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🤘🎥 Ricky Flip 📸🤙  Polski lensman currently running the skate camp circuit. @woodwardwest @elementskatecamp #SkateaholicsAnonymous 🇵🇱✊️ Shatter the Black Mirror 👺‼️⬛️


"What is that feeling when you're driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? —it's the too-huge world vaulting us, and it's good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies." — Jack #Kerouac (#OntheRoad) #scapehard

The first camper at @elementskatecamp on the first day to get the first grind on the brand-new #chinabank was none other than @conan.craig! #skatecamppirates #slsc #livetoskate #skatetolive #mypeoplesk8

Big old shout out to the ramp builders at @elementskatecamp for getting the insane terrain ready to ride and this new #chinabank in the plaza! 💚 @michaelgreenwald72 @cognarkill @vicecityskatepirate @lucasdavenport @roordamax @grantroorda #livetoskate #skatetolive #mypeoplesk8 #skatecamppirates #itllskate

Can't even explain what it feels like to be one of the #skatecamppirates at @elementskatecamp this year... 150+ trees came down around the lake and destroyed the landscape. We had to re wire, re plumb, re roof, clear debris, paint, tear out ceilings, clear trails, reset bathroom stall doors, set toilets... so much other stuff all while training as counselors to prepare ourselves to give the campers the best expirience program and mentor wise as possible. We lost time to hard labor, but it was definitely a unique team building exercise you couldn't have ever recreated. Everyone showed up, bucked up, some of us grew up, and we bonded real tough. Form like Voltron setting the stage for an amazing summer. #livetoskate #skatetolive #mypeoplesk8

Welcome to staff training week at @elementskatecamp! Thunder, Lightning, rain, hail, snow, subzero temps, campfires... it's pretty raw!

@hilifefeel @elementskatecamp edit up on my @youtube channel! Subscribe, like, and share! Or don't... hahaha #thanks? #livetoskate #skatetolive #mypeoplesk8

Had a rad week lurking and murking @woodwardwest with thems Eaton bwayz and the new digital media director BZ. Much love to all the fam from Hawaii and Arizona that came out too! I'll be back for weeks 8-11 y'all! ✌️#livetoskate #skatetolive #mypeoplesk8 #camplife #bellyunion #useyourwoodwardsnotyourhoodwords

There’s a “how to” #crossbone edit I shot with @daltondern out there on @youtube all cuz he didn’t want to do another 540 one hahaha Go watch it! He’s got some mean ones for sure! #livetoskate #skatetolive #mypeoplesk8

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