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@pamputtae throw back to dem dayz ya πŸ˜‘

Da yute ya bad

Me hate dem woman ya ask anybody

To be a father is a great responsibility and is something a man shouldn't take slightly a father should be a provider and i dont mean jus drop off the money and leave a father should be role modle somebody that his kids look up to and admire on a daily basis a father should be a freind to his children' someone who they can come to for advice about any an everything a father should never ever ever ever i repeat never ever give up on his kids for noting at all father should never take out his frustration on his children none tall all a father should always do is love an care for his children continously ##I LOVE MY CHILDREN @CURRENT4GMUSIC @JUST_OREOOO @PEELIE❌❎❎❎😍😍😍😘

U cya hungry

In other news a rasta an him woman fussing at kfc 😰 this bounty killer did a talk when him sey the rasta mix up ina fowl play?

Who wicked him or the gal

Good morning i got this dm from somebody saying this little baby needs blood anybody cam donate to her so if u can help please do so her name is jquni chung she is at the children hospital her blood type is A+


Mankind always trick them self

See why man nu fi mek woman tie them up

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