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Richard Janes  I am an Emmy-winning personal brand expert and the founder of Hollywood social media agency Fanology. Website:

The big question we all got to tackle during Saturday's seminar. .
Who are you?
What makes you unique to the world?
What is your Gold?
I had so much fun facilitating this seminar. It always helps to have such an AMAZING bunch of people ready and willing to go on the journey.
Now to planning the seminars in #SanFrancisco and #London.

This is almost the same number of books on my bedside table. πŸ“š
Years ago, someone told me that the mind is a muscle and it needs to be exercised. I love this and have exercised everyday since.

I'm in the middle of two AMAZING books at the moment. "We" by Robert A. Johnson and "Dotcom Secrets" by @russellbrunson.

@russellbrunson, anyone paired your books with Tristan & Iseult before? πŸ˜†

I'd welcome any and all recommendations for new books to add to my pile. Comments please! πŸ“Έ in @thelastbookstorela by @philipfolsom

Join me this Saturday at the Electric Lodge (just off Abbott Kinney) to unlock the power of your personal brand. .
If you are craving for greater success in your life (personally and/or professionally), then join me and cast your own golden key to unlock a life worth living. It all starts with the question 'Who are you?'
We only have a few seats left. Click the link in my bio for more information... I'm excited to see you :-)

From one Venice (last week pictured here) to another (where I am meeting a client for personal brand coaching today).
In 1905, developer Abbot Kinney sought to recreate the appearance and feel of Venice, Italy, in Southern California. However, as the automobile gained in popularity, the canals were viewed by many as outdated, and by 1929, the bulk of the canals were filled in to create roads.
It would have been great to experience Venice, CA in all its glory. .
Wouldn't it be fun to have a time machine? I'd have a long list of places and dates to visit.
Where and when would you want to go?

6AM. Finn was so excited to join @kris_herbert_street_fitness and I this morning.

I remember my dad leaving early in the morning to go swimming and thinking how cool it was. Today I got to show my son what I get up to and the fun involved in going to the gym.
Historically, the father son relationship was a mentorship role. Preparing a young boy for adulthood by teaching him the family trade and exposing him to the world as an apprentice so that the transition into adulthood was a somewhat smooth one. I think we have lost a lot of that mentality. So many kids don't get to see what their parents do at work, they don't get to tag along and observe the 'adults'. I'm very conscious of the role I have to play in raising my kids (and a number of other kids in our family's life). .
The truth is, we all need mentors to provide guidance and support. One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was this: 'If you want a mentor in your life, the best thing to do is to become one yourself'.

Ah, 3 o'clock and it is tea time! .
Afternoon tea is a pretty sacred time for me. It is a chance to take a moment out of life's hectic pace and breath. Just 15 minutes makes a HUGE difference to my day. It also helps that most teas are rich in antioxidants that help prevent many diseases and boost the immune system. I'm always on the look out for a new and interesting tea if anyone has any suggestions :-) .
How do you take a break during the working day? I'd love to hear... πŸ“Έ @philipfolsom

Thinking about the last five weeks in Europe. ✈️
Now that we are back, we are already putting plans in place for next years adventure. Top of the list is conservation work in the rain forest... .
Big Audacious Hairy Goals being put into action. What are you working on?

Los Angeles, I'm home! πŸ˜ƒ.
After 5 AMAZING weeks traveling Europe with the family, we've landed home. Thanks to all our friends, family, hosts, and a few willing strangers that became accomplices in our traveling shenanigans. It's been fantastic to see the kids grow so much as they've been challenged by new cities and experiences. If we missed connecting with you, we will be back soon.
But back to #LosAngeles. I do love this city and still, after so many years, I get excited seeing the sprawling metropolis from the airplane window with it's palm trees, pools in backyards, wide freeways (even if they are packed) and the mountains and ocean wrapping their arms around it all. Los Angeles still holds the magic of an entertainment capital where dreams do come true and stories are being born that will allow the world to escape for a few short hours. I'm lucky to call this home.
The suit goes back on, the schedule starts to be filled, and the work once again begins. Next big stop: my Aug 12th seminar at the @electriclodge in Venice (link in bio) I hope to see you there if not before.
#Passion #Purpose #Authenticity .
.πŸ™πŸ» to the brilliant @philipfolsom for this πŸ“Έ. I've been saving it for a good moment πŸ˜†.

Stonehenge. A great way to round up our summer vacation. Another reminder to check your perspective as everything is relative.

Amy and I had plenty of time for 'reflection' in Venice. Do you see what I did there ;-) Time away is always an enlightening experience where I am able to get perspective and make sure everything is aligned as it should be.

I will miss the traveling but I'm certainly excited to get back home. One last full day tomorrow in England.

Our B&B in Venice for the night, the Residenza Correspondent Molin. A gem amongst gems. Last major stop before heading home. It has been a magical five weeks.

Afternoon nap with Mont Blanc at our feet. We hadn't realized we had walked from Switzerland into France. If only all boarders could be so invisible.

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