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A complete guide indeed
This monster was 600 pages of very specific detail regarding form, movement pattern, programming and nutrition for Olympic lifting.
Damn was it dense and hard to get through. DEFINITELY worth getting if you do want to start learning the lifts - this covered a bit more than the workshop I did - however do a workshop as well so you can also get a feel for what it is the books teaching you.
Well worth it 👍👍

Still doing sprints
Had a rough session Saturday but still managed <12seconds for 100m
Just light practice today working on keeping relaxed at a sub max speed

This week I’ve added in an extra set to all my lifts as well as adding in pull-ups once again to increase volume.
I’ve got a weird hip movement here where my hips shoot back - @elijahs_strength_journal and I went over it in length so will be going over some new cues Wednesday to see if it’s as simple as changing the mental cue or if there’s a deeper problem going on.
It happens even during my warmups.
My other theory is that it may just be the way I rebound out of the hole
Time will tell, gains to be made. Bring on this weeks progress 😎

Picked up an interesting recovery protocol from this book that I’m excited to have a play with.
If it works as it says it should, then recovery for muscle soreness will be within 24 hours as opposed to 72.
Brilliant stuff from John Berardi once again - same fella I did my nutrition course through.
Essence of the book - if you want to get big, eat big and train smart

Week 1 results;
15kg added to squat (140x5)
5kg added to bench (107.5x5)
Deadlifts found my 5RM of 170
Bring on week 2 😎

Love a video replay.
Here you can see I have a bit of a kyphotic hunch (upper back rounding) which is noticeable on 4th/5th reps.
I didn’t fully tighten up and engage my upper back Hence the rounding.
A pretty ugly 170 for 5.
Training 2 of powerlifting focus this week - 5kg increase in squat in 2 days. Currently 135x5 squat, 170x5 deadlift, 105x5 bench

The barbell bible!
This bad boy covers anything and everything involving squats, deadlifts, power cleans/snatches, bench press and overhead press (or “the press” as referred to in the book)
If you’re a coach, hundred % you need to read this!!
And if you’re not a coach but looking to get into weights, you should read this!! Picked up some absolute brilliant pointers in this. If only I’d read it earlier!

Current process; Bringing back my neural strength.
Pre injuries I was playing around with a 200 squat and 220 deadlift at 88kg.
Currently playing with about 165 squat and 200 deadlift as a max.
Game plan is to reintroduce my lifting conditioning through a bit of a full body workout 3 times a week.
Theoretically my nerves are capable should I be able to bring the conditioning back so if all goes to plan, I’ll be back at my peak strength pre injury by Christmas.
Current lifts as of today for 5; 130 squat, 105 bench (deadlifts will be done Wednesday)
Watch this space 🧐

Hadn’t even noticed until now that I’m pushing off my back leg rather than my front, causing a loss of a step. If I push from my front first, I should be able to bring that back leg up and shave some time through utilising the initial legs push first causing for a faster more efficient start 👍👍
Damn do I love the slomo cam

I’m sure I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - damn I love this mans work. Tim Ferris is the shit - another great book. LOTS of unique tips for fitness, adding mass, improving sprints/speed (picked up some great pointers for footing position in the start off for a sprint) and effects of certain foods and rituals (like cold showers ❄️)
Highly recommend

Update; energy levels are feeling good considering I’ve dropped from 1L of strong coffee each day to just 1 cup 😭
Due to my excessive caffeine intake I was consistently stimulated causing excess adrenal fatigue (is my theory) which was causing me to need so many breaks and extra sleep.
So I’m just easing myself down on my caffeine intake 🤗
Spent a good 50 minutes working on my starting positioning for sprints and I’m feeling closer to having a perfect takeoff. Now it’s a matter of finding the optimal footing (I’ve mixed around with toes to heel distance and a foot apart - I’m finding acceleration at the start easier with foot apart, however early acceleration can be a bad thing in the 100m due to fatigue)
Happy with my hip and back placement however - good session 👍

It appears I’ve over done it again.
When your skin starts breaking out, consistent fatigue, tired from walking up stairs and a cold sore it’s generally a good sign to chill the fk out on training 😅
All is good though, slept more again and had a nap, no severe volume plus weekend off and I’m sure I’ll be back to it feeling great next week.
I think my previous years of training at high school where I wasn’t eating much relative to it is caused my endocrine/CNS to fatigue easier - just means I need to train smarter eh?

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