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Rianne 🌿  Mother of Daughters, Marrying my Codi Our life in British Columbia, Canada

Rosie Posie ✨

Snow day with a coupla snow angels ⛄️

This little light of mine ✨

The best things in life are not things, they are sisters 💖

Too pretty not to post for a second (or third, but who’s counting) time. This girl’s been learning how to write and practiced her own name this morning, so... What the heck? They grow too fast.

Yesterday marked T W O whole months with our darling Rosie 🌹 This sweet babe is full of smiles, full of milk, and sleeps so well for mama.

Briella’s first day of home Pre-K! 🍎📚 Over the next several months, we’ll be focusing on writing upper and lowercase letters, integrating outdoor activities into our morning lessons and going on Friday field trips. And crafts... all the crafts. After today, she’s extremely proud of herself (rightfully so) and excited to begin again tomorrow!

Roselyn’s journey earthside 🌿 (Part 2)

In case you’re expecting, TTC, or simply wondering if hiring a birth photographer is worth it... the answer is YES! And talk to @dori.marie.photography because she’s the best.

Finally posting more of Roselyn’s gorgeous Fresh 48 ✨ Instagram’s limit appears to be 10 photos so, fear not... There’ll be much more birth and baby spam in the near future 😉

This year was all about the girls 💛✨ My Briella, of course. And me, newly pregnant (as pictured), expecting another sweet daughter. Our little Rosie. This was just one of the precious highlights of 2018. We’d announced our pregnancy, entered the second trimester, and quickly snapped these first few “bumpdate” pics on one of our favourite hikes. Actually, the same hike Codi forced me through much later in the year, just days before she was born. It’s so strange to reflect on a time when the pretty little Rose in my lap was just a bean in my belly.

Happy one month of life, Rosie Winter 🌹 My wide-eyed, serious girl. My snuggly, lets-me-get-some-decent-sleep girl. She’s the polar opposite of her wild big sister. I was prepared for another awfully exhausting newborn stage and was pleasantly surprised when this laidback little lady came along. She’s not a crier, IS a cluster feeder, and sits silently when she’s awake, watching the world with big beautiful eyes. She loves the boob, hates hiccups, and that’s the extent of it thus far. I’m excited to watch as more of her personality unfurls, but if we could just pause time and keep her this sweet snuggly newborn babe... I think I’d be okay with that.

Rosie’s first Christmas! ❤️✨ Briella’s fourth, and our first as a family in our own home. It was a special one, a busy one, and one that I will always cherish. Wishing you all the merriest of Christmases, too.

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