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Rhys Uhlich  Connection ➕Heart and Truth....a dad and a creative........... 🌅🌊🌴Phillip Island/Canggu/Venice beach 🌴🌊🌅 @tevitaclothing

8 years ago, as a 26 year old boy you came into my life...... I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, convinced that my dreams would never be realized and that this wasn’t how i planned life.... selfish I know, but it’s the truth of it all.... it’s funny that, as the parent who was outwardly least prepared for it all, it seems indah was sent for me.. they say what you think will hold you back in life usually ends up being your greatest strength and God damn it’s true..... not only do people say we look alike (sorry indah), but her she mirrors me in almost every way..... she challenges me daily with her worries, her reluctance “to be seen” in all her truth...but this only challenges me because it is me....her compassion, sensitivity and inner strength is beyond the human realm and connects me to a fire and divinity that can only be from a higher power..... 8 years later, Its funny that the little girl who I thought was signaling an end to my seemingly selfish dream is the main reason I’m here, as a 34 year old, chasing the impossible. Its because of her that I feel the need to face my fears and explore my highest purpose, my truest expression, because it’s the only way I know how to be her father.... her teacher..... because in truth she has always been mine..... happy birthday to my soul partner, sent from the angels.... what a journey we are on. I love you.... and you make me love me.

Sometimes..... (for 💵), I actually 🚿 my mop.

Really can’t ask for much more... ❤️

Was super nice to take a road trip with the @w_brisbane crew while I was home. Love what @whotels are creating and can’t wait to stay there next time I’m in oz. #wroadtrip #wbrisbane

Has been super nice to be back on island time for a while, equally nice to have less of the gram and more of the fam. Back to #cali soon, and ready for the next chapter. ❤️

I’ve left Indah in charge of teaching mahli to write while I’m away.... so far so good 💩. Being away for Easter sucks. Can’t wait to see my beautiful family soon.

Every day is international women’s day at our household.... how bloody lucky am I ❤️❤️❤️ #mahli #indah #clarence #missthem

6 months since I migrated over here and made Venice beach my home. While I know that I won’t be here forever, I’m just so grateful for this place, which has (in its own crazy way), held me since day 1. All the lunatics who scared the fuck out of me initially, now ground me with appreciation as I stroll down #WashingtonBlvd for my morning surf. The never ending energy of this place makes me feel like I’m never alone, even if that’s kinda what I am right now. The ocean for serving up daily (albeit often tiny) swells for me to unwind and express on. I fucking love this place, a melting pot of human connection and I’ll always be thankful for it providing me a home away from home....................... @tevitaclothing 👚

it's fair to say I grew up an atheist. Now I'm not professing to be "born again" into any religion, but what my soul can't deny is the connection to something far greater than us all, a power and love so infinite, so inherent, so transcental, it flows through us all. It just asks that we surrender to it, for true happiness awaits. Whatever you want to label it, be, the universe, god, Allah or source... for me it the same thing (just without the fear based boundaries some religions seem to place on it) .... I think connection and evolution with that "greater" thing, is the only reason we are here.

I am truly honoured to have been asked to co-host the @greatnessfoundation Bali Retreat with the inspiring @mikesherbakov this April. A time for conscious and empowering conversation, to access the heart and be of service to the beautiful Balinese community. Infuse yoga, kirtan, surfing and cultural exploration and I'm officially in heaven. With the help of two amazing women @indigirl2010 And @jennyscholl , it's going to be a beautiful event. There is still time to sign up, so to register your interest head to the link in my bio. 📸 @byronmichael

With Highs in life there must be lows, for this world exists in polarities. We can't have one without the other. For me, coming back to Hollywood, after the euphoria I felt this last week exploring Joshua Tree it all seemed a distant memory.... I found myself questioning what i felt and shame for expressing it openly. Is it possible to bring that incredible presence and connection adventure allows to our everyday life and avoid the down times ? For years I've beat myself up for getting down, seen it as a weakness, that I'll never succeed feeling that way... But today for a change, I embraced it. For really it's JUST a feeling and feelings do pass. To be feeling at all, really is a Beautiful thing.. Go into the feeling with your presence, acknowledge it, don't find comfort or a permanent home in it with your head. It seems that, the sooner we embrace and acknowledge how we feel, the sooner we find beauty in it, find connection with the world again, and we are back in our hearts ❤️

My mirror, my soul, my teacher, my wife.... on this Day 3 years ago we were married. 10 years before that we met. On a journey together, aligned always, whether we acknowledged it or not... early on through , through shame, through hope, through love and through pain.... yet aligned. I'm thankful now, for every single thing we have been through, good or bad, right or wrong. It's all perfect, because it just is.... Now we are here, still aligned on a new journey of discovery, leadership, truth and heart..... With two beautiful souls along for the ride, here's to whatever the future may bring and celebrating in the uncertainty of what that may be..... @indigirl2010

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