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Entrepreneur  Being broke is childish & im quite grown ♛

On god !


Y'all keepin' the score while watchin' me score
Y'all keep the awards, I'll take the rewards

Safe travels 🛫

New phone new number , very selected few will stay in touch , too many weirdos .

Dont talk to me about no n*gga who had it and lost it , nobody give a f#ck what you n*ggas had , all you got is stories to tell . If you had it and lost it and never got it back god was just testing you to see how you move and seend u was a bozo . All the old heads I used to look up too broke ass shit . Dont nobody wanna be like you . Its not what you had its what you have now and how long will you last with it . Ill never go broke again . Thank you lord 🙏

The newest addition to my family congrats to my cousin , god bless my god daughter Alaya I will always be here for you . I f#%k around and have me a baby next year she is gorgeous . 😍😘

Legends of the summer .

Take a b*tch from nothing turn her into something , investing in bodies dm me if you looking for job opportunities .

Big fucking Bs ! #BentleyTruck #RedGuts

You rats will never be honorable ! @__tiburon

Got a bag and fix my teeth , it aint cheap 😁🤑 @drcarlosmorales

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