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rich roll  Dad Athlete Author 📗Finding Ultra👂Rich Roll Podcast✌🏼 I like talking to people & running far🌱SUBSCRIBE:


“Instead of being ashamed of doing what you do or being what you are, why not celebrate it? Why not be proud of the fact that the body you are in can do great things?” * * * * *

Mirna Valerio, may not meet your idea of what a runner is or should look like, but make no mistake — @TheMirnavator is an athlete. With an impressive slew of ultra marathons to her name, I think Mirna is one of the most inspirational athletes I have ever met -- a true ambassador of sport on a mission to empower women of all shapes and sizes to proudly embrace their bodies, expand their horizons, and own their truth. * * * * *

Carrying herself with grace, an intelligent self-confidence and a smile so gleeful it brightens all in her path, Mirna's appeal has less to do with her ability to run long distances and everything to do with her unapologetic celebration of her personal truth.
Mirna's joyful self-acceptance is both real and rare. It's both authentic and bold. It's as infectious as it is inclusive.
And it's incredibly empowering to the millions of people who suffer body shame issues silently. * * * * *

An incredibly inspiring underdog every person story, Mirna's journey is not one marked by dramatic before and after photos. On the contrary, this is a story about body acceptance and body positivity. It's a conversation about self-empowerment and self-acceptance. It’s about tackling stereotypes, overcoming prejudice and the importance of inclusion. And it's an exchange about the need to redefine how we think about and define athleticism, the spirit of sport, and fitness in general. But more than anything, this is a conversation about owning your truth. I adore Mirna and I absolutely love this conversation. I think you will too. Plus - MIRNA SINGS OPERA AT THE END! Link to podcast in bio. Enjoy! ✌🏼🌱 - Rich * * * * *

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Proud to be involved in @fromthegroundupfilm - a cool new doc about plant-based athletes directed by my friend Santino Panico. The film is now available to rent/buy on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video and features so many awesome peeps (and podcast guests). CHECK IT✌🏼🌱
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“I knew I had to change everything in my life if I wanted to live.”
This is the story of how former music manager @CharlieJabaley overcame morbid obesity, depression & a brain tumor to become the person he always wanted to be — an athlete.
To get there, he only had to change one thing - everything.
Welcome to 2018 people. Let’s get it right - together.
Full episode (audio): http://bit.ly/richroll339
Full episode (video): http://bit.ly/richandcharliej
✌🏼🌱 - Rich .
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Break to create.
Purge to nourish.
Contract to expand.
Unplug to recharge.
It’s time to halt - so I can catch fire.
Social media detox now in effect.
Later IG. See ya sometime in 2018. ✌🏼🌱
📷from the trailz today
ps - Best Of 2017 podcast is up. It’s dope. Check it out. Merry merry.

Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable. But that’s no excuse for willful ignorance. * * *
This week I sit down with the amazing @NathanRunkle — founder of @MercyForAnimals — to talk about the current state of factory farming on animal, human and planetary health. We discuss oppressive ag-gag laws, humane washing and the future of food.
* * *
But ultimately this is a conversation about being who you are. It's about turning compassion into action. It's about the ethical and environmental implications of our daily food choices. And it's about the power we all hold to forge a more compassionate and sustainable world for generations to come. Clickable link to audio podcast in bio. Full video at YouTube.com/richroll
✌🏼🌱 - Rich

14 years ago this cannonball careened into Earth’s atmosphere. The mold cracked wide open. Life would never be the same again.
Sure as shit, stuff breaks when she spreads her wings. It’s exhausting. Then I realize all the best, most amazing and powerful women are blind to the boundary. Always my teacher, @MathisRoll constantly pushes that edge, reminding me that everything is possible. And that the upheaval required to produce your beautifully uncommon wingspan is always always worth it.
Happy birthday to the most extraordinary whirling dervish I could ever hope to call daughter.
I love you Mathis. I’m so proud of you.
PS - I give this post 10 minutes before Mathis demands I delete it. But I hope she lets me keep it up🖤🦋

If you think you know @timferriss, think again – this is Tim like you’ve never seen or heard him before.
Most of you are likely already decidedly familiar with this globally renown polymath. Like you, I’ve followed his blog for years. I’ve read all his books and I listen to his podcast regularly.
Nonetheless, I never felt like I really knew the man behind the work.
Who is the real Tim Ferriss?
Turns out, Tim has been asking himself the very same question. Today finds Tim in a rather reflective and contemplative place. A point in time in which he is wrestling with his past, evaluating the person he wants to be, and deeply contemplating what is most important about life.
Today we unpack the real Tim Ferriss.
This is exactly the kind of conversation I have been patiently waiting to have with Tim ever since I started this podcast – a sincere, deeply personal exchange with the human being behind the success and fame.
I’m honored to be a trusted steward for this conversation – an experience that will leave you with an entirely new perspective on one of culture’s most influential figures.
Enjoy! Clickable link in bio.
✌🏼🌱 - Rich

Today’s podcast is the last in my series of open panel discussions lifted from our Plantpower Ireland retreat this past July. It's a powerful participatory discourse and Q&A hosted by myself, @SriMati and physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine @colinhudon
Today we focus on relationships, redefining how we relate to our most loved ones so that we can experience the best of what a relationship can bring to the collective human experience.
Clickable link in bio!
I sincerely hope you enjoy the exchange.
✌🏼🌱 - Rich

Blink and she’s all grown up 🖤🦋
Had the honor of taking my daughter @mathisroll to the @charitywater gala in NYC last night, which raised an incredible $4M+ to bring clean water to those in need. Very grateful to all of you who helped me raise ~$180K over the last year, which will save thousands of lives for generations to come. You are all heroes. THANK YOU🙏🏻💧

“Every power that any human being has ever had here on Earth is in every single one of us waiting to be activated" - this week I reconvene with master yogi, spiritual teacher, friend and mentor ‪@gurusinghyogi‬ for a wide ranging conversation about the importance of maturing our emotional infrastructure, diet implications beyond the physical, and the call for new educational modalities.
To rise up, you gotta lie down!
Clickable link in bio 💥available wherever you enjoy podcasts☄️ plus full video version on YouTube
Enjoy the vibe✌🏼🌱 - Rich
📷@davidzammit ‪http://bit.ly/richroll332 ‬
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Alzheimer's is one of the leading causes of death. But according to neurologists Drs. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai @TeamSherzai — co-directors of the Brain Health and Alzheimer's Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center (and formerly of Cedars-Sinai) -- 90% of all cases can be prevented. And for the 10% with a strong genetic risk for cognitive decline, the disease can be delayed for ten to fifteen years. The solution isn't in new pharmaceuticals, nor is it in surgical breakthroughs. Instead, it's about nutrition and lifestyle.
I consider this episode a must listen for everyone, especially for those at genetic risk or otherwise impacted by a loved one who currently suffers.
I hope you find this conversation as impactful as I did, and that you share it with anyone in your circle impacted by this devastating affliction. Clickable link in bio. ✌🏼🌱 - Rich
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The days are shorter. The sun ain’t shining. So how do you stay motivated and engaged with your fitness through the long and dreary winter months? Today, I am once again joined by endurance legend, friend & elite multi-sport coach Chris Hauth @AIMPCoach to discuss all of this and more. COACH’S CORNER UP! Enjoy the listen (and please hit that subscribe button on iTunes!). Clickable link in bio. ✌🏼🌱 - Rich

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