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Evan Reichenthal  USMC OEF Veteran 🇦🇫-Purple Heart Recipient 💥-Founder of Weightlifters and Warfighters 🏋🏻-99% need not apply 🤘🏼#weareoscarmike 🇺🇸-OEW Crossfit HNIC ♠️

Rocking a @soflete hat, @weareoscarmike shirt, and @oafnation_actual silkies during the West Point @spartanrace. I powered through the sandbag carry. I had a decent amount of weight in my pack, but it didn't slow me down. On a few obstacles it did, regardless, I sucked it up and pushed through some sweet pain. To live is to suffer, but suffering is optional, pain is inevitable. #weightliftersandwarfighters #usmcquadsquad #marines #weareoscarmike #silkies #teamsomeassemblyrequired #soflete #spartanrace #teamrsf #reconsniperfoundation #oew #theamputeam #thatfacialexpressiontho

Look at these sexy MF'ers right here. Boston @spartanrace Fenway Sprint with @weareoscarmike, @earlgranville, and @the_raging_panda. There's too many others to tag here, but they're pretty much the best group of people ever. I can't wait to run this year with everyone again. #weightliftersandwarfighters #usmcquadsquad #silkies #marines #army #merica #weareoscarmike #themgainztho #whereisnatashahiding #beanbotisheretoo #sheghostintho #teamsomeassemblyrequired #spartanrace #oafnationsilkiestho

Clothing set to maximum chill. Haven't posted new shooting videos because I'm not concerned so much about it, I'm more concerned on the training. It was nice having someone who'd film me when I was in that training mindset. I get tunnel vision when I train, to me, every shot, every rep, is pre planned and methodical. Nothing is done without purpose, nothing without being done to serve the ultimate purpose of progress. There's no such thing as perfection, just the endless pursuit of narrowing the gap between your skill, and what perfection is, or at least what we perceive it as. Same goes in the gym and life. There can be no progress without a vision. The clear vision in my mind every day, developing the application of that vision, to ultimately attain the vision in reality. Also vans are perfect for shooting and chilling. Especially when shooting is chilling. #teamrsf #reconsniperfoundation #weightliftersandwarfighters #usmcquadsquad #soflete #teamsomeassemblyrequired #marines #maximumeffort #sochill #thenewnorm #ionlyneed2limbstokillyoubruh #johnnyutah #brah #ImAnF-B-IAgent

Aside from the bootywerk im doing at the gym and slaughtering dragons in skyrim remastered, people have been asking repeatedly "how're you doing man?"...I would like to just kind of say this so people will stop talking to me like I left Arkham Asylum. I don't grieve like a normal person. I'm high functioning in that way. Kind of like Taco from The League. I don't really process suffering or misery other than a sarcastic statement of "this kinda sucks". But that's about it. Like after waking up from a coma and looking at my sexy dismembered body, I just muttered "this kinda sucks", and ask if the tv had anything other than the Travel Channel and 16 and Pregnant. Doctors thought I had a serious mental problem because it's not healthy to respond that way. But I digress. Thank you for the support, but seriously, I'm not schizo-effective, I'm pretty sure I'm ok aside from the fact my fucking leg hasn't grown back. So that's a situation. But people, please, I'm high functioning here. Unless I'm dying in miserable pain, I'm usually having gnarly dialogues in my head. Usually why I'm quiet, because those take up a lot of my mental capacity. ^emphasis on the bootywerk 🍑. Also, I don't like horror movies ladies. Like I'm not fucking up my aura so we can entertain your daddy issues and watch Insidious and The Exorcist. Also this gyoza I'm eating right now is 🔥. #weightliftersandwarfighters #usmcquadsquad #silkies #reconsniperfoundation #teamrsf #teamsomeassemblyrequired #marines #takeahardpassonthatbadjujuplease #exfilplease #weareoscarmike

Recent events have made me return to the foundations and fundamentals of who I am. I swayed a great way from my flight path to satisfy others, compromising myself along the way. Many people have reached out to me in support and I'm grateful. Breaking off an engagement is tough on the psyche. I don't give my trust and love unless that individual has proven themselves to be both exceptional and deserving. Some sadly, have reached out in an attempt to fan the flames of what I wanted to be as peaceful and civil a separation as can be. The bitter revelation that some who call themselves "friends" have taken it upon themselves to seize the opportunity of this separation. They see a beautiful woman, in a now vulnerable state, and they pounce on that opportunity. In some cases, they have received that same beautiful woman's advances because they simply see it as an opportunity as well. You know who you are, and I know as well. Individuals, and veteran/military pages I once called friends and supporters are now playing both sides of the field. Offering friendship and support in one hand, and disloyalty and immaturity in the other. I'm shocked at the amount of men who pride themselves as "honorable" and "loyal", are also showing their true colors and allegiance by throwing themselves at a vulnerable woman who they see simply as an opportunity to serve their primal urges. Others simply giving into her charm simply because they can. I've realized that it's best to detach myself from those individuals, and refocus myself to my mission, and myself. Thank you to those who supported me in this difficult transition, and shame to those of you that betrayed my trust. You know who you are, and I know who you are. I feel grateful to those that supported me, but also saddened that I have to shine a light on the bad apples. #weightliftersandwarfighters #america #usmcquadsquad #marines #silkies #realtalk #"heyimsorryaboutyouandevan" #"imhereforyouifyouneedtotalk" #"weshouldhangoutsometime" #wowdudereally #morelike"dudes" #bros #jklol #likeseriouslyhowdesperatemustyoube #shessingleandyourereadytomingle #thanksforthescreenshots #iknowthemasklooksgay

Though this photo of @a_droz and I is awesome, it's unrelated to today's accomplishments. 1) made a 20lbs #pr in walking lunges with @natashamcinnis at @crossfit978. 2) after getting coffee at Dunkin Donuts, the employee called me "daddy", she was at least 28. 3) That Dunkin Donuts just made a returning customer out of me. #weightliftersandwarfighters #usmcquadsquad #silkies #america #backinthatmass #marines #thatcustomersatisfactionisonpoint #soflete #crossfit #theamputeam

Great day at the West Point @spartanrace with Team @weareoscarmike. Definitely kicked my ass, and I took a bad fall and left the course with some painful wounds, busted a prosthetic leg as well. Thanks for inviting me out for this event. I met a lot of great people, and of course reconnected with some old friends. There's simply too many people to tag here. #weightliftersandwarfighters #weareoscarmike #spartanrace #marines #oew #teamsomeassemblyrequired #westpoint #alwaysforward #staythecourse #soflete #theamputeam

Made a new friend today. I'm glad @leaspeed6 appreciated the joke. She's a good sport. I'm always impressed by women who put in the work and run a successful business in a community that's usually run by men. Not too mention we made #zoolander jokes. #weightliftersandwarfighters #weareoscarmike #marines #gunbunny #soflete #theleaspeed6centerforkidswhocantshootgoodandwhowannalearntodootherstuffgoodtoo #gunporn #usmcquadsquad

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