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Too much time spent in my thoughts, not enough time spent in the present

The flat belly diet - where you aim to have more monounsaturated fat compared to any other type of fat, as well as 4 400calorie portions a day.
Overall average diet book - had a couple of interesting nuggets of information but certainly not the most insightful book I’ve read on dieting.
Made me chuckle when they suggested a power walk is enough for high intensity training - perhaps if you’re old?
Or maybe I just have a different sense of high intensity - either way, made me chuckle

Feels good to have done a workout first thing in the morning again
I always end up doing it at night and thinking it’s dismissible at best, but thismorning was awesome

Mum and Dad came back from Tahiti and gave me and @celestialsharplin a gift!
I was given the oyster shell with (from a comprehensive google search) a marquesan cross symbol - symbolising balance
Celeste was given a black pearl
Certainly something to treasure

I really love manga too. It might seem like I only read business or fitness books, but I read a lot of manga as well.
One that holds one of the highest regards to me is Sun-Ken Rock.
This manga is super inspiring and badass at the same time. The MC is Ken, a Japanese student who follows his crush over to Korea. While he becomes a broke bum for doing nothing over the year there, we enter the story of how he goes from a Japanese bum stuck in Korea with nothing going for him, to owning the whole triad underground circuit as Asia’s most esteemed crime/mafia boss.
Absolutely badass story

Picked up this random dog running near the highway on the way to kaikoura yesterday
Was a cute wee thing, ended up taking 30 minutes for animal control to come which was cool because she was a cute pupper

Views from the car on way to Kaikoura for the weekend
Love this place

I was gifted this book last year
Certainly some fascinating concepts towards sports nutrition. While a lot of it may have been multi level marketing, there was some awesome pickups from it. For example, if you’re bulking - buy some maltodextron (super inexpensive) powder to add to your protein powder, if you work out hard for that 30-60 minutes, up to 220g of carbs can be taken in - spiking the insulin back up to regular levels to get you back into recovery. Ideally train twice a day with this. I used it, definitely works well, added some easy mass. Only issue is if you have it without doing a workout - the high GI content of it will make you fat if you spike your insulin so much.
There was a couple other amino acid supplement manipulations for improved growth hormone release, however from my experiment there wasn’t much difference between taking them or not if you were training twice a day and having the maltodextron and protein post workout.
Definitely some awesome supplement knowledge and nutrition knowledge in this gem

Still remains my screensaver

What a awesome day, perfect way to finish the week off.
Bloody excited for the weekend ahead, been a while since @celestialsharplin and I have been in Kaikoura together!

What a crazy awesome guy.
He’s the epitome of do it yourself, and do it well
Crazy the amount of innovation and creation this guy and his team are doing!

Throwback to the buzz cut

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