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Ricci Calzado 

Hw i wish i wld always hve some luxurious time to indulge onto wondrous collab such as ds awesome wed edi2rial!
PH:Louie See
Co. PHs:Elle Penafiel
ST:Yours Truly
HMUA:Joe Solis
LOCALE:Graey Studio
M:Evelin Ortiz

Bridal Editorial

Lensed by:Louie See
Co Phs:Elle Penafiel & Kat
Styled by:Yours Truly
Hmua:Joe Solis
Fashion:Khai Villanueva
Locale:Graey Studio
M:Evelin Ortiz

Newsflash:A gigantic sea lion was seen combing d shores of a certain town somewer in d North.Residents wld like to believe dt no disastruous phenomenon wld go alongside w/d sudden inflow of d said creature.

Ingatz po tau mga kbbayan q.. Stay safe & dry eberiwan!
Brekking hidol na hidollllll!
Pritong tawilis, gnataang hipun-hiponan at snigang na isa sa byabas..


Santol en rambutan juice ala Ricci

Mgndang umga dear folks ang bati ng aking nga santol paete.. Bckyard produce.. Tseret!
#perksofabarriolass #gurlillafrdboondocks #eclectcsm101 #relaxingretreat #roadtobeingarealpenguin

Mawnin' folkzzzzz!
Sinukmaning may budbod ng mosang ni Angga at kape combo.. Hidolllllll!

a ltl gloomy nonetheless its beauty ceaselessly shines through

mah contemporized terno

pancit habhab,strawberi jam toast at kape...hidolllllllll!

a ltl late for “Linggo ng Wika”,too early for Sona.. terno in mesh w/ a mere amt of pa-gurlish vibes😉

d impact shows vividly by its mere stark simplicity

ddn‘t i mke it pretty obvious dt green is my most hated color?😜

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