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Oriana Jemide  Mixed Media Artist/Performance Poet TheDirtyLaundryPodcast https://soundcloud.com/user-126591461/intro-1-no-more-porn


IN CHARGE - The Self-Love Art Workshops

Today was absolutely incredible. From the self-care cards to the affirmation mood boards, these ladies left more empowered, revitalised and encouraged to be the best versions of themselves. It was such quality time, getting our creative juices flowing, sharing some uncomfortable parts of ourselves and building sisterhood. I am so proud of the ladies in the room came up with and their courage to share what they usually wouldn't through art and conversation. Cheers to the first of many art workshops with @jewelsofjael

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Ladies, have you bought your tickets?

If not, you should!!! Come and enjoy some time painting, bonding and relaxing.

Follow @jewelsofjael and check the bio for the ticket link
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Last night was a what?! A movie!!! I got to perform on the same stage as one of my poetry idols @floacist
All those night watching her on Def Jam Poetry for inspiration, it was amazing meeting her, such a down- to-earth soul.

It's always amazing being on stage, can't to do it more!!! #poetry #poetrylovers #spokenword #femalepoet #feministpoetry #flovortex #thevortex

News Flash!!! On Thursday 2nd of February, I'm going to be performing at @floacist #flovortex
Make sure you get your tickets:


#poetrylovers #femalepoet #spokenword #poetrycommunity

Proud to announce, my first event, through my social entreprise @jewelsofjael ... "IN CHARGE"

An artistic self-love workshop for women

It's going to be a full day of fun, therapeutic art exercises to de-stress and uplift. There are going to be some art goodies up for grabs, so ladies, book your tickets!!! Click the link in my bio
#artbywomen #artlovers #emotionalhealing #selfworth #selflove #artworkshop #arttherapy #mentalhealth #strongwomen #empowerment #womenempoweringwomen #blackgirlmagic

Blue Skies and Silhouettes

Get your "Galaxy" tote bag on my online store, link in my bio

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Vibrations (painting and poetry by me.) You are light
Illuminating the paths you walk through
Do not let the darkness you've lived through
Creep in and cloud you

You are strength
Lifting the hearts of men with your presence
Do not let the weakness you are living through
Weigh you down and make you wallow in it

Fix your gaze
On the pages that make the Word In it are words of life... Words of light... You are light 
Emitting rays that don't just run through
But reach down to rest...
That resonate
Relieving men of ruthlessness
Readying them for fights that don't require fists

But chests... You teach people to live from their  hearts

You instill hope in the helpless
Helping the heaped heaviness
Heave it's way out of them

You soften the blows of life
You speak words with weight,  Words of life:
Easing the discomfort of wounds and weariness
Weaning them off weak things 
That bring short-lived safety
Safely wearing on them wisdom
That wields wealth in the flesh and spirit.

You are strength
Because your Source is Strength

So fix your gaze
On the pages of His Word
In it are words of life...
Words of light... Your light.

#poetry #emotionalhealing #freedom #blackgirlmagic #instapoetry #artlovers #poetrylovers #iwrite #ipaint

A prophetic art shop is now also available on my website

Get your prophetic art phone cases, tote bags, prints etc

Click the link in my bio

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Home of Oriana Jemide, the Artist

Click the link in my bio to view my work and buy some fun pieces

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Coke Bottle or Courage is now available on my online store.

Get your phone cases, tote bags, prints etc

Click the link in my bio

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I'm taking Valentine's Day orders!

Check out my website orianajemide.com to see my style of work

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That end of year glow...

@jewelsofjael are building a power team of women for 2018 and beyond... We are currently looking for:
- social media assistants
- event planners
- researchers
- photographers/videographers

If any of these roles interest you, send me a message or email: jewelsofjael@gmail.com

#womeninart #femalecreatives #emotionalhealth
#mentalhealth #friendship #community #selflove

The first piece of my project exploring womanhood

Womanhood (1): Who Is She?

Like a second skin
I wear these many names given to me
They shape my identity
Like a standing sitting sleeping sculpture
Still stumbling scrambling to stand firm
I see the bigger picture
But still I slip into many women
Searching for the real me
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is she?
Snow White or sleeping beauty
A fair maiden defined by her beauty
A damsel in distress whose freedom lies in the hands of men

What happened to her standing on her own two feet?
Do her feet only matter fitting into glass slippers?
Trying out for the Clippers?
Does she only make the cut
If she whispers in hushed tones
Or stays silent to preserve egotistical
Tales of torture told as testament to the strength of women

Testimonies usually taste of freedom
So why is her story a song of shackled encounters
With family members whose only worry
is when her seed will bear the fruit of a son
History repeats the tale of one
Who is only a vessel for man
Because to carry a she
Is to bring shame
That is only undone
When her seed bears the fruit of a son

And in the case that her womb is not blessed with seed
She becomes a slave to society
Breaking her back behind a desk
To prove that her intellect makes up
for where God has not shun His light
But what is there to prove?
If she was made from the rib of man
Then to question her value is to question
The value of the one who she was made from
If light is worthless then so is the sun

#womenempowerment #womanhood #feminism #femalepoet #instapoetry

Merry Christmas.

Shoutout to my sometimes personal photographer, my amazing man @namesbliss for capturing my magic ❤


Things to consider as you evalute your friendships: - You need to be the friend that you want. You must love deeply because that is the love we are called to but you must also have boundaries in place.

Questions to ask when trying to implement boundaries: - Are the people you call friends safe people? - Do they create a space for you to be vulnerable without shame or judgement whilst also challenging you to live out your destiny? - Can you FULLY be yourself around them? Sharing the best and worst parts of your life with them - When you are having a meltdown, do you know for a fact that you will leave a conversation with them feel both comforted and charged?

#healthyfriendships #emotionalhealth
#empoweringwomen #selfworth


The blessings keep coming down... Over the next month, in conjunction with @aacddonline and @punchrecords, I will be exhibiting at the Bass Birmingham festival alongside nine fantastic African artists showing work that addresses issues of identity based on heritage. It's a free exhibition, open to the public, so pop down at some point between the 7th of November and 7th of December to have a look!
The link for the event is in my bio!

So I don't do this often, because I find talking about myself narcissitic, which is a lie. Taking on this feature was part of my journey out of false humility. I am learning that my voice is important, be it my views, vision or me just rambling on about nothing. In this article, combining those three things, I really just share the woman behind the art.
Click the link in my bio for the full article!

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