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Richard Janes  Emmy-winning personal brand expert & founder of Hollywood social media agency Fanology. Helping people authentically communicate their Passion&Purpose

The words "I'm really busy" or "I'm too busy" come out of our mouths far too much. As if they are a badge of honor. As if they imply we are actually doing a service to our career, to our colleagues, to our family.
In my experience, it often means one of two things:
1. I can't get my shit together and I'm failing dismally at prioritizing my life and the demands others put on me.
or .
2. I'm using it as an excuse and want you and what you are selling to go away (for which a myriad of reasons can be attributed including number 1).
Either way, we have to start treating this idea of being so busy as a flag. .
A flag that says stop. 
A flag that says breath and be present. 
A flag that challenges us to ask are we prioritizing effectively.
There is a big difference between being a workaholic vs. a high performer. .
Being busy nearly killed me.  I found myself saying it again today. But I know it's a choice. .
Tomorrow I will wake up and try my hardest not to be busy.
~ Richard

Time and time again we forget to celebrate the small stuff. If you don’t celebrate now, then when?
What can you celebrate about this past week? The Janes family have a long list 😀

I come across a large number of people who have read all sorts of amazing books, gone to the most wonderful courses and have spent a pretty penny on personal and professional development. But at the end of the day, we have to be responsible for bringing it to life in our own lives. As hard as it maybe to do things differently, as uncomfortable as it may feel, there was a reason we sought out new knowledge. Time to hold ourselves accountable for change. #action

At least twice a week someone says “Are you Australian?” 🤔

I really have no idea how people confuse the two accents. It’s like asking someone from the Bronx if they are from Alabama 🤣

I find the days I wear these socks people tend to guess correctly.

😬 That moment when the Dentist says “Well, Mr. Janes...” and it feels like an eternity before he say “you’re all looking good”. After getting really sick a number of years ago I made the commitment to getting full health check ups on a regular basis without fail. I still don’t sleep well the night before any appointment but know it is better to be safe than sorry.

Fun fact: oral health can have a massive impact on your state of mind. Give it a google and you’ll find that research has now shown a strong relationship between gum disease and many mental health problems, including stress, depression, distress, and anxiety. Go get that check up!

Six month check up ✅

Lights. Camera. Action!

That moment when you hit record on a new training series and your mind goes completely blank 🤣

I knew it was going to happen but you’ve still got to step up to the plate and hit record... 🎬🎥🎥 I ended up recording over 5 hours worth of new content! Coming soon...

Is it a bird... is it a plane... No it’s... me on a bird trying not to get hit by a car on #abbottkinney by #venicebeach.
I’ve been without a car now for two months only using @lyft and the occasional bird. I have to say it’s been pretty great meeting some awesome people, not having to worry about parking, and even saving money as using my phone to call a car when I need it is actually working out cheaper than owning a car!
Disclaimer: @amydjanes still has her fancy @subaru_usa when we need it.

Surrounding ourselves with wonderful people who resonate on a soul level is so important. We level up to those around us so we need to choose wisely. I’ve had a magnificent morning with @amydjanes @philipfolsom @tanyatfolsom and the kids followed by two hours with @guycamilleri grounded in #intimacy living #moment-to-moment and #authenticity. A truly blessed day topped off with Finn’s basketball game and a Movie. #sundayfunday Thank you friends 🙏🏻

Perfect spot for breakfast with the family. Amazing to think about the people that built this place 100 years ago. Possibly the biggest fire places I have ever seen. #Timeoff #familytime

A little late but a big thank you for all the birthday wishes a few weeks back. Setting an intention for my 38th year on this planet I look to the word waggery. \ ˈwa-gə-rē \ : mischievous merriment

Thanks @philipfolsom for the encouragement in this act of waggery in Palm Springs 📸

Filming content for my new actors program, helping them find purpose on the stage. Enormously blessed to have these two amazing cinematographers to come in and check all the settings! Not sure if Sean’s face is a good thing or bad 🤔

As we wrap up 2017, I found a little piece of paradise in Palm Springs. This is the place I come to reflect, gather my thoughts, and lay out my future plans. 2017 has been a fantastic year planting the seeds for a year of growth. Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey this year and I very much look forward to supporting yours in 2018.

Happy New Year my friends!!!!

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