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Rhythm Ride Laguna Beach  Join us for your first ride F R E E 👉🏻 click link B E S T ⚡️S T U D I O ⚡️E V E R Say, Y E S! #RhythmRideStudio 👇🏼

Happy Easter from our family to yours. It is a time to rejoice & be thankful. We thank our Rhythm Ride Community, we would not be us without you! Love Rhythm Ride Studio ♥️ 🐣♥️

Our instructor of the month Julia shares her #1 wellness tip - Celery Juice (it’s more than just a craze) ⚡️ Julia used to get crazy bad migraines, and although she was prescribed medication she didn’t like the way it made her feel (although anything is better than a migraine💥)💊💊💊 📕📗📘Then she read about Celery Juice and decided “hey, might as well try it!”👍🏻👍🏻 🙋🏽‍♀️And guess what, she rarely get migraines anymore! It’s also fabulous for digestion and reduces inflammation.
It’s all about routine: Julia tries to drink it every morning. She experimented by drinking it for 2 weeks straight, then too 2 days off and it was crazy how different she felt! 👅Fun Fact - people think celery juice is bitter, they imagine it tastes a lot like what eating a stalk of celery tastes like... its doesn’t! It’s super neutral tasting. Julia has now found herself craving it more than coffee- She actually rarely drink coffee anymore! ☕️❌ ✅Julia’s Top Tip to Juicing Celery - remove leaves (less bitter and doesn’t clog the juicer) wash thoroughly. ✅Juice. ✅Drink within 30 mins of juicing (Julia usually chugs hers cause you’re supposed to wait 15 mins before eating or drinking) ⭐️CHEERS - ENJOY⭐️ 🥗🌮PLEASE NOTE: Julia juices celery as part of a well balanced diet and not as a juice only detox🍲🍱

🦄 Today is National Unicorn Day 🦄 (it’s really a thing, google says it is)
And there is no better day to let you all know about a very special ride coming up at the end of this month.
On April 28th, we are hosting a charity ride of our girl Rylie Rahall. Rylie is a 9 year old Laguna Beach local girl who has a very rare genetic disease called A-T. You can read about her story in the link ⬆️
We are raising money to help pay for a customized wheelchair for her and modifications that are needed for daily life at home.
Oh it’s gonna be a good one! One you don’t want to miss 🕺🏼Live DJ
🐑 Custom Goldsheep pants
🎟 Raffle of the century
🍊 Juice bar
👜 Goodie Bags

DM us for more info or ways in which you can support this amazing event! 💋

Spring is in the air 🌱🌷
That can only mean one thing our instructor of the month for April is this beautiful, fun, energetic soul @jewelsfrench
When on the bike you can catch Julia doing her favorite drill,
Sprints - this girl is fast! 💯

What’s her favorite quote?
All the opening lines from real housewives 🍊👱🏼‍♀️💄🤛🏻 Not many people know: Julia secretly loves murder shows 🔪🔎🔫
She has completely
booby-trapped her house accordingly so everyone better watch out 🕵🏻‍♀️🕳

💡Think of the possibilities if you just said YES!
And the regret if you didn’t. ❌
So what the heck, JUST GO FOR IT💥

Community FREE Ride Tonight! Book your bike come sweat with the amazing Jill. Do it, you won’t regret it! Also find her subbing for the amazing @jewelsfrench this Saturday 3/30 at 8:30am!

💚I regret taking such good care of myself said no one ever!💚 Here’s our instructor of the month Faye with her @rhythmridestudio wellness tip.

20 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease 😴💉
It plays havoc with your metabolism, energy levels, hormones & inflammation woo hoo!
So I’ve become passionate about finding the cleanest, non toxic products that promote the healthiest version of you. 📝 Here are my 2 tips to for anyone stay healthy holistically:

Tip 1️⃣
🙋🏼‍♀️💦Clean BO Basher💦🙋🏼‍♀️
So we all know spin can whip up a good old sweat, but no one wants the linger smell your sweat sesh. Conventional BO bashers are known for having harsh chemicals and metals. Finding a healthy natural alternative takes trial and stinky error. ☢️
My #1 go to that really works is @hollyskeepingitreal this smooth cream deodorant just has 5 ingredients & smells like a lavender dream 💐 & its made locally 🙌🏻
Tip 2️⃣
🙍🏼‍♀️🌪 Combating stress, anxiety & inflammation🌪🙍🏼‍♀️
Parenting, work, school all can impact stress and anxiety levels. I always considered myself as a calm stressfree person but last year I had several, reoccurring stomach ulcer attacks 🔥
After numerous test it was concluded it was internalized stress.
This is when I found @thelordjones an organic CBD tincture. CBD is safe and non addictive, it’s not psychoactive, which means you won’t get high. It promotes a calm sense of well-being. Its Omega-3 fatty acids, have been shown to promote heart health, support healthy inflammatory response function after strenuous exercise, and help maintain healthy blood pressure. ⭐️ I take one dropper each night before bed and I have to say since introducing this into my routine I have less inflammation, I recover from strenuous exercise quicker & I can report no stomach ulcers!!! 🥳
Both products can we found @rootslagunabeach right here in town.

Is the weekend yet? Calling ALL weekend warriors are you ready!
Ride 3x over the weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) be in with a chance to win some great prizes & classes!
Friday 7am Aspen/8:30am Abbey
Saturday 8:30am Julia/9:30am & 10:30am Steph
Sunday 8:30am Melissa/9:30am Faye/10:30am Abbey
#winnerwinnerchickendinner #weekendwarrior

⏰ Show up💥 Kick Ass 🖤Feel the love 🔃 Then repeat

Life isn’t perfect, but your workout outfit can be! Rhythm Ride Retail has fit the floor! Spin & Shop our 2 favorite S words 💫

How perfect that International Women’s Day is this amazing woman’s birthday! Cheers to you FAYE! Our birthday Queen and instructor of the month.
Ride with her T/TH 6am and Su 9:30aam
Get to know her a little better: •

3 Adjectives that describe me:
1. Warm
2. Genuine
3. Loves to laugh

Dream Destination: a British pub, good food, friends & music or my bed, I love love love my bed!
Favorite Quote:
Fitness: when you think about stopping remember why you started.
Life: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken Oscar Wilde

Top 3 songs to spin to: Wow there is so many to choose from!! Top of my head..
1. Best Friend - Sofia Tukker
2. Shot me down - David Guetta & Skyler Grey
3. Are you with me - Lost Frequencies
Fav move: push up and tap back
Fun fact: my first job being Alice in Wonderland at a theme park in the UK

Super power: Time Mutilation, I’m late I’m late for a very important date!

Remember why you started, look how far you have come and keep going! We are doing this together #monthlymantra

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