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Richard Lee  Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution

Looks like wee man has worked out How YouTube works ok an IPhone 😂. He learns so fast it’s amazing! #daddyday #fredstar

Always a dangerous place to find yourself on a Friday evening! Missed this. #golfislife #looseygoosy

A slow one but a very pleasing run. This is the first time in a long while I’ve gone for a run and just kept going and going without needed to stop for a breather. Last time nearly killed me but this time I felt good coming back I added an extra mile on, that but did kill me but felt so good at the same time. Edinburgh will be a whole different ball game but for now I’m actually enjoying running again and that’s a miracle. Please help by donating on just giving and search Richard Lee. Thanks #edinburghmarathon #teenagecancertrust #runfatboyrun

Such a cheeky little monster. So cute and such a good boy. #daddyday #mylittlemonster

Think wee man liked grandads shirt, may be one size too big but he’ll grow into it 😂 #weirdchild #mylittleman #daddyday

Worse views on a Monday evening I guess. 😍 #lovegolf #golfislife #happyface

Not aged at all right?? 😂 #oldalbums

How did I get so unfit!! I thought Guinness was good for you??. So this is my first run in preparation for my first ever marathon. I’m running on the 26th of may 2019 raising money for teenage cancer trust. Every time I feel like I can’t go on and this run is hard I think about those individuals and families that are going through cancer and realise that actually running for a bit is a piece of cake in comparison. Any donations or messages please visit my just giving page and look for Richard Lee Edinburgh Marathon. I’m going for a very long shower now. #sendhelp #runfatboyrun #justgiving #teenagecancertrust #edinburghmarathon2019

Well the pumpkins work, look better with a candle in them. Not bad for my first attempt AND I still have all my fingers! #halloween #pumpkincarving

Spot of pumpkin carving for Fred and the nieces and nephew today. What happened to just putting a scary face on them? #pumpkincarving

Well why the hell not hey! Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a bit of makeup right? #anyexcuse

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