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Rickey Gates  I'm currently running every street in San Francisco over approximately six weeks. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.

A Sunday in Bay View.

The Bay View neighborhood of San Francisco is a patchwork cultures, industry and survival on many different levels. Dead ends are ubiquitous thanks to freeways, train tracks and inlets from the bay chopping up the “natural” flow of streets and human life. Still there’s a guarded vibrancy.

I don’t know what I hope to accomplish in continuing to move amidst the smoke of deadly destruction.
Natural disasters have many powers, one of them being to bring us humans closer together.
Most everybody on the streets today was wearing a mask or at least covering their mouths. More eye contact is made.
Somber solidarity.

Who wants to do this challenge with me!? Like not actually with me. San Fran is huge and the air is pretty bad right now. I’m going to be at this for another month and would love to see who else will join me on #everysinglestreet in your town or neighborhood. I’m going to give away some participation awards starting with my Suunto 9 (will be slightly used but in good working order), some salomon swag (new) and probably some delicious Bandit Wine (mostly unopened tetra packs) for your next camping trip.
Here’s the deal - track your run, post to Strava or whatever your tracking program is, tag #everysinglestreet @suunto for the watch and @salomonrunning for running swag and @banditwines for juice and I’ll pick some winners mid December. ONE MONTH!! You can do it.

Diamond plate canvas
Rattle can pallet

Rodney takes a selfie.

Candlestick Point.
15 days in, over 400 miles, a dozen neighborhoods, 49,000ft of vert(!). It’s not the AT or the PCT or the JMT or the CT... it’s all of those with the insanity of humanity (and the delicious food that goes with us humans). .

Route finding is the biggest challenge that I face on this run. Luckily @suunto set me up with their new Suunto 9.
Another drawring by @lizthorp_drawring

Bernal Heights sidewalk art.

Stump, Ghia, Mission
Over 8,000ft of vert and 40 miles have allowed me to cover much of Bernal Heights over the past two days.
I’m (sorta) enjoying the challenge of route finding as a missed block in these parts could cost painful distance and time into the night.

The distinct sound of skateboard on pavement came from behind a wall that I had never noticed in the hundreds of times I’d driven by it. Firefly was shredding it up back there - the only one willing to take the hits in the park a friend called “FAST AS FUK - the pinball machine of skateparks.” .

12th day in to this Every Single Street project. Route finding has been my greatest challenge as Professor Otte and I continue to work out all the kinks to an algorithm that he has been developing for this journey. ..
I have been finding the transition of neighborhoods to be almost overwhelming as the pace is arguably too quick to take in everything. ..
Coming up in 400 miles of street... close to 1/3 of the city complete.
Tomorrow on to Bernal Heights. 🌃 ⛰

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