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  beloved energy of the Multiverse💜 sun♓ moon♍ rising♊ 💠HD Manifestor 2/4 🌟nature lover🌿🌪️⚡🔥💧 tarot and magic lover🔮

Made some smudge sticks today. Five types: for protection, for clearing the space, for vision, clairvoyant and psychic work, for joy and escaping the apathy, and for the healing and long life. Was really engoying the process😍 🌿🌟🤗🍀♥️

Yesterdays' evening was rather cold, and I could even feel the steps of Autumn behind me. So it gave me inspiration for making the herbal blend including fireweed, peppermint, lavender, wild rose and hypericum. Here's the tea made from it and the raspberry homemade jam - the ideal combination for the cold evenings. 🌿🍓☕

August starts to look like and smell like autumn. I'm delighted🤗♥️

The Beauty & The Beast live together in every Soul🌓

Summer is a butterfly 🔄🍃

Blessed Lammas/Lughnasadh🌞🌾

Coffee time☕ Yin and Yang☯️

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