerbell #peterpan #tinkerbellcosplay #disney

Oldie but a goodie! Yes, Those are my eyeballs, no shoop! #snowwhite #disney #disneyprincess

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