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Riki Lecotey 'riddle'  Internationally recognized cosplayer . Creator of Cosplay for a Cause. Take the craft seriously but not myself.


Played with @lomics this weekend to describe my convention day but totally forgot to post it! I didn't know what was doing lol but wanna make more in future. What would you like to see next?? When I picked the music, I was so overwhelmed by the choices I just went with the most light hearted thing I could find. NO JUDGEMENT :P #locomics #drstrange

Looking through my pictures this weekend, One of the highlights of @masscomiccon was meeting @sportznut28 and his family! They came up to me and told me because of my work on HOC, it inspired them as family to start cosplaying together! I was so flattered and humbled, They are doing such an amazing job and you can find them on FB as #powersfamilycozplay #hellboy #bioshock #bigdaddy #hulkbuster #littlesister #avengers #cosplay

Heading over to @masscomiccon in a few minutes! Let's hope the AC is turned down unlike yesterday! :) be there from 11-3pm! #silkspectre #watchmen #cosplay #dccomics

Hanging with @geekselixir at @masscomiccon watching the most hilarious panel!

Time for @masscomiccon! I should be at my table around 11! If I don't get lost! Also I have an Advance Cosplay Q&A from 12-1 in the junior ballroom! #marvel #drstrange #cosplay

First photo from my shoot with @melissalee0 (edited by @ngophotosplease) of my #futaba costume from #persona5 by @atlususa! Other then needing to adjust the headset to be slightly smaller so I can wear it back and popping the lenses for better photos. Also couldn't throw down for her license AKG Headphones but these ones are nice! I love how comfortable this costume is :) and love the designs from the Persona games! Who is your Persona Waifu?! #persona5cosplay #futabasakura #cosplay

Excited to announce I will be at @fanexpohq as a cosplay guest this year! IMMA COMING HOME CANADA! #FXC17 #fanexpocanada #cosplay

I'll be wearing Silk Spectre on Sunday at @masscomiccon! Table #309. Limited calendars and prints! #dccomics #watchmen #silkspectre

Morning!! This cute shy wild baby was brave and jumped up on me to tell me she wanted nuts. Looks like she had some kind of fight because you can see she is missing a bunch of fur on the side of her tail. Other then that, she seems fine! #squirrel #wildliferescue #wildlife #cute #babysquirrel

At cons People ask why I don't have wings on my Wasp costume. At the time when I did this costume (and might also be currently) when the wasp is full size she doesn't have wings. But I did work wing slots into my costume :D #avengers #wasp #hulk #cosplay

Rock a what? Btw the helmet makes a great purse to store your phone and wallet if you flip it over. #rocketeer #bettiepage #cosplay

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