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Ricky Mena (Spider-Man)  Founder of HEART OF A HERO/Spider-Man for ill/Terminal children, disabled, special needs, foster & homeless kids - Follow @HeartOfaHeroINC for more


Do you know how rich you are to be born with health? Do you realize how much of a blessing your smallest and most miniscule abilities are? To walk. To talk. To simply breathe. To most of us, these tasks aren't tasks at all. They're second nature. To the children I met yesterday at Sub-Acute Children's Hospital in Saratoga California, its a fight to accomplish those minor yet huge details of living. At birth, it wasn't like any of us was given a choice of brown eyes or blue. Tall or short. Skin color or hair color. Just like these children weren't given a choice to decide either. What I'm saying is, it could have easily been YOU or ME in those chairs and or hospital beds. So the real question is, because it ISNT you and you're capable and able bodied beyond their wildest dreams, what are you doing with those powers in your life? How is your gift of health changing others or helping anyone? Forget being a superhero with super strength because depending on who you're standing next to, walking upright might be a super power. Majority of the world has forgotten about these children (with the exception of the incredible nursing staff of course) But I have not. Forget about shooting webs, crawling walls and lifting busses. I rather lift your spirits and I thank God for that super power. Holding your hand through it all - Spider-Man #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #Saratoga #California #SubAcuteChildrens #Hospital #Love #Light #SuperPowers #WhatDoYouDoWithYours #DontWasteIt #Compassion #BeautifulGirl #Faith #Hope #RealStrength #Inspire

I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything. Today at Sub-Acute Children's Hospital in Saratoga California was beyond difficult. Walking in with my emotions at an all time high from melody passing away last night along with all the the others the last 3-4 weeks just added to the challenges I would face today. I saw about 30 to 35 kids and nearly all of them were hooked to respirators, unable to speak and could barely move outside of the muscle spams they had. With that being said, regardless of how difficult it was for me to see children in this state, we brought tons of joy today. These are kids who spend prolonged amounts of time there (with one child being there the longest for 19 years) and rarely get visitors. The wonderful nurses and staff at Sub-Acute childrens have become their family and whole world. Every employee there was loving, caring and fun. I looked into the eyes of many children today who have become prisoners to their own bodies with their lives being lived out completely in a chair and or hospital bed. I saw the most GENUINE smiles I've ever seen. The most excited expressions I've EVER witnessed. Simply because I was there. I told each child how incredibly strong they were and how I was inspired by their tenacity to live on. I told them how beautiful and handsome they truly were while letting them know, Spider-Man loves them. I hope to visit again and again if it means they feel they have a best friend in me ๐Ÿ˜Š God bless dear world. #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #Saratoga #Ca #California #SubAcute #ChildrensHospital #Love #Friendship #NotAlone #Blessings #Light #Smiles #Joy #Reality #Prayers #MyPurpose #ForTheKids #Inspire #Motivate #HardToSee #Humbling #Peace

Back on the road. Despite how heavy I feel from the news of Melody, its in her honor and in the honor of all those lost that I must go on. Today we visit the children at Sub-Acute Children's Hospital in Saratoga California. Its our first time there so I'm excited to make new friends/connections. Tonight we're staying the night at a hotel in Cupertino California and leaving early to make our way to a special little guy named Dustin (whom I've met and posted about before) at his home in San Lorenzo California. He's battling cancer and could use a visit to renew his strength for what's ahead in his fight against this disease I hate so much. Sunday is my next day off and I'll definitely need it. This is not easy. None of it. But our lord is calling me to these children more now than ever and I am constantly getting up after being driven into the ground time and time again because this is my purpose and gift to this world. For the kids. For the future. For the changes we need ever so badly...I walk. God bless world #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #OnTheRoad #Travel #BayArea #LetsGo #ForTheKids #FindLightThroughMe #KeepGoing #ForMelody #ForZamora #ForDarryl #ForSebastian #Hope #Faith #Inspire #GodsSoldier #MyPurpose #MyLife

It comes with incredible sorrow, pain and extreme difficulty that I inform the world of little Melody passing away yesterday evening at just 6 years old. She fought valiantly against DIPG (A terminal brain tumor). I met melody over a year ago and several more times after that. Her spirit always shined through that wonderful smile and incredible laugh I'll never forget and can still hear. She was so cute that it was impossible to not smile around her. My heart is broken into a million pieces for her mother Melissa, father Dave, sisters Michaela and Mylie but I need ALL of you to send prayers of continued strength their way. They decided to donate Melody's DIPG tumor to UCSF for research in hopes that it will help them in finding better ways to treat and hopefully one day cure this ugly monster. Her family asks that in lieu of flowers, YOU commit a random act of kindness in her honor. Melody is yet another amazing and incredible child i will be working and walking in honor of! Rest easy beautiful and sweet melody. Fly with angels. This world just isn't as pretty without you in it ๐Ÿ˜ข God bless... #SweetMelody #Melody #RIP #DIPG #DIPGawareness #PediatricCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #MoreThan4 #NotSoRare #prayers #Love #Blessings #HeavenBound #NewAngel #Heaven #NotGoodbye #SeeYouLater #HeartBroken #Spiderman #HeartOfaHero #InHonorOfYou #Light #Faith #Courage #Bravery #FightLikeaKid #FightLikeMelody

Today was EPIC! We made our first trip EVER to Sutter Children's Center in Sacramento California and met SO MANY amazing children who definitely left their mark on my heart. This is Dakota and her smile literally made my day. During the entire conversation we had, her energy lit up the room. She had me smiling so big behind that spidey mask too ๐Ÿ˜ Along with the incredible kids we made visits to at Sutter Children's Center, the staff was also extra amazing! Walking the halls, everyone was all smiles and I could FEEL the love in the air! We are excited about the possibility of visiting this hospital EVERY month for all the kids in the Sacramento area! If the future is as bright as Dakota's smile, I think we're gonna need some shades ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ Stay Tuned for more pics from today's spectacular trip to Sutter Children's in Sacramento! God bless. #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #SutterChildrensCenter #Sacramento #California #Ca #Love #Smiles #DakotaStrong #Blessings #LittleHeroes #Strength #DoItForDarryl #Hospital #Joy #light #Epic #Thankful #Grateful #TogetherWeFight #Share #Like Visit @heartofaheroinc for more!

This is 5 year old Nathaniel. I met him a while back in the hospital, again at his home a few months ago and today at his great grandmothers house in Antelope California (near Sacramento). Nathaniel is battling Leukemia. When we pulled up today, I saw him running in and out of the house, looking up and down the street to see if I was coming yet. When he opened the door to let me in, he immediately hugged me. His mother said he had been so excited for my visit today that he couldn't sit still or stop talking about it. As I would stand there conversing with other members of his family, he would randomly walk up and just hug me. He did it about 5 times. I can totally sense that Nathaniel feels stronger and safer in his fight against cancer with a friend like Spider-Man close by. He was at his great grandmas house because she passed away as of a month ago and the family was working to organize her things at the house. Nathaniel was very close to his great grandma so when I told him she's his angel now, his eyes lit up! Please send prayers up for Nathaniel and his family during these trying times. Follow his journey on FB at www.facebook.com/Nathanielsfight ..thank you and God Bless! #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #NathanielsFight #Leukemia #PediatricCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #Love #Hugs #Light #DoItForDarryl #Friends #LittleHero #Inspired #Sacramento #Ca #Antelope #California #Smiles #Strength #Courage #Bravery #Prayers #MoreThan4

And your HEART OF A HERO crew is on the Road again! We are making out way to the Sacramento area and will be staying the night out here as today and tomorrow's visits will be in the area. Today we see our little biddy Nathaniel (who's battling Leukemia) for a second time at his home. Super amped to see him and his siblings again! Tomorrow we will be at Sutter Children's Center (hospital) in Sacramento to see all of their patients there! We will come equipped with two wagons filled with toys, coloring books, crayons, bubbles, stuffed animals and more (which YOU ALL have donated) along with Spider-Man and his trusted sidekick volunteers @itsme_b.x and @kelliewinston !!! If you're in the Sacramento area, show your love and support by liking this post and all that follow from the next two days in hopes we get to come out here monthly to see your kids! God bless and Have a great day! #HeartOfAHero #Spiderman #Sacramento #ForTheKids #OnTheRoad #HereWeGo #God #Blessings #Love #Faith #Light #travel #California #Movement #smiles #Happy #Inspire #GoBeGreat #Share #Like #Comment

Today we ventured out to Baby Yale Academy in Brentwood California which offers Daycare, Preschool and childcare services. I made a visit as the web head to speak to lots of little ones about what being a REAL hero means. I explained that it doesn't take special powers, super strength or even a cool suit. All it takes is confidence, hard work and human kindness. I also explained how life as they got older would attempt to take their big dreams and turn them into jobs they go to just to pay the bills but it was 100% up to them to make their dreams a REALITY and no one but themselves could stop them. I encourage children of all ages to dream big (shoot, I encourage adults to too!)! One child said she wanted to be a doctor. Another said "basketball player". One child even said "I wanna be...YOU" and guess what?! After me, being Spider-Man and more is totally possible!! What an awesome group of kids with big dreams and the whole world at their fingertips!! I'm proud of all the little leaders I met today. God bless world! (Swipe left!) #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #BabyYaleAcademy #Brentwood #Ca #California #Preschool #Daycare #Speaker #Leader #LeadTheWay #RaiseLeaders #PlantSeeds #GrowUpStrong #love #Blessings #Light #LittleLeaders #TheFuture #Youth #Education #ChildCare #GoBeGreat #Dreams

There's a war going on. A spiritual battle between all that is good and everything evil. When you make a conscious choice to live righteously and carry love into the most hateful and darkest places this planet has ever seen, you'll meet resistance. When you send a light unto earth bright enough to alert all angels of heaven, you'll also inadvertently signal the forces on the other end of the spectrum because ALL are drawn to light. Evil itself can come in many forms. Its the voice that arrives when you're vulnerable. It speaks words to plant seeds of doubt, worry, and or lack of confidence in your heart long enough to sidetrack you into being less of a factor for God and the Goodness you threaten to infect the world with. The devil will attack you with words, thoughts, rumors, people, distractions, illness, money, status, hate, fame, and more to cancel you out. I know from experience. I see the weapons in all forms drawn against me with clarity and I say to evil, YOU CANNOT BREAK ME. I will shine heavens light, love and peace with my life. For my mission is greater than myself. I've always had faith in God but his constant faith in ME is what drives me. Soldier of God for the children, I WILL RISE. #SoldierOfGod #HeartOfaHero #ForTheChildren #God #Prayers #KeepMeStrong #AgainstAllEvil #NoMoreHate #ChallengingLimits #Spiderman #Light #Love #Courage #Bravery #Words #HurtfulWords #CantBreakMe #Strong #Strength #Heaven #SpiritualWarfare #MyLife #MyMission #GoBeGreat

Ruben, I love you with all my heart. Ive been with you nearly your entire fight and battle with DIPG (terminal brain tumor). Seeing you in this condition today took yet another piece of my heart and soul. Your mom said your heart rate has been in the low 80's and high 70's for weeks but when you heard my voice, we watched it climb to a steady 93 the whole time I was there. I know you heard me buddy. The way you squeezed my hand tells me your spirit isn't broken. As I whispered comforting words in your ear telling you not to be afraid I noticed your eyes lids fluttering. It wasn't until your father opened your eye lids with his hands that I realized, you were awake and just couldn't open them. You were trying so hard to show me you could and for that, I'm proud of you. As your father held your eyes open and you looked directly at me, I saw the warrior in you. Your look told me "I'm not afraid spidey. Dont worry. I'm ok". Although you couldn't move, you moved my soul little buddy. I explained even when I left, I'd be there in spirit and I meant it. Keep fighting warrior. Keep fighting. Pray for rubens miracle and follow his journey on FB at "PRAYERS FOR RUBEN CONTRERAS". God Bless. #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #PrayersForRuben #PrayersForRubenContreras #DIPG #DIPGawareness #MyBuddy #MyFriend #SevenYearsOld #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #PediatricCancerAwareness #Faith #Hope #Miracles #Light #Inspire #Motivate #FightLikeAKid #FightLikeRuben #YellowRibbonWarrior

This is sweet little Ruben Contreras as of right now. Ive posted about Ruben MANY times as I've been there for majority of his journey and fight with DIPG (a terminal brain tumor). He's only 7 years old and is currently at a hospital in Sacramento. Ive made more than a dozen visits to ruben, sent his family of 5 to Disneyland and have bought every toy in the book for him and his siblings. I've been summoned to be at his side one more time again as Spider-Man tomorrow. Tomorrow isn't about the toys. Its not about money anymore either. Its simply his old pal spiderman being there and it comforting him that much more. When I first began visiting Ruben almost a year ago, he was running around doing barrel rolls, playing and jumping. Every time I visited him, DIPG took something small away from him. Watching this happen over time is extremely difficult to see and NOT just for me but more for his mom @jj21986 , dad, brother, sister, and family. Please send massive amounts of prayers up for my little buddy. Say a prayer and list what part of the world you're in so we know this prayer is worldwide for ruben!! See you tomorrow my friend... #HeartOfaHero #RubenStrong #RubenContreras #DIPG #DIPGawareness #Love #MiracleNeeded #Prayers #Blessings #WorldwidePrayers #God #Light #Faith #Hope #MoreThan4 #Inspire #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #PediatricCancerAwareness

Walked into @lumpysdinerpittsburg for brunch by myself. No lie, I woke up heavy today. Feeling the effects of all the loss I've experienced this last 3 weeks has been an obstacle and today has been a challenge. I sat down to eat, ordered my favorite lumpys meal (Kitchen Sink Omelette), and just took a few deep breaths. 15 minutes into eating, a couple who was seated with a large group came over and changed my whole day. They explained that they are so thankful for my work in the community and world that they paid for my bill but ALSO left this cash as a donation to my organization. This random act of kindness has restored me today and the lord sends angels when I need them. Its more than the bill being paid. Its more than the cash. Its the appreciation, kindness and love these good people displayed today that is priceless (especially in my hometown). Everyone in their group was wearing "CROSSFIT MATADOR" shirts and I'm going to tag that gym in my location in hopes they receive new members from this post. Thank you guys (you know who you are). You lifted me today. God bless. #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #CrossFitMatador #LumpysDinerPittsburg #Love #Appreciation #Hometown #Awesome #RestoredStrength #Blessings #Grateful #ThankYou #AngelsWhoLift

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