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Looks like we are going to get some dirt at the reunion! Do you think @rhoc_kellyddodd uses cocaine? Is @shannonbeador an alcoholic? @tamrajudge is not speaking to Shannon? —
What are your thoughts? Sound in here! —
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Prayers for Malibu as we expect the winds to pick up again today and so many homes are already lost. 🙏🏼

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This just up. I’m not sure what to think. I do listen to her podcast @HouseofKim on my drives to and from the beach. I guess I enjoy listening to the stories about her kids. This week, she had a show all about Brielle getting black out wasted and making an asshole out of herself including Kroy getting woken up by the cops entering their home unannounced. Listening to them explain how Brielle was throwing up in Kim’s brand new Range Rover and how pissed off Kim was about her car and not Brielle’s behavior is moderately entertaining in a shocking “she didn’t just say that?!” sort of way. —
You would think Kroy would come to his senses and try to stop Kim from wrecking her face. But they don’t talk about that on her show. Kroy does attempt to tell Kim that he loved her boobs before she recently went under the knife to get a breast reduction. They have the plastic surgeon come on and give every detail of the procedure and plug his practice. Kroy tells us that he can’t wait to play with her titties. She says not yet. They need to settle first. Poor guy. —
The part of the show that I have to turn off is during their “positivity segment”. Kim reads from a written story about how your mindset has the power to change your life. It’s super boring. I catch myself drifting off while driving and have to turn it off. —
They are definitely a train wreck kind of family. Hence, why I can’t help myself. Would you take this family seriously? Tell us what your thoughts are. —

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Who watched last night’s episode of #RHOC🍊 ?? Here’s a recap! 🙌🏼🤣

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An immigration court’s ruling on Wednesday to deport Joe Giudice to his native Italy after his prison sentence took wife Teresa Giudice by surprise.

A source close to the Real Housewives of New Jersey star tells PEOPLE that Teresa, 46, “never imaged Joe would really get deported.”

— “This is going to break her,” the insider says. “She always knew that this was a possibility, but she put it out of her head. That’s the only way she could go on living day to day.”

PEOPLE confirmed Joe’s deportation on Wednesday through a spokesperson at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review. They say Joe will have 30 days to appeal the decision.

Joe is currently serving out a 41-month prison sentence for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud that began in March 2016. He is set to be released in 2019. Teresa served a little over 11 months in prison herself for the same crimes and was released on Dec. 23, 2015.

What are your thoughts? Are you surprised? Do you think this decision will be overturned? —
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Dorit Kemsley’s Vanderpump dog bite story line erupts during filming!!

Amid filming on the upcoming ninth season of #RHOBH, reports stated that Dorit had taken her Chihuahua mix that she obtained from Lisa Vanderpump to a shelter after the animal bit her two-year-old daughter, Phoenix.

Dorit adopted a dog from the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. She loves animals and has always been a huge supporter of Lisa’s rescue efforts. Everything was great for a while, the kids (son Jagger, 4, and daughter Phoenix, 2) loved the dog and everything was fine,” Then Phoenix suffered a “bad bite” from the animal and Dorit and “PK” Kemsley, were forced to get rid of their new pet.

However, after Dorit took her dog to its new home, the owner reportedly decided to ditch the animal and dropped it off to a shelter, where a microchip determined it belonged to Lisa’s rescue center.

Dorit was ultimately informed by Lisa during filming that the dog had been taken to a local shelter. It appears Dorit now feels ‘betrayed’ that this was brought up during filming by Lisa.

Lisa caught Dorit completely off guard by bringing it up, a source said. Lisa did eventually acknowledge that she believes Dorit had the best of intentions. But right now, Dorit is unconvinced of the same with Lisa.

“Dorit did not give [the dog] to a shelter,” Lisa told TMZ. “I’m going to set the record straight with that. That’s not true at all. She gave it to somebody who really wanted the dog who assured her it was going to a loving home and that’s what Dorit thought. She would not drop the dog off at a shelter.“

Although TMZ questioned Lisa about whether or not Dorit had truly contacted her before she gave the dog away, Lisa wouldn’t confirm either way.

What are your thoughts? Are we headed into a Doggy Dilemma storyline? Let’s hear what you have to say! —

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PK Owes Huge Gambling Debt!!

Unfortunately for PK Kemsley, what happens in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. The husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Dorit Kemsley isn’t just pals with Boy George or enamored by ridiculous phony accents. He’s also in a tad bit of debt thanks to racking up a hefty gambling tab at The Bellagio hotel. —

Instead of throwing lavish birthday parties for his wife or purchasing pink luxury cars she’s unable to back down the driveway, Peeee Kaaayyyay should probably be looking into procuring some outside income in addition to that Bravo check. The Bellagio can now come after the huge sum he owes to the casino. —

According to The Blast, PK’s debt dated back several years. The Bellagio sued PK in 2013 for allegedly dodging repayment of the huge sum. The site reports that PK made a few installment payments in the amount of $875,000 before filing for bankruptcy in the United Kingdom. —

To recap, when the casino learned of PK’s legal issues, it asserted the UK’s order wasn’t valid because The Bellagio was never alerted of the filing. With the push back, PK made more payments totaling $575,000, but with the interest, his tab remained in excess of $2 million. —

The parties reached a settlement in which PK promised to pay the debt through July 2018, but the casino claims the reality star still owes after he stopped making payments in May. —

Now, weeks after petitioning the court, The Bellagio has received a judgement against PK. A judge has ruled to allow the casino to seek garnishment of his wages and seize assets to extinguish the debt. Here’s hoping Dorit starts churning out a lot more swimsuits! —

OMG!!! Are you surprised?? What are your thoughts? Will this be a story line in the coming season? —

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“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gina Kirschenheiter is gearing up to battle her estranged husband in divorce court, as new documents reveal he plans to fight her over custody of their three children.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Matthew Kirschenheiter is seeking joint physical custody of Luca, 3, Sienna, 4, and Nicholas, 6.

When Gina filed her divorce documents back in April, she sought primary physical custody of the kids. They both agree that legal custody of the kids should be split between them.

The sides also disagreed over the date of separation: she listed March 3, 2018, while Matthew listed April 3, 2018.

The Kirschenheiters are in agreement about spousal support … as in they both think he should have to pay up. But Matthew wants to make sure he keeps all assets he owned before the marriage, including his clothing, jewelry, and personal effects. He also wants to keep his post-separation earnings.
Gina is the newest “RHOC” cast member, having joined the show in season 13.

What are your thoughts? —

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Surprise! Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers got married just two days after PEOPLE exclusively announced their engagement.

The whirlwind wedding took place Saturday in Malibu, with the bride and groom’s closest family and friends in attendance.
Next season, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will include footage of the wedding, some of which Bravo released Saturday.

“Hi, I’m Denise Richards, and yep, the rumors are true: This is my husband Aaron, and we just got married,” said the actress, 47, who joined RHOBH for the show’s upcoming ninth season.

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Sometimes brides have months to secure their perfect wedding dress, but Denise Richards only had 24 hours!

Just two days after PEOPLE exclusively announced that Richards and Aaron Phypers were engaged, the pair tied the knot on Saturday during an intimate ceremony in Malibu.

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