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Riki Lecotey 'riddle'  Internationally recognized cosplayer . Creator of Cosplay for a Cause. Take the craft seriously but not myself.


Bring a flying squirrel to work day! Chris found this little girl in their work shop. Unlike reg squirrels who are quite solo, flying squirrels live in colonies (also nocturnal) . Unfortunately she can't go back to were she was because they consider her a pest. I've confirmed she isn't a mother so I will take her to another rehabber who can introduce this little girl to a different colony. She is about 1/4 the size of a regular squirrel 50grams or so.. After I cleaned her cage, she was curling up to go to sleep and I put the food bowl in and she crawled into it and sat down. #flyingsquirrel #wildlife

Emma survived the hurricane. Seemed exhausted as she just laid on my arm to eat. Still no Haru, couple other wild ones showed up as well. One of the sisters has a bad eye injury, and the rest have seasonal bot flies specific to squirrels (its bad this year) But restocked the feeders so they can heal and stay strong. Check my IG STORY for some baby pics! The rehabbers whose property it is got some Irma babies. #squirrel

Did you catch the shot of #hellboy from the new movie?? I did this many years ago and designed it if it was hellboys little sister. So it's got touch stones that the OG hellboy. It was my first time doing any kind of head appliance so when #heroesofcosplay stopped by, I thought it would a good chance to resculpt the head appliance as well as make the hand lighter. Don't bring this to many cons cause it's hard to work at the table with a Right hand of Doom :P

Wednesday on Wednesday! Next con is Count I Con in Greyslake, IL then I'm off to Paris the following weekend for @comicconparis!

Happy birthday Sailor Mercury! #sailormoon #sailormercurycosplay

The wind was starting to pick up that Emma only stopped by for a short while. Sorry sergioDcq it's Sunday which means squirrel stuff :P #squirrel #wildlife

Chatting with people's on twitter about Saturday morning cartoons. FAVOURITE SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON! These were some of my favorites (took a picture of my DVDS). Also missing SheRa&Heman and someday I love to get #samuraipizzacats on dvds

Sums up my feelings about wearing long wigs :P her hair never seemed to get tangled on anything in the series!! Regardless still love this wig by @wisperiaworkshop! Photo by @peterwangphotography

I'll be a guest at @comicconparis oct 27-29! I'll be debuting something new for you guys and I want to take pictures of all the amazing costumes, so please come by!! #comiccon #paris #cosplay #tira #soulcalibur

Thanks to @ooc_photography for snagging this shot of me at my table during @fanexpohq. I had such a wonderful In toronto and can't thank you guys enough for always making me feel so welcome. ♥️🍁 Wig by @wisperiaworkshop #sailormoon #sailormooncosplay #usagi

Out of the 6 of us.. 2 of us are sleeping for real haha Thanks Rios and his family for stopping by!

@geekcharming.ca (She is the one in the left!) stopped by after hearing I was going to wear her OFF DUTY COSPLAYER hoodie today.. though I wore it all weekend to and from the con to cover my cosplay. It's my new favourite thing to wear. They are wearing the PROP ones and I'm wearing the JACK OF ALL TRADES. (Cause I'm blah at both fabric and props :P So many crazy talented people!) #humbled YOU CAN ORDER ONE OFF GEEK CHARMING . CA. I bought one and will be buying another. Love supporting small artists and businesses

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