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Challenge for today: BE GRATEFUL NO MATTER WHAT. An attitude of gratitude changes everything. #truth #sharegoodness #RhonnaDesigns

My heart is exploding from Wednesday night’s @multiplygoodness LIVE Bible Study! I loved every minute of Gathering like-minded, Jesus-loving women to share, discuss & worship! Thx to @sweettoothfairy for making this even sweeter! @shedrawsnear made a comment I LOVED: “Build a longer table, not a higher fence.” THAT is what that night was all about. We studied The Parable of the Feast from Luke 14:12-24. @emilybellefreeman & @misty.maki taught us to look deeply into this parable. Emily asked us what was being served at this feast- healing. The Host (Jesus) was inviting all to come to His table & feast on what He prepared for them. But the ones that were too busy & didn’t have their priorities straight- denied His invitation. Misty taught us it was the misfits, the broken, the left-out that accepted the incredible invitation to feast with the Host. ❤️then we broke out in small groups & answered the 7 questions on our study guide. We talked about who we identified with: the servant who was sent by the Host to gather? The people who received the first invitation & were too busy & denied Him? Or the poor, the maimed, the halt & the blind? Our table agreed- we have all identified with each group. In the end of the parable- there were only broken people at the table. And there was more room. There’s always room! This is how Jesus loves- He makes room for me. For you. and why He is always extending His invitation to fill our empty holes, to heal our wounds & to love us even in our brokenness. Especially in our brokenness. •

We will be doing this again on July 11. The theme is still COME AS YOU ARE, & this time we will be studying another aspect of “coming to the table.”

Excited to meet up with you guys tonight for our @multiplygoodness bible study! I’ve had a LOT of questions- from WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? To IM SCARED TO COME TO THE MEETING. One word: LOVE. I’ve learned that as I let LOVE be the motive for coming together as Christian women & study the Bible, one thing happens: LOVE GROWS! My bible study sisters have become some of my sweetest friendships. Imagine; coming together in a small group- all who love Jesus- to study His Word, share our hearts & form a sisterhood that is based & founded on Love for one another & Love for Jesus. THAT is what you’ll get when you join us tonight. Hope to see you there! TAG someone to join you or just come alone- BC we will all be there & all are welcome: COME AS YOU ARE! (P. S. to get an idea of what we’ll be discussing, go to our FB group to see our study guide!)

COME AS YOU ARE. Doesn’t that invitation just feel sooooo welcoming? We mean it- we want YOU to join us for our live Bible Study Summer Series that kicks off tomorrow night! We will start the evening with a live Christian worship band (we will have the words printed out so everyone can sing together) and then @emilybellefreeman & @misty.maki will both teach for 20 min & introduce the theme which is: COME AS YOU ARE: Bring all to the table. (Luke 14:12-24)
We will then break into small groups and have a study lead by our @multiplygoodness group. •

You can download the study guide on @multiplygoodness Facebook page. & we will also have some printed out. •Venmo $5 to multiplygoodness (emily freeman) just to cover costs. & STUDENT DISCOUNT is $2
Treats by @sweettoothfairy & we will have a delicious evening digging into the Word of God together as Christian women!
•7-9pm at the Day Barn at Draper Park- 1166 Pioneer Road.

I’ve been off social media but wanted to share THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT we are hosting our LIVE Bible Study! Swipe left to see the info! And if you’ve got questions @multiplygoodness can answer! See you there!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart @cheriemask for capturing the BEST. DAY. EVER! Soaking in all of @talifarrer ‘s sunshine. Thx for all who have showed up for her. Love you all! #sisterfarrerorfairsister

She. Is. Home. Peace - let me tel you! But- It may have been THE most torturous wait with a 2 1/2 delay- she was met with cheers, hugs, loves & I may have sobbed my eyes out seeing our daughters hug for the first time in 3 years. Best. Day. Ever. #sisterfarrerorfairsister #sisterfarreriscalledtoserve #sisterfarrerisnowhome

What is the fire in your belly? What helps uplift & inspire you? Something that will light the fire in you, light the passion in you and that you will wake up everyday knowing: this is my vision?
When you know who you are and what your mission on this earth is, it changes your life. Everything changes:
all of the opportunities,
all of the questions,
all of the answers,
all of the daily schedules. Everything changes when you have a vision of what you are to do.
Remember last year when I introduced my #DesignYourLifeSeries? Little did I know that the series would launch me into something that I had never even dreamed! It would literally change my life. (Turns out, it works! 😊) All of my opportunities changed,
all of my questions changed,
all of my answers changed,
all of my daily schedules changed.
I’ve got something that lights the fire in me, lights the passion in me and i wake up everyday knowing: this is my vision! Everyday I wake up excited to see what’s next! VISION!!! You gotta get it! #designyourlifewithRhonnaDesigns ##DesignYourLifeWorkbook

Ready for some fun Creative Yoga? Try this free coloring page as a download on my site. Tap the link in my profile, sign in or sign up & download & print! •Coloring pages help stimulate your creative muscle in a way that is not too cerebral and it really does focus your energy and your thinking in a way that trains your brain to relax while you are creating…. It’s like creative yoga & kicks your creativity up a notch! Print out a bunch for your summer fun! Tag & share your creations!
#designyourlifewithRhonnaDesigns #100creativityexercises

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