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Richie Hug  Living in Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾🇲🇽🇨🇭 ⬇️Check my new website!

Tamara inside the Caddy from '59.

Close up portrait of @stellagerster - taken at 70mm, f/5.6.

Vivienne at Zurich HB from this week's shoot in Switzerland. Landed safe and sound in KL!💃: @la.vie2016

One of my favourite pictures from the wedding of @tamaratiziana & @fabianfryand 💕😊 all the best to these two love birds!

A view from Zurich I'll never get tired of. Had a great time at the wedding and with friends during my stay here, but it's time to go back to Asia now! 🦄 Bye bye 🇨🇭!

New drone video is out :) Check the link in my bio to watch the full video on YouTube (4min length). Langkawi - a beautiful island in Malaysia and also a perfect option for a short getaway. This video shows different aerial views that you will see at the Berjaya Resort in Langkawi. The hotel was totally worth the visit, I specially enjoyed staying in a cabin by the sea - waking up to such a view was a unique experience. The opening scenes show the cabin I stayed at - awesome, right? Here’s what I did during my stay in Pulau Langkawi: Rented a car, drove dozens of kms a day around the island, went to the skybridge, visited the seven wells waterfall and tried to get tanned but failed miserably (hence the sunburn). That’s pretty much it. Oh, and ate a LOT of food (got several food babies, but survived). I did not go there to explore all of Langkawi, nor did I go there to buy booze (yes, it’s much cheaper in Langkawi than in KL since it’s duty free). Instead, I had a relaxing weekend and escaped from uni. If you ask me, Langkawi is definitely a place I will visit some day again!

Tamara's portrait reedited - a shot from a portrait series in March 2014. I came across one of my favourite portraits tonight and decided to edit it again with techniques that I have learned in the last months. Pew pew I'm sure most of you won't see a big difference, but I see it. Discovering new editing techniques day by day and getting better at it. Let go of negative vibes and say fu to those who talk shit behind you back. That's what comes to my mind when looking at this image. Stay fresh. 🤘🏻
💃: Tamara B

Views from Langkawi.

The Berjaya Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia. Their unique cabins in the sea are quite photogenic aren't they? Our stay in Langkawi was a short but a great one. We had a lot of fun while driving through the island in a small Perodua Myvi and also while driving a jet ski. Nat tried to kill me - okay, she just wanted to throw me off the jet ski 'for fun' - and I got a huge sexy af sunburn on my shoulders. Sounds like the holiday of my dreams. More drone shots will follow as soon as I edited them. Although you cannot compare Langkawi to a destination such as Bali I must say I would come back soon any time. Driving around on the WRONG side of the road was an amazing experience. No one got hurt. Thanks to @natzdeloca for making this photo trip an awesome one!
Check @blrlgk to see more pictures of the resort!

Blue vs Red. Another view from the sky in Bali, Indonesia.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe. This is a composition I worked on today with 4 images - the bottom being a drone photo of my trip to Bali, the top being a sunset and two more planets in the top. Haters gonna say it's Photoshop.

17 again? 👶🏻 Na, just me with no beard at all. Today I'd like to share a quote with you by Roy Bennett: "Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning."
I strongly believe that to reach success in life you have to remain a dreamer. You have to keep believing in the impossible and make it possible. You have to keep fighting and learning from every situation you feel defeated. Bring people into your life that make you happy and leave those behind who bring negativity. And always remember - There's someone out there who will want you to be part of their world. Happy weekend chicos & chicas!

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