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Rick Shucks  Black guy on Youtube. UBER CODE: qv8ff New Video ⬇️


Link in bio. Or right here for twitter. https://youtu.be/VlcH5KEhZ9w New skit with @sarahbe_ I don't even know how to explain this one. You just gotta watch the whole thing LOL.


Tomorrow I will be doing what I do best! That's right! MATH! Ok I'm lying. I'll be eating a ton of food at The Eat Show Lol. Catch me, @twaydabae and @timothydelaghetto up there! Go to @theeatshow bio for tickets! #KindaAnAd #ButNotExactly #ImJustPuttingYallOn Lol

"I used to pretend to be a crip"...I still have no idea where I was going with that! I was just in pain y'all! LOL SPICY RAMEN CHALLENGE W/ adorable ass @twaydabae LINK IN BIO

Don't mind me. Just following the crowd blindly and refusing to find out WHY every girl is posting this. LOL

When she's a chola...but also adorable af....and also REALLY high. Lol LINK IN MY BIO for the new skit with @biggred13

S/O to @dashiexp and @timothydelaghetto for making me look like the skinny friend for a second LOL watch this episode now! Fullscreen.com/goinraw

Jean shorts. Socks with sandals. At the beach.....bet you can't guess my race! LOL worst part is...I was completely aware that I'd be at the beach today. Sometimes you just gotta be tacky. LOL #HopeMyNephewsAreReady #CuzImTHATembarassingUncle #MySockTanIsMAGNIFICENTtho #MyLegsArentReallyThatShort #MyFeetAintSmallEither #ItsTheAngleIswear This the worst picture @sandalboyz ever been tagged in LOL.

Thanks @astrodoughnuts for having me at the LA opening! Chicken and donuts. I'm not mad at that! And yes...I'm breaking fat guy rule #1 which is "don't post food pics" LOL #cremebruleedonut #astrodoughnuts

RESTOCKED! "Love" tee in black available now! 👉🏾👌🏾goodiebrand.com

So this pic went up on @timothydelaghetto page and the comment section is so ridiculous that I had to address it! Lol, people so focused on what @chia_habte MIGHT be thinking. People so focused on me "not getting any love" from the ladies. Look here you lil shits. Tim and Chia aren't the lame, insecure couple that can't live life without one or the other getting jealous. I'm not the lame social media dude that needs to create body language to make y'all think I'm smashing every girl I'm seen with. There is actually ZERO suggestive body language in this pic. No adoring eyes. Nobody is getting too close. Nobody is being pushed away. Tim chose to put his arm around our friends, cuz that's what normal people do in pics. I chose not to...cuz I'm a lil bit smarter than Tim LOL. But seriously.....shut the fuck up children. 😁....link in my bio

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