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The school gave me a call at noon yesterday, asking me to pick up Adam coz of a headache. Straight away brought him to the clinic, and doctor confirmed another case of HFMD.😪 He has ulcers inside his mouth this time. The last HFMD symptoms were only obvious on his hands and feet. He's doing okay though..no more headache. I made him some porridge this morning but he couldn't take it. Too painful to swallow. #bilanakgame #ihetchuhfmd

Baru habis mengemas. Sit down for a lil while, grabbed my phone and snapped this. Baru perasan cermin dah berlapuk. #neverendinghousework

A pocket guide to sharks of the world. Adam is obsess with this book at the moment. (Watch my instastory for some of his silly acts pronouncing shark names) #notapromo

Doong... doong... doong... chang!!

Paper-cut roosters for Adam's school CNY deco. #psg 💪🏻

This is one of my top favourite recipes in Everyday Harumi #threetoppingsrice #whenifeellikeharumi

Thai Milk Tea Chiffon Cake #mykitchentimelapse #whenifeellikemartha

Yuzu Chiffon Cake for teatime. #hujanandkopi #whenifeellikemartha

"No more cold weather, mommy. Let's go home." ☺️#collectmomentsnotthingsalbum