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Richard Losoncz  Australia - Cbr 🔁Mlb. Vegan. Anti social. Thief that want's to eat with the Wolfpack.

I love dragons so it was worth the embarrassment of posing for a photo. This one was made from ceramic tiles and mosaics, I'm guessing from an old method of tapping in with sand/cement. I was very impressed as the dragons body went the whole distance of 300+ steps. Doi Suthep.

Video of the cat that lives in the Forrest next to a waterfall #catsofchiangmai

Here is a photo of a guy out the front of nana plaza Bangkok. Looks to be knocked out with a black eye, as I approached him with caution I noticed a tattoo on his collar bone/neck in big capital letters saying "BE A CUNT OR TRY DYING". I didn't want to disturb his journey of achieving that goal so I let him be. #truestory #onenightinbangkok

Just a cat that lives in the Forrest next to a waterfall. #catsofchiangmai


Repost @vegansidekick been a big fan of his work for the past couple years, always relate to them from previous experiences. For the past couple weeks I keep looking at this one here. Not as much from experience, but just from a thought that runs through my mind every day since making a change in my life - The quote "if we could live a happy and healthy life without harming others, why wouldn't we?" #vegan #animalabuse #peace

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