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🇺🇸COMBAT BARBIE™💋  Rianna🌻Carpenter(Conner) Wife💍 CA farmgirl🚜➞ MARINE➞ Student📚🔜 Reporter🎥 In 40+ articles/mags worldwide🌎 Named “The Military-Marilyn Monroe" by Maxim💋

Rain rain go away... 🌻
(And hail, and thunder, and lightening, and tornado warnings! 🌪😯)
-What’s the weather like today where you live?!
#SunflowerSoul #INEEDsunshine #CaliGirl #TornadosInTheSouth ? #CombatBarbie

“Heaven” is a place on earth with you. And it’s better than I ever could’ve imagined. ✨💍🌻
#TheCarpenters #Soulmates #BestFriends #DualMilitaryCouples #TattooedCouples

Like my shade of military green? 💪🏼🍀🇺🇸😋 I hope everyone is having a fun & SAFE St.Paddy’s! 🎉 I’m just relaxing & having a few cervezas🍺 while my hubby is out catching dummies who wanna drive drunk! 🚓
Stay safe! Love you all! 💋💋💋
#CombatBarbie #MilitaryMarilyn #MrsCarpenter #OfficerCarpenter #StPatricksDay

Happy St. Paddy’s day from my real life four-leaf clover and I. 🍀💋💍
#IfyoureaBirdimaBird #TheCarpenters #TattooedCouples #DualMilitaryCouples #StPatricksDay

Wow! Thank you @cutecountrygirls for featuring me on your page! 😍❤️🇺🇸 Their page features strong, patriotic, beautiful country girls!!! 🙌🏼 Go check them out! You won’t regret it. 😘💋
#CuteCountryGirls #CombatBarbie #MilitaryMarilyn #RiannaConner #MrsCarpenter

#REPOST ‘cause I love yah! 💋
This video sums up soul.
You can say whatever you want about me, but you can’t say that I'm not 100% my true self. No one can put me in a box, or try to make me fit their mold, because I broke the mold; I have my very own unique one. And what you might think is "inappropriate" or "morally questionable" behavior to you, isn't for me. I have different morals, thoughts, and dreams than you. I am not you. I AM ME.
And I am a goofy🤪, ambitious, positive🌻, outrageous🤘🏼, sometimes selfish, happy-go-lucky, sometimes crazy👊🏼🔪(if you deserve it,) flirty💋, generous, self-loving💘, energetic, courageous🦁, smart, a lover and a fighter, attention-hog🤗, who has a wild-heart and a free-spirit🦋, and can be professional when needed. I DON’T wanna be part of your cliques and groups, or accepted by you, I JUST WANNA BE ME. And if you wanna be friends, I am more than happy to be. But if not, you are welcome to hate on me all you want, try to pick me apart, slander my name, create rumors about me, and try to turn people against me. Because all of that won't make the slightest difference in my life, or who I am. (Plus you’re helping me out by putting my name out there more!💋)
I am the ONE & ONLY: RIANNA/COMBAT BARBIE/MILITARY MARILYN and I am NOT going to change just because I don't please you. I ain't goin nowhere, so you can get to know me. 😋
PS: This video features my sexy girlfriend @marissa_rae_official 🔥😍❤️
PSS: This is one of my fav songs ever. It’s called “Platinum” 💁🏼‍♀️ Thanks @mirandalambert 🎶
#CombatBarbie #TheOneAndOnly #MilitaryMarilyn #RiannaConner #MrsCarpenter #BeYOU #SELFLOVE

To all my new followers: Hi! 🙋🏼‍♀️ My name is Rianna Carpenter (formerly known as Rianna Conner) and my nickname is "Combat Barbie” 💋 - because I've always been extremely girly while in the military! I am currently an Active Duty U.S. Marine, and I attend college part-time. 🤹🏼‍♀️ I am a wife to an amazing husband 💍 who is a Cop on Active Duty in the Airforce. 🚓 I am half Mexican 🇲🇽 & half Italian 🇮🇹 and I’m very proud of both sides/cultures. I grew up on a dusty old 40-acre farm 🚜 in the middle of California - where the first thing I ever learned to drive was a beat-up, rusty Ford tractor, and where I spent most school nights, weekends, and summer "vacations" in the fields with my grandparents doing back-breaking labor. 💪🏼🍇 Growing up the way I did was rough and I very much disliked it at the time, but it has forever instilled a fierce work-ethic and sparked a fiery ambition in my soul! 🔥 In high school, I attended boxing 🥊 classes for awhile with my older brother (as a healthy alternative to all the fights I was starting at school) and by my last year there I won the award for "Most Inspirational Senior" 🏆 at my high school! I joined the Marine Corps right after I graduated👩🏼‍🎓 (at 18 yrs old) and now after 7 years of Honorable service 🇺🇸 and a deployment to Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) I will be leaving the Corps soon! 👋🏼 My goal immediately after the service is to finally complete my Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications and Journalism! 🎥🎙🗞 After finishing my degree, I will be working at a new's station or radio station for a few years, until I can create my very own T.V. or talk-radio show! 🌟 I’ve been featured in some pretty cool articles and worldwide 🌎 magazines including Maxim, FHM, and 40 plus others now. ☺️ But “being famous” is not the reason I use social media - I use it to spread positivity 🌻 patriotism 🇺🇸 feminism 🎀 and promote self-love ✨ in all forms! I love tattoos 💉 and being a Vegetarian 🥦 (6.5 years! 😋) I've faced many obstacles in my life, but they've all shaped me into the relentless fighter that I am today! 🦁 No one and nothing will ever put out my fire. 🔥
#AboutMe #CombatBarbie #MilitaryMarilyn #RiannaConner #MrsCarpenter

I was going to write one of those high-level philosophical quotes, but honestly the only thing that comes to mind right now is:
I love my life... 🌞🌴🧜🏼‍♀️✨
#CombatBarbie #MilitaryMarilyn #TattooedGirls #CaliforniaGirlInTheSouth #JustAnotherSundayInTheSouth

Happy Freedom-Friday from The Carpenters! 🇺🇸🦅🤘🏼 @airforceink
#MilitaryFamily #USA #USAF #USMC #KeepingUpWithTheCarpenters
(This pic was taken a few days before we got married. 💍)

Here's to doing and thinking and wearing and saying and being whatever the fuck we want. #InternationalWomensDay
#CombatBarbie #MilitaryMarilyn #RiannaConner

Throwback to #December since it’s 8pm and I gotta be up at 3am! 🙃🌙
Goodnight my loves! 💋🌹
#CombatBarbie #MilitaryMarilyn #SweetDreams
(PS: If you click the link in my bio, I’m replying to all DMs on there! 😘)

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 🚂 You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the one who'll decide where you go.🏹" ~Dr. Seuss
-One of my fav quotes since I can remember! 👧🏼
-📸PC: @cmp_photo

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