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Tiny Riiick  All i see is death.Everytime i go outside,i look like I've been doing meth


Dont know what this is but it's amazing

Honestly i love this Snapchat filter #selfie

Wtf is wrong with her legs.why is this show still on air.why are we remaking everything.why is she so much bigger #powerpuffgirls

Why would u?it's gonna be a serial killer or a mormon.equally bad

Action figures are dolls.it doesnt matter how grown men wanna call them.they are dolls

Rich people are so weird.they become minimalists and amish.why the fuck?look I'll accept minimalism but amish?fuck no?what's wrong with u?

Someone said that Stephen King wrote the child orgy part in IT because he is a pedo.yeah tots not for shock value.thank god for Carol over there figuring shit out.btw i need to reread IT.i dont remember shit
#detox #noahcyrus

Look i get that u need a build up to the cult but it's been 2epis and nothing has happened.it's the same shit.Sarah freaking over clowns and Trump.this shit is worse than Roanoke.kill me.it's so boring.why??god i hope the cult part will be good #americanhorrorstory

Modelling with bandages #selfie

I still dont know the name of the black cunt in Teen Wolf and it's been 7epis.i just cant bother to care.6B is garbage and i barely pay any attention.btw i dont wanna know her name.she will probably die.she is so stupid and cocky

Jenny from The L Word and the twins from Project Runway are moving cancer

The struggle is real

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