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Rianna Talento  LFA 10 Apprentice | Illustrative Society | KreativMndz Dance Academy Vancouver, Canada Snapchat: rianna_talento


soul sistas🦋

📸: @crrdo @adryanhanson

// you don’t have to worry cause baby, it’s all yours🦋//

dancing with your hair down is truly an art that i still have to learn🤦🏽‍♀️
CHOREO: @princenii
SONG: Take Your Time by @feliciatemple

@officialapprentice @studio604 #OfficialApprentice #Apprentice604 #Studio604 #KMDA #KreativMndz #KMelite #TakeYourTime #FeliciaTemple #IllustrativeSociety #RiannaTalento #Dancer #Dance #Vancouver #Canada #YVR

a lil appreciation post for these girls because they’re some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for🕹❤️

you are loved, supported, and cared for.
you are never, ever alone.
there are people who love you for who you are.
you may feel alone and helpless but people are willing to listen to you.
they are here for you.
they want you to feel safe.
they want you to say “i made it” one day.
you are beautiful and filled with hope.
you are stronger than the jokes people make about the mental illness they don’t know you have.
you are stronger than the thoughts you have thinking that taking your life is the only answer.
you are stronger than your illness.
i believe in you and you should believe in yourself too.
if you’re struggling with a mental illness, please know that my DM’s, texts, snapchat, absolutely anything is open if you want to talk to someone. even if we’ve never talked before, i am here for you.
and let’s keep talking about this because how can we end the stigma if we only talk about mental illnesses once a year?

here’s to 16 years on this earth✨

📸: @crrdo @adryanhanson

turn your brightness up!!
servin’ you some different vibes with this one🤙🏼

CHOREO BY: @princenii
SONG: You Belong To Me by @therealtank
dancin’ w/ @kimpanganiban

@officialapprentice @studio604 #OfficialApprentice #Apprentice604 #Studio604 #KMDA #KreativMndz #KMelite #YouBelongToMe #Tank #IllustrativeSociety #RiannaTalento #Dancer #Dance #Vancouver #Canada #YVR

i’ve heard it all before😴

📸: @nikaela_andrea

from my fam to yours,
hope y’all have an elf-stravagant christmas⛄️🎄✨

Words cannot explain how grateful I am for being given the opportunity to attend Dancember 2017. I can’t thank @itsjudytime and @benjimantv for giving @officialapprentice the opportunity to attend this amazing event. It is definitely the best experience I have ever had.
It’s one thing to use your talent but it’s another thing to use your talent for something beyond yourself and to make a difference in this world. Having the knowledge that myself, my dance team, and all the amazing influencers involved raised almost $500,000 for hungry children all around the world gives me such a rewarding feeling.
Especially with all that is going on in the world right now, it’s truly amazing how all of us can gather together and use what we’re passionate about to make a difference and impact society, especially since Christmas is the season of giving.
And hey! There’s still time to donate! Head over to www.dancember.com (or click the link in my bio) to donate! $10 feeds a child for an entire month!

#Dancember #apprentice604 #itsjudyslife #benjimantv

h a p p y d a y s🌺

see the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me🌺

📸: @ccasslee

spot the difference.

are you a resolution paper?
because you're the solution to all my problems✨

the delegation of afghanistan motions to relive a surprisingly great weekend. all those in favour, please raise your placard now🙋🏽🙋🏽
from attempts to legalize NPS (especially angola s/o to y'all) and prostitution to nO ONE EVER RAISING THEIR PLACARD ON TIME, it's been an amazing learning experience full of bonding with old friends and meeting new ones and i'm extremely grateful for it.

i'll be stumbling away, slowly learning that life is okay🌹

{also, you may think that i'm quoting some remarkable quote but i'm really quoting "take on me"🤷🏽‍♀️}

"be good to one another."
ever since i was in the womb, i was raised on Coldplay's music and in my entire 15 years, 8 months and 3 days of living, i've always wanted to see two things, yellow live and chris martin sprinting across the stage. last night, i got to see it both💛
@coldplay #coldplay #coldplayvancouver

here's to a night of good food, laughs, and lots and lots of pictures💫

❗️e x p l i c i t l a n g u a g e ❗️
// you's a f- boy👋🏽 //

CHOREO: @princenii
SONG: F*ck Boy by @trinarockstarr
DANCERS (left to right): @rhysmgutierrez , myself, and @daelvgua

@officialapprentice #Apprentice604 #Studio604 #KMDA #KreativMndz #KMelite #RiannaTalento #Dancer #YVR #Vancouver #Canada

we'll always need each other, and yes, i'm a mess but i'm b l e s s e d to be stuck with you🦋

📸: @julspiezas

❗️E X P L I C I T L A N G U A G E❗️
but tbh the lyrics are hard to understand😹
// pick up the phone, baby☎️ //

Rockin' all the good vibes in this one! This song will always make for a good time🤙🏼

CHOREO: @jaybeebagunu
SONG: Pick Up The Phone by @youngthug @travisscott @quavohuncho
DANCERS: Jaybee and Myself!

@officialapprentice #Apprentice604 #Studio604 #KMDA #KreativMndz #KMelite #ISMP3 #PickUpThePhone #YoungThug #TravisScott #Quavo #RiannaTalento #Dancer #YVR

// promise not to let you go🌟//
Always a guaranteed good time in this class!
If you haven't taken a Lex class, get on itttt.
Wednesdays @ 6:30. Studio 604
Be there b/c it's the oneee.

CHOREO: @lexburnham
SONG: End of Time by @beyonce
DANCER: ya girl🤘🏼

@officialapprentice #Apprentice604 #Studio604 #KMDA #KreativMndz #KMelite #ISMP3 #EndOfTime #Beyoncé #RiannaTalento #Dancer #YVR

❗️E X P L I C I T L A N G U A G E❗️
// i'm too much of a woman, too much of a bad azz bih🤑 //
Nothing makes me feel as great as long hair, Kehlani's music, and Lex's choreo🌟

CHOREO BY: @lexburnham
SONG: Too Much by @kehlani
DANCER: myself!

@officialapprentice #Apprentice604 #Studio604 #KMDA #KreativMndz #KMelite #ISMP3 #TooMuch #Kehlani #RiannaTalento #Dancer #YVR

it's been a real blessing to dance with a group of such talented dancers! i've learned so much about my craft, myself, and all of the people around me.
huge thanks to @joetuliao for believing in me and allowing me to be apart of this amazing program! i have grown so much within these eight weeks and it's all thanks to you!
these people hold a huge place in my heart and i'm so grateful to have met and danced with every single one of them🌟❤️

{PS: i hate the 20 people tagged per post thing so here are the people i couldn't tag: @billymustapha @slockyer_ @nicolasmasse @angeldaviiid @igaddi @evan_morash }


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