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Oh the Horror †  «There's so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in all the city lights»

It's 5.40am here and I've been up all night watching pointless YouTube videos.
Wow, I guess my depression hit a new peak today, I'm impressed. [Credits: @wheresbryce ]

Today I had the first part of my exams (for my Italian followers: maturità di merda) and it went fucking fantastic.
I wrote an essay on loneliness and I'm so proud of it

So yeah, Ricky viewed my story on my personal and I'm freaking out.
Also, he's dropping his first book in September, so make sure you grab it!

In September I'm going to a Thirty Second to Mars concert and a couple of day ago I found out that Mike Shinoda will be opening for them, I'm crying 😭

Ricky's me whenever I see a book.

Do you guys like to read? What are your favourite genres/books?

Ricky looks so fluffy in this pic

I was going to made a post about me being upset because tomorrow will be my last day of high school ever, but look at those smiles.
How can someone still be upset after this?

I know that nobody really cares, but I need to spill everything that's going on in my head in someway and I thought "why not?"
So yeah, just skip if you're not interested (which you're probably not). For the past three/four months I haven't been myself. My sleep schedule is fucked up, my eating schedule is fucked up, I'm fucked up.
I relapsed into some really bad habits and I can't seem to get out of them, maybe because I don't really want to.
I'm feeling paranoid all the time, the slightest thing is enough to set me off.
I've tried to focus all of my energy on school work, in hope to keep my mind busy, but it's not working.
I'm just so tired of living in my head, you know?
There are all of this bad things and they're constantly screaming at me and I'm so done with this shit.
I'm just deeply tired of being this overwhelmed by everything.
I'm tired.

Hey guys! I'd really appreciate if you'd take a look at my newest wattpad story.
It's a Kellic and it's called "Free Now" by lisahxrrxr (you can find it in my highlights).
It has only got one chapter till now, but I'm planning on update very soon! [Credit @wheresbryce ]

Today is mine and @hereiskells ' anniversary and I just wanted to share once again how much I love her and how much I'm grateful that she's in my life.
Happy second anniversary babycake, I love you like Chris loved his chicken wings ♡

Have you guys seen the voices bts?
Honestly I hoped it was something more like the Angel Eyes bts (from New Years Day) or one of those from Pierce the Veil...
Whatever, I liked it anyway! I loved Chris saying "That's a wrap" at the end :')

I'll probably just keep on spamming screenshots from the new music video because I truly love every second of it, sorry not sorry.

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