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Carmen Sorensen  "Cute potato, walks like a crab." | Karma♻ | @nksorensen💍| @ricepichu👨‍👩‍👧| #SnorlaxTheEvoX🔰 | Seattle ☔ |


I'm new, you're new. We can learn the basics together.🤗 @ricepichu

I guess you could call it a... Tradition.😏Lovah boii @bboyfishy holding it down at Tradition. #Tradition4 #Tradition5 #Tradition6

Sophie also had her first #MiniBREAKS dance class in Seattle last weekend. It was a dance filled weeks d for her. She loved getting in the little Cypher.

I'm late but Sophie had fun at #Tradition6 last Saturday.

I couldn't bring myself to post it last night. I've been dreading your birthday all month, like usual. Another reminder we won't be going to Seattle per tradition. Another reminder you're gone. But happy birthday, Bunny. I hope you're spending it breaking and sucking at COD like usual. Always and forever.

I finished Sophies costume in time! (With a TON of help from my friend) but she's San from Princess Mononoke! Nick and I were her white wolf family.

Until I met you, I never thought a single person could change my life so much.
I promise to always be faithful to you & to support your dreams. Praise your accomplishments & push through our failures. I will dream with you and stand beside you at all times.
I will always be your friend, lover, playmate, support, & above all- Yours.
In sickness and in health, through triumph & trial, 'till death do us part, I vow to never stop earning your love.
Wherever life takes us, I go with you hand in hand, now until forever.
I love you. ☆10°12°17☆
So much has happened in 3 years of marriage. 6 years together. I have fallen more and more in love with you every day. I have memorized all your stories and all the faces you make. The sound of your laugh to the spots on your back you like scratched.
You take care of me when I drink just a little (lot) too much and just laugh at how clumsy and stupid I get.
You comfort me when I'm sad, manic or depressed. You never make me feel bad for not getting over it or getting better. You just brush my hair from my face and wipe the tears off my cheeks.
You pamper me when I'm sick. Providing me sleep, food and love.
You work. Long. Long. LONG. Hours. And travel so that Sophie and I can have the best future and life.
You are my vision of perfection with all your quirks. What some used to view as your flaws I view as comfort. You're always there. You're always supportive. You're trusting. You're loving. You're kind. You're patient.
You're mine. For three years and forever more.
I love you, Raichu. You are my one and only forever.
Thank you for loving me.♡

Mini both, mini Shen and mini Ahri.🐶🐶🐶 They're the three best friends thatanyoneseverhad

People let me tell you about my best friend🎶

There was a time I wanted to meet you. And a time when I wanted to see you. And a time when I wanted to meet you. A time when I wanted to stay up just a little longer talking to you. A time when I wanted to date you. A time when I wanted to move in with you. A time when I wanted to raise a puppy with you. A time when I wanted to be engaged to you. A time when I wanted to meet your family with you. A time when I wanted to marry you. A time when I wanted to start a family with you.
So much time has passed and there's still so much I want to do with you.
I want to raise our Pichu with you. And buy a house with you. Get an NSX with you. Go to Japan with you. And the Philippines. In fact just travel the world with you. I want to sleep in more with you. I want to complete our bucket list with you.
But more than anything I just want to linger in the pleasure of your presence for a moment longer than ever second bestowed to me.
I love you, Hubby of mine. And I should be asleep but the bed is a little empty without you in it too and it's keeping me up.

Sit down.

Exactly 10 months apart. Raichu is life. Nov 2016, Sept 2017

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