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Specialty Robusta. We should talk about it... It's naturally resistant to leaf rust, it produces higher yields than arabica, the stigma around its potential quality has been well debunked (thank you Uganda and Ecuador) and the CQI's R-Grader Programme is well established as an industry standard to measure quality. Sure, there's plenty of horrible tasting Robusta out there but it wasn't that long ago where there was an overwhelming large proportion of not so good Arabica when compared to today's specialty arabica market. It's a sustainability warrior's dream crop and yet, it seems, the specialty coffee industry wants to ignore it. Myself included until a few months ago.
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It would be incorrect for me to say that I don't get excited easily. Because I do in certain situations... This gem of a photo is of the honey (pulped-sundried) coffee drying at Kilimbi Washing Station in Nyamasheke, Rwanda. I had the privilege of hanging with the @murahotradingco team two weeks ago to show them a slightly different way of processing Honey's for this year's harvest. The result of their hard work is theirs to celebrate and I cannot wait to taste this.
Hobe Hobe Hobe Ab'iwacu Muraho!
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Hey Scottish friends! Join me at @spitfireglasgow in Glasgow and at @coffeenexus Edinburgh for a unique opportunity to taste some of the winning coffees from the 3rd Annual Myanmar Quality Competition.
We'll have a quick presentation about the emergence of Myanmar specialty coffee and the chance to taste some of the top scoring lots from the competition.
Big thanks to @deargreencoffeeroasters for sponsoring the kit for the Glasgow event!
We invite green buyers, roasters, cafe owners and barista's alike. Limited space
so RSVP quick!
WHEN: Sunday 26th of March
AT: Spitfire Espresso, 127 Candleriggs, Merchant City, Glasgow
TIME: 6pm start
WHEN: Tuesday 28th March
AT: Coffee Nexus, 8 Howard Street, Edinburgh
TIME: 6.30pm start

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Today was a special day. I first visited Kilimbi washing station in February last year on my first visit to Rwanda. I was supposed to officially open the station in May last year on my return but fell ill with a malaria scare. When I rocked on up today with our partners @murahotradingco I was greeted with a ribbon, a welcome sign and the entire station staff singing me their washing station song. Yes, I welled up... and it's OK. Coffee (or should I say the people who produce coffee) constantly humble me. In this photo, Emmanual (out of picture), Muraho's manager of quality, was a little excited with how well the early season A1 grade coffee is looking. Either that or he's introducing a new drying technique I call 'Emmanual drying'. It was a great privilege to see the station in full swing with staff and coffee that all looked very happy.
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The 3rd Annual Myanmar Coffee Quality Competition has finished and my goodness was it a tasty week. The progress the local producers have made in the last 3 years is staggering. 3 years ago the highest scoring coffee was 83 points. This year the 1st place natural won with 89.58, 2nd 88.5 and 3rd 88.16. The washed section 1st was 87.16, 2nd 86.66 and 3rd 85.58. The local communities and producers with the help of @winrock_international and @usaid have achieved marvelous results. This photo is of the SL-34 variety grown on Greenland Estate, in Pyin Oo Lwin, Northern Shan State, who placed 2nd in the washed competition. It's a very exciting time for Myanmar coffee and we'll have some in NZ, Australia and the U.K. later this year. 🇲🇲☕️️👍🏼 #Myanmar #specialtycoffee #progress #WinrockInternational #USAID #rawmaterial #flightcoffee #flyingspoon #cqi

Good night Myanmar! Today we finished the final tables of the international judging round. Results are disclosed tomorrow and there are some very impressive scores! This afternoon I got to witness a Myanmar sunset. Here it is and the picture says it all.
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Day 3 of the 3rd Annual Producers Competition has finished and we have the top 12 finalists. The results are quite astonishing. 27 coffees from the 72 that made it past pre-screening scored 85 or above. When this project began 3 years ago the highest scoring coffee was 83 points. This week 11 naturals scored above 86 points, with 2 scoring above 88 and another 2 scoring between 87 and 87.99. Of the washed coffee, 2 scored above 87 and 4 scored between 86 and 86.99. This photo is a snap from the A Lel Chaung drying station I visited yesterday. Check that cherry out! No wonder so much progress has been made and the coffee tasting so good. This is a final hand sort prior to being laid out to dry, oh and if you're wondering what the cup profle is like, imagine that Kenya and Colombia made love and produced sweet juicy babies.... 🇲🇲☕️️❤️ #Myanmar #shanstate #WinrockInternational #cqi #rawmaterial #flightcoffee #flyingspoon #progress #specialtycoffee

After a morning of roasting samples for tomorrow's judging, we made it out to some of the producer communities. This is at Mya ZeDie village on the outskirts of Ywangan township. All coffee here is processed as a full sun dried natural. Limited access to water, optimal day and night temperatures and an altitude of 1500masl make this spot a sensible choice for processing naturals. The community drying station is owned by 150 shareholder families who each own about .5ha each with around 500 coffee trees each. 3 years ago this station didn't exist. With the support of @thecqi @winrock_international and absolute dedication from producers, the 2nd year of production scored an impressive 85 points, here's hoping this year is even better, if the quality of the sorting is anything to go by we're in for a treat! 🇲🇲☕️️❤️️ #cqi #WinrockInternational #Myanmar #specialtycoffee #shanstate #rawmaterial #flightcoffee #flyingspoon #progress

It's an absolute pleasure to be on assignment with these awesome people. Sunalini Menon from Coffee Lab India and Dane Loraas from Sustainable Harvest, USA. Day 2 of judging is over and we're all off to bed slightly over caffeinated. 40 more coffee's to roast tomorrow and once they're cupped we'll have the top 12. Myanmar, you rock. 🇲🇲☕️️❤️ #Myanmar #cqi #WinrockInternational #progress #specialtycoffee #rawmaterial #flightcoffee #flyingspoon

Day one down! Loads of samples roasted and ready to be tasted. On the menu today are 33 coffee's from small holder producers and community groups from Shan State and Mandalay. Last year 60 producers made it to the final round, this year, 72. The work @winrock_international and @thecqi are doing here is fantastic and the improvements local producers have made in the last 3 years is staggering. 🇲🇲☕️️👍🏼 #Myanmar #shanstate #mandalay #specialtycoffee #progress #rawmaterial #flightcoffee #flyingspoon

In Myanmar with @thecqi judging the first day of the 3rd Anual Producers Competition in Ywagan, Shan State. Day 1 kicks off today. A total of 72 lots of washed, semi washed/honey and natural processed coffee from local producers have made it past the pre-screening round. A tasty few days are ahead! 🇲🇲 ☕️ #Myanmar #Burma #cqi #WinrockInternational #USAID #rawmaterial #flightcoffee #flyingspoon #lucky #welltravelled.

Burundi Part 2: In 2015 Burundi produced 15,000 tons of coffee and ranked 28th out of the top 36 coffee producing countries (Brazil being the largest producer at 2,594,100 tons). It is a relatively young coffee producing country with Belgians introducing coffee in the early 1930’s. There are over 700,000 families involved in coffee. The average plot of land each owns is between 0.4 to 1 ha. and with a total land mass 1/3 the size of Tasmania, Burundi has the 2nd largest population density in Sub-Saharan Africa. The industry in Burundi has been at the behest of the varying political and social instabilities the country has experienced since independence from Belgium in 1962. In 1991 government deregulation stuck a balance of state and private washing station ownership but as I discovered, state-ownership wasn't without its scandal. I visited during the last two weeks of the season and the privately owned station I visited had been instructed by the government not to receive any cherry from producers. The reason? Because, producers were not paid by some government stations for the previous season, and producers had stopped delivering coffee to state-owned stations in favor of those that were paying… The emergence of specialty coffee has been an important aspect of the growing exports of coffee from Burundi. Prices to producers have begun to improve greatly and producers are seeing the benefits of growing and picking quality coffee. This has been achieved by strong leadership by local washing station managers driven by precedents set by our export partners (and other exporters), who provide the necessary training and means for producers to deliver high-quality cherry to their washing stations. Here, producers are floating and hand sorting their coffee prior to delivering it to the mill. The market price for coffee to local producers at the time was 380 Burundian Francs (BIF)/kg of cherry, our exporters paid producers on average 490 BIF, 27% more than the market price, and also gave a 20 BIF/kg bonus prior to Christmas. 🇧🇮☕️️🍒 #Burundi #kayanza #Nemba #specialtycoffee #coffee #washingstation #UTZCertified #rawmaterial #flyingspoon #Africa #Eastafrica

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