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Dorit Kemsley’s Vanderpump dog bite story line erupts during filming!!

Amid filming on the upcoming ninth season of #RHOBH, reports stated that Dorit had taken her Chihuahua mix that she obtained from Lisa Vanderpump to a shelter after the animal bit her two-year-old daughter, Phoenix.

Dorit adopted a dog from the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. She loves animals and has always been a huge supporter of Lisa’s rescue efforts. Everything was great for a while, the kids (son Jagger, 4, and daughter Phoenix, 2) loved the dog and everything was fine,” Then Phoenix suffered a “bad bite” from the animal and Dorit and “PK” Kemsley, were forced to get rid of their new pet.

However, after Dorit took her dog to its new home, the owner reportedly decided to ditch the animal and dropped it off to a shelter, where a microchip determined it belonged to Lisa’s rescue center.

Dorit was ultimately informed by Lisa during filming that the dog had been taken to a local shelter. It appears Dorit now feels ‘betrayed’ that this was brought up during filming by Lisa.

Lisa caught Dorit completely off guard by bringing it up, a source said. Lisa did eventually acknowledge that she believes Dorit had the best of intentions. But right now, Dorit is unconvinced of the same with Lisa.

“Dorit did not give [the dog] to a shelter,” Lisa told TMZ. “I’m going to set the record straight with that. That’s not true at all. She gave it to somebody who really wanted the dog who assured her it was going to a loving home and that’s what Dorit thought. She would not drop the dog off at a shelter.“

Although TMZ questioned Lisa about whether or not Dorit had truly contacted her before she gave the dog away, Lisa wouldn’t confirm either way.

What are your thoughts? Are we headed into a Doggy Dilemma storyline? Let’s hear what you have to say! —

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PK Owes Huge Gambling Debt!!

Unfortunately for PK Kemsley, what happens in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. The husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Dorit Kemsley isn’t just pals with Boy George or enamored by ridiculous phony accents. He’s also in a tad bit of debt thanks to racking up a hefty gambling tab at The Bellagio hotel. —

Instead of throwing lavish birthday parties for his wife or purchasing pink luxury cars she’s unable to back down the driveway, Peeee Kaaayyyay should probably be looking into procuring some outside income in addition to that Bravo check. The Bellagio can now come after the huge sum he owes to the casino. —

According to The Blast, PK’s debt dated back several years. The Bellagio sued PK in 2013 for allegedly dodging repayment of the huge sum. The site reports that PK made a few installment payments in the amount of $875,000 before filing for bankruptcy in the United Kingdom. —

To recap, when the casino learned of PK’s legal issues, it asserted the UK’s order wasn’t valid because The Bellagio was never alerted of the filing. With the push back, PK made more payments totaling $575,000, but with the interest, his tab remained in excess of $2 million. —

The parties reached a settlement in which PK promised to pay the debt through July 2018, but the casino claims the reality star still owes after he stopped making payments in May. —

Now, weeks after petitioning the court, The Bellagio has received a judgement against PK. A judge has ruled to allow the casino to seek garnishment of his wages and seize assets to extinguish the debt. Here’s hoping Dorit starts churning out a lot more swimsuits! —

OMG!!! Are you surprised?? What are your thoughts? Will this be a story line in the coming season? —

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“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gina Kirschenheiter is gearing up to battle her estranged husband in divorce court, as new documents reveal he plans to fight her over custody of their three children.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Matthew Kirschenheiter is seeking joint physical custody of Luca, 3, Sienna, 4, and Nicholas, 6.

When Gina filed her divorce documents back in April, she sought primary physical custody of the kids. They both agree that legal custody of the kids should be split between them.

The sides also disagreed over the date of separation: she listed March 3, 2018, while Matthew listed April 3, 2018.

The Kirschenheiters are in agreement about spousal support … as in they both think he should have to pay up. But Matthew wants to make sure he keeps all assets he owned before the marriage, including his clothing, jewelry, and personal effects. He also wants to keep his post-separation earnings.
Gina is the newest “RHOC” cast member, having joined the show in season 13.

What are your thoughts? —

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Surprise! Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers got married just two days after PEOPLE exclusively announced their engagement.

The whirlwind wedding took place Saturday in Malibu, with the bride and groom’s closest family and friends in attendance.
Next season, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will include footage of the wedding, some of which Bravo released Saturday.

“Hi, I’m Denise Richards, and yep, the rumors are true: This is my husband Aaron, and we just got married,” said the actress, 47, who joined RHOBH for the show’s upcoming ninth season.

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Sometimes brides have months to secure their perfect wedding dress, but Denise Richards only had 24 hours!

Just two days after PEOPLE exclusively announced that Richards and Aaron Phypers were engaged, the pair tied the knot on Saturday during an intimate ceremony in Malibu.

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💔Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis Says Former Business Partner Jenni Pulos Allegedly Filed an Abuse Claim Against Him💔

“It is true. So Jenni and I did have a fight, which then resulted in a rift,” Lewis, 48, revealed during the Friday, September 7, episode of Jeff Lewis Live. “Now we’ve been very good friends and pretty much brother and sister, I would say, for like 15-16 years. So look, we’ve been through a lot together, and we’ve had fights before, and you know, this fight was very much like, you know, it maybe [got] a little more heated, but it was like the other fights. And it was really kind of silly and it was … I had offered some unsolicited career advice. That’s where it started escalating.”

“So we realized there are about three people in my office that really don’t wanna be there. That really shouldn’t be there. That have other objectives. … And other career goals,” he continued. “And I was actually very surprised to hear that Jenni was one of them and she said that she had given up her acting career to work for me, and that really hurt my feelings, because I felt like I have done nothing but accommodate her for her auditions and meetings and all of that.”

After accusing the network of losing control of Pulos, Lewis joked about being out of work. On a more serious note, he added: “She’s no longer on the show, so I would be surprised if they picked it up.”

Us Weekly confirmed on Thursday, September 6, that the reality stars, who are executive producers of Flipping Out, were no longer business partners. Pulos acted as Lewis’ executive assistant on the Bravo series, which premiered in 2007, though the two were friends for years before.

As of the time of this post, it has been proven that no abuse claim was filed.

Flipping Out returns to Bravo on Tuesday, September 11, at 10 p.m. ET.

What are your thoughts? —
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Looks like Shannon Beador’s daughters aren’t feeling the love with David’s mid-life crisis, Lesley Cook. These pictures were taken outside of Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport Beach. Seems as if Lesley was more impressed with who sat behind them during the meal🤳🏼These girls don’t look the least bit interested in their future ex-step mother. —

What are your thoughts? Does it look like David is rushing the relationship with his girlfriend too soon? —

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The faces of Bethenny and the perils of Carol. Can we think of any other labels?

Oh dear. Who’s gaslighting here? What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode? —

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna made the decision to switch back to her original lip look after some time.

Rinna had permanent silicone filler injected into her top lip (not the bottom), which she initially loved, but eventually had reduced after facing criticism for her appearance. —
In total, she had four injections. “In the beginning, it was great,” she recalled. But after about 10 years, the silicone started seeping throughout her lip and creating scar tissue that was “hard and bumpy, like peas.” She later tried cortisone shots to reduce the swelling, but instead “it made them look worse,” Rinna said.

Although Rinna had long been told her mouth was beyond repair, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Garth Fisher shocked her with the news that he could reconstruct her upper lip by removing some of the damaged tissue and reshaping what was left. “I was dumbfounded,” Rinna said at the time. “Then I started to get really excited.”

And just two months after her lip reduction surgery, Rinna and her husband Harry Hamlin loved her more natural look. “You can see my teeth when I smile now, which you couldn’t do for a while. I’ve been smiling these big smiles!” she said. And though Fisher says it will take up to six months for all the swelling to disappear, Rinna says there’s already “a huge difference. My lip is back to being smooth!”

Stay tuned to watch Lisa’s new look on the upcoming season on #RHOBH ! —
Share your thoughts here! —
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David Beador can’t seem to take responsibility for his divorce and ruined family. —
David Beador recently revealed that he felt bad for his kids to relive divorce on the RHOC. David Beador has distanced himself from the #RHOC show because Shannon continued to film the show. David isn’t happy about the way that he is being portrayed on the show, as he knows that Shannon is sharing her honest and true feelings about their divorce. Beador claimed that David had moved on from her within a few months, and she was truly heartbroken.

It didn’t help that @TamraJudge told Shannon that David Beador had started dating the other woman while they were still married, talking on Instagram. But David claims that he wants to move on from Shannon, as he has asked her to stop using the Beador last name. She claims she has earned the name and has no plans of dropping the name.

However, fans are coming to Shannon’s defense, revealing that he has treated her horribly. Asking for the name change so Shannon didn’t use Beador was no small thing. He seems to forget that he cheated on her, he ruined the family, and he was lucky to even be given a shot to save the marriage. While he’s slamming Shannon, fans want David to know that everything is his fault.

David’s chubby, Polish girlfriend Lesley has posted some interesting accusations on her IG this evening. Who is she referring to? See screen shots. Looks like she can’t step away from the cast of RHOC even if David states he is trying to. —

What do you think of David Beador slamming Shannon for talking about the divorce on television, when it’s all his fault for cheating on her? What do you think about Lesley continuing to post her “poor me, I’m the victim” persona on social media? Maybe she should shut up and stop posting her feelings online. Besides, who the f cares about her anyway? She chose to take up with a married man who’s old enough to be her father. Have you noticed how old David is looking? Maybe he needs her to care for him as he heads into old age? The tattoo hearts on the birdie fingers are too much!! —

Share your thoughts!! We want to know. —

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Bethenny Frankel’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Dennis Shields, was found dead by emergency responders at Trump Tower on Friday, per The New York Post. Shields, 51, a banker and businessman, reportedly died of a prescription pill overdose.

Per The Post, Shields asked his assistant to administer Narcan, which is used to reverse an opioid overdose, around 9 a.m. Friday, but he lost consciousness before the medication kicked in. Emergency personnel responded to a call at that time.

Since 2016, the Real Housewives of New York star and Shields have had a complicated relationship. As the Daily Mail noted earlier this year, the two were friends for 28 years; Shields was initially married to one of Frankel’s high school friends. They began dating in 2016 and. broke up in May of 2017, but by August of last year she and Shields were reportedly back together. She then told Us Weekly in February, “My single life is just that: utterly single.

@bethennyfrankel has not yet released a statement. She was seen on a recent episode of #RHONY speaking with Dennis as it appeared she had maintained a close connection with him. We are very sad to hear this news. —

Do you have any thoughts to share? —
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