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Richard Ha  In Frames

You are important, I see your worth. You are brought to this land for a purpose. Your story and journey will cross paths to others that you may not realize inspires movement.
Photographer @ddcphotography

Happy birthday to the one and only @nico_oconnor a friend that keeps it 100 with me and knows how to make me laugh til I cry. I've grown so much cause of you and appreciate the experience and memories we have and will have. Working, traveling, and true friendship. Stay blessed.

Excited to get it right with @islandgroove85 in August with grooves, vet varsity, and new varsity. Always good times with Mr. POLY @nahgooyin @itsjuliomorales

Let the sun feed good energy, allow the waves to pave a path both smooth and rough, cruise to your destiny.

Live and love them to pieces. We have our own journeys yet we always cross paths and have a grand time. A loyalty joyful blessed friendship that will continue amazing memories together. Thank you for supporting me and loving me unconditionally.

Good times when taking class from @nico_oconnor growth, challenge, and laughter in only an hour or so. A teacher, choreographer, dancer, friend, a great soul, that inspires many. @madonna #ExpressYourself

What an amazing day to start off with so many loving messages. More to come. The gift I ask for is for You to give anyone a compliment to make them smile. Please let me know what you said ;) at times some people get shy of their birth, however this is your day, seize it and know you are special and worth every second of that day. Be selfish for a bit cause you deserve to. My compliment to you is that your being makes someone or everyone's heart Smile. Spread love, Mad Love

Happy Father's Day to Mr. Jack of all Trades. Amazing father, brother, son, truly a Gentleman. Taught me so much and continues to spread positive Love. Any Dad, or Dad Mom's DadAunt, DadUncles, DadGrandparents all types of Dads Thank you for continuing guiding your sons, daughters, and pets. The love is real

Chinglish is Chinese English. So funny when I traveling and I read the translation on menus, street signs, walls, and more. Got to love my Chinese people. Even more fun when I get to try to figure it out with @kasikirkpatrick ... @mr.unicorntv
Pause and guess what it means ;)

When was the last time you laughed so hard, your stomach hurt, your cheeks couldn't get any higher, you had to get away before your pain became unbearable. Search for that... live longer filled with laughter, smiles, joy

Birth is such a blessing...all these people have been on this road I journeyed and continue making glorious memories. More amazing moments to capture and cherish dearly. Happy Birthday to Everyone, you were brought to my life for a purpose. :) Emily Tony Wilson Minur Amanda Ricky/Lexi Steve Angela Judy Kevin Kimiko Julio Rob Ervin and many more

When I dance nothing else matters in the world. All I think about is performing and giving all I can in a few seconds, minutes... I'm free for a moment . @rickylamhawaii always giving me full out life. :)

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