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Riki Lecotey 'riddle'  Internationally recognized cosplayer . Creator of Cosplay for a Cause. Take the craft seriously but not myself.


Due to the rush of getting Tira done for Heroes of Cosplay (does anyone still remember that show :P?) I had originally designed the ring to come apart and be able to transport it in 3 pieces but I was under such a deadline that ended up putting all 3 pieces together, built a box, strapped it to the top of my car and Chris drove 8 hours to New Orleans to bring it down. Due to my contract, I wasn't allowed to drive because if Something happened and I missed showing up for filming that would be a problem. Yet production wouldn't pay for the gas (wtf?) for chris to drive it. But we worked so hard on the costume and wanted to show it off, he took the hit. I have been meaning to go back and make the ring transportable (I could take it apart again) but always get caught up in the newer projects. So, for now, unless it's a con in Atlanta, Tira will be ringless. #tira #cosplay #storytime #soulcalibur #tiracosplay **EDIT** it does make me feel happy to hear cause of HOC You got into cosplay. That's the one thing I wanted, was to show people how amazing cosplay can be :)

Want to thank everyone who signed for @lootcrate using my URL (lootcrate.com/Ridd1e)! Not only do you get 10% off but the small commission I made from last month I was able to donate to help Amarah here, who arrived injured and thanks @squirreltopia care, she is doing a lot better. If you or anyone you know is thinking of signing up for loot crate and you use my code, I will continue to donate to animal rescue. ******
Amarah is doing great and I'm ashamed to say, I forgot to post that @ridd1e sponsored her this month! Thank you so much Riddle!!! Sorry so late and I took a 2nd video of her to make it up to you 💜

After a long day at the con you kick back at Aloft :Pby @mineralblu #batman #batgirl #cosplay

Don't think I posted the full version of this? Maybe I did?! I dunno! You can get this and the other maple syrup prints at my print store (and more stuff). LINK IN DAH BIO! Also you can get my new calendar! Those of you who have been waiting patiently for the calendar and order before I ship at the end of may. I'll be putting some VKS Mini prints for you! <3 special Thanks to @lexaone for making me feel comfortable while she did the shots and @london2191 for helping to style and wrangle my combover #canada #canadian #canadiangirl #bikini

Don't forget @london2191 and I will be at @borough_con in QUEENS, NY May 26-29 (I will only be there 27-29th due to work). This might be my new favourite picture of Monika and I, taken by @ngophotosplease. OURNEWBIOPIC #cosplay #sailormars #drstrange

Summaaaaatime! Starting to warm up! Who is your favourite #onepiece girl? Oh yeah My Nami costume is based on the Mugiwara figure! <3

After wearing @castlecorsetry Harley corset, it made me want to step up my corset making skillz! Lazy styling done by me:) it was for a fashion show and wanted to showcase the corset first :D #notcosplay @castlecorsetry with @repostapp
Instagram stalking @ridd1e cuz dayummmm. I miss this girl!!! #Harley corset by @castlecorsetry - Photo by @eurobeat_kasumi_ebk ❤️💎❤️

Got two new @lootcrate. things are crazy for me so I can't film/edit right now but wanted to show you what is inside the #anime one! My fav item? No question! The #Haikyu shirt. If you order using my code **lootcrate.com/Ridd1e** you get 10% off and I get a small commission which I will donate to a local wildlife rehabber or online ones. Last month donated the proceeds to @squirreltopia to help a recent poor little girl named Amarah, who had a skull fracture. #boyandthebeast #onepiece

Baby skqwerlzzz <3 being looked after by another rehabber. I stopped by and ended up feeding these guys and much like me, after I eat, it's NAP TIME! While squirrels are pretty much solo creatures as adults, it's important to raise them together as babies. These 5 were found by 3 different people and brought to a rehabber friend. If you find a baby squirrel the BEST case is to reunite with the mom, but if you can't or the squirrel is injured, contact a local rehabber (Animal help now APP), or squirrelboard (squirrel message board). #squirrel #rehab #wildlife #babysquirrel #cute


Last Jedi trailer! What did you think?? #princessleia #lastjedi #starwars #cosplay

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