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richard david  it's to please me, not you.



dark days become brighter

i love the way you look tonight.

i looked at you.

you're a fantasy

spidey✌well, i tried @tomholland2013 . #spidermanhomecoming

tribute to a fallen friend 👋
i was sketching this when i heard about the bad news. i stared at this drawing in utter disbelief because i never knew it would happen to you. from all the nightmares i've been having, this is the one i wish wasn't real. you were there the first day i went to the gym and you helped me out by answering every question i had. you even gave me and my friends free training sessions. we weren't very close but you were the nicest guy and you made the pressuring atmosphere at the gym seem like i belonged there too. thank you for that and everything else. i'm sorry i skipped out on a lot of work out sessions and that i barely made any improvements from the first day we met. i'm sincerely sorry i didn't notice. af congre would never be the same without you. we'll miss you coach erick. you take care.

succubus 👄

"the light to my shadow."

"we love you."

"at least now, you're here."

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