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So with all the awful people waving #confederate flags recently, I just thought I would post an accurate rendering of the last one the #confederacy waved. #takeemdownmemphis901

Watching foul weather out the window. This flag is destroyed and the pole isn't looking so steady either.

This is the face of a guy that didn't think to check if there was wifi on the boat until now.

I like big boats and I cannot lie.

Me this morning: "No need to take salad dressing to work. I have some in the fridge."
Me at lunch: "Damn." #unhappymeal

Mock me for all the time I spend in the gym if you must. But when 45 takes our economy all Hunger Games, my district is winning.

Room full o' #Democrats.

"You're in such good shape, Mrs. Macron."

"Dear Dad: Met with the Russians for you. They didn't give me much on Hillary but they kept asking me about Moose and Squirrel. Do you know what they're talking about? - Jr." #trump #russia #theRubleStopsHere

Here's a real TIME cover the Trumps can use to replace all the fake ones they were asked to take down.

Dear #Memphis: What the hell are you feeding these birds?

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