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Tonight in the gym with @steph_harvie 👉🏽 With 1 new ACL, 1 new LCL, 2 fresh menisci, and a blood clot free calf Steph's attitude to her recovery and rehab is inspiring.
Killer sesh tonight with 👊🏼👊🏼 Bumpy few months but it feels damn good to be working up a sweat again 💪🏼💦 Incredibly grateful for the support around me 🙏🏼
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@corestrengthfc F A M I L Y
Awesome turn out tonight at 6pm CoreFit class with coach @peterbreennz and @sylvia.csfc thanks for the great Monday lifting night vibe peeps, great to see everyone working together and helping each other with their lifts 👊🙌 #boom #liftingfamily #fitfam

Two Sunday sessions done and dusted... little bit dusty after the @corestrengthfc Christmas in July party but we got there in the end!
Happy days.
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Great opening night 🥂 with the @kinematicsperformance crew.
Biomechanics Assessment
Postural Correction
If you have an injury or body imbalance please go see these guys.

The performance 😂 @pjdeejay
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If you're a human I can help.

Huge congrats to these two Laura and Juan 💪🏽 @laura_marie85 @freshlegstorres
Both Laura and Juan came over from the world class @kinematicsperformance team keen to build on where they were at.
These two worked incredible hard leading into this race. Together we worked on their individual imbalances, mobility, rotational strength and conditioning workouts pushing them outside of the triathlon movements.
Laura had an overall female win in the half ironman 70.3!
Juan went sub 10 hours is his ironman and managed to get a spot at the Hawaii Ironman World Champs! So two very happy athletes.
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Teamwork makes the dream work 🙏🏽 #team

#Repost @corestrengthfc
Farewell session for this awesome chick @rewal88 we will miss you Rachel. You’ve gone from strength to strength hitting PBs each month. We will miss you heaps and we hope you can join us for casual sessions. Good thing you’re not going anywhere too far so don’t be a stranger. Thank you coach @peterbreennz and the night crew for creating such an awesome vibe tonight. #wednesdayvibes #gains #rachelday #teameffort #changelives

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Love a bit of boxing. Still a rookie but such a good release 🥊 @rugbybricks

Hip mobility @rugbybricks
Unlock more distance and power.
Most days I get asked how do I increase my distance and range with goal kicking. All the advice in the world won't help if your hip and joint mobility is stiff and tight. This routine is perfect for staying on top and improving #flexibility
Any questions DM.
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Peter Breen @rugbybricks
29 y.o. Professional Rugby Athlete, Strength Coach
Weekly training structure?
Rugby on Saturdays so my week is working towards being fresh and ready come the end of the week.
Start of the week full body strength and power movements with HIIT circuits to stay on top of my fitness. Rugby training: Tuesday & Thursday both involve running fitness blocks. Wednesday is a heavy leg day, Thursday upper, Friday full body light power. 
Saturday Game, Sunday Recovery walk, stretch, mobility. ********
Previous occupation (before you became a coach)? Professional Rugby in New Zealand. ********
Favourite thing to do when you’re not training? Try the amazing food places around Melbourne, so good! Exploring, hiking, finding new places. ********
Favourite cheat meal?
As your Aussies would say fush and chups! 
Fish and Chips, blue cod... heaven! ********
Song that fires you up (song name and artist)? Kendrick Lamar - Humble ********
Fun fact about me, I'm a Twin! ********
“I have worked with people from all walks of life and one thing I took away as a professional rugby player in NZ is the power of Believe. Believing in the members and their abilities is an amazing gift we have as coaches.
As a coach it is my intention to be personable and create a fun training environment where people can thrive to do their best in achieving physical and mental strength whilst creating better lifestyle habits.” #coach #team #richmond3121

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