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We are.... yes. We are women who show the tranquility of a faith-filled woman! And you better believe that during our journey to BECOME who we were born to be- we will be tested & tried and that's how we learn. I'm amazed at the way the Lord works. When I felt this brewing of something happening- life changing stuff- and knelt to ask what the Lord wanted me to do to help women feel His love, I thought this Instagram account was what I needed to do. So I did it! Not knowing why, but trusting in the Lord. Well/ He got my attention in other ways that there was more. And as I've gone forward asking "is there more?" I'm humbled as we (family history missionaries) are working on something I think you are going to LOVE and little did I know that THAT project would lead me to something else- oh you guys. God is good. So so good. But sometimes we have to do really scary things as we move forward with faith in Christ. As Pres. Nelson said, "God has always asked His covenant children to do difficult things...Abrahamic tests did not stop with Abraham."--- we can do this! Love you all!

I'm sharing quotes and scriptures that have helped me to learn more about this principle. I invite you to pray to have your mind & heart opened to what it means in YOUR life to become a woman who shows the tranquility of a faith-filled woman.
In this ever-darkening world HOW can we feel peace & tranquility? Is it even possible?
Are you worried about these last days?
Are world & community issues too heavy for your heart or
are you feeling fear?
NO NEED when we have faith in JESUS Christ! With Him it IS possible to not fear! In fact it IS possible to feel PEACE & TRANQUILITY in these darkening days because HE IS OUR LIGHT!
I keep feeling this in the study of this principle. I feel so much truth in it: Christ is all powerful.
I am a worrier. I was overcome with worry & fear when I thought of my kids growing up in these days. But I'm learning that when I have complete, 100% faith in Jesus Christ, He is my Prince of Peace & I feel & see HOPE in these days! I'm actually EXCITED to live in these last days because I KNOW in Christ we have peace & power! ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
As women we CAN feel this & show it! We have no need to fear! Let's study scriptures & words to uplift and inspire; excerpts from talks, quotes- that can build our faith in Christ so that WE ARE WOMEN WHO SHOW THE TRANQUILITY OF A FAITH-FILLED WOMAN. 💡To learn more about this study group- go back a few posts to read. ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
'Faith in Jesus Christ propels us to do things we otherwise would not do. Faith that motivates us to action gives us more access to His power." [Russell M. Nelson "Drawing The Power Of Jesus Christ In Our Lives," LDS General Conference, April 2017] 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡
Key words that I'm pondering; "Propels us to do things we otherwise would not do." & "Action gives us more access to His power." As women who show that we are feeling the tranquility & peace IN CHRIST, we can help our families & friends along the way to peace! No matter WHAT is happening around us.
I'd love to hear what you are learning- feel free to share!

"It is time for us to wake up to the potential magnitude of our full influence as latter-day women of God and to arise and do what we were sent here to do"-Sheri Dew
So, who is with me? Let's study scriptures & excerpts from addresses/speeches that will help us come together, rise up to our full potential and walk arm in arm as we prepare hearts and minds for our Savior's second coming. ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
I've adapted (inspired by @melanieburk @lizzy.jensen ) the pleas from Russell M. Nelson's "A Plea To My Sisters" and added them to a printable that we can all look at everyday! Also, a "how to get involved"- 1️⃣I will post the principle we will study & add scriptures & excerpts I am studying. Keep in mind: We Are Women Who... as we study together.
2️⃣Ponder the principle. Pondering looks different for everyone. I have learned that for me I must pray, search, ask & write!
3️⃣share feelings, thoughts, insights & inspiration.
4️⃣Act in the inspiration to do good. ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
Tap the link in my profile to grab the downloads. Sign in on my site or sign up- free!
Then, load onto your computer or device & print out.
Tag those you think will want to join in and IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!

It's time. I'm feeling SUCH a call to action! It's time to link arm in arm & work TOGETHER at becoming the kind of women #PresNelson called for in "A Plea To My Sisters"-look at a couple of posts back where I shared my LIGHT BULB moment when my dear friends @melanieburk & @lizzy.jensen helped me internalize the call to action in a very personal way. Now- I'm feeling this call to action.
WE ARE WOMEN WHO... You guys! let's do this together!
All like-minded, faith-filled women who want to bring more LIGHT into the world! Ready? Tag a friend or 2 to join in--- I will be sharing what I've been feeling lately with some downloads & such!

My recent spiritual journey has kicked into turbo. You know those times when you just feel like your mind and spirit are expanding & you FEEL the personal revelation that you are meant to receive- in large doses?
I've been fasting & praying for some help in my calling as a #globalsocialmediamissionary for @FamilySearch and in some other very profound projects I've been involved in. You guys- I know there are specific blessings that can ONLY come through fasting. I know faith in Jesus Christ brings POWER INTO OUR LIVES & I've been devouring Pres. Nelson's recent talk/ Drawing on the power of Jesus Christ. He gives us 4 keys to doing this-
➡️1- Learn & get to know Christ on an intimate level. ➡️2- Keep our covenants with more precision- MORE exactness. ➡️3- Stand up, speak out & witness of Christ. ➡️4- Reach to Him as a drowning person gasps for air- now THAT is something to ponder! ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
So with these 4 principles- I have still been coming back to "I am a woman who..." every single day.
I'd like to start something new- a daily focus/study, experience in pondering these principles. Anyone want to join in? ➡️P. S. I designed 6 missionary coloring page Printables for #FamilySearch's Missionary Heritage campaign for this month. You can run on over & download all for freeeee! (& you can watch our video on the "stories" section, too! I loooove #familyhiSTORY & feel it's power in my spiritual journey!)

"None of us are entitled to revelation without effort on our part. Answers from God don't just magically appear. If we want to grow spiritually, the Lord expects us to ask questions and seek answers. "If thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge...." He promised.
How much clearer can it be? The Lord loves inspired questions asked in faith because they lead to knowledge, to revelation, and to greater faith. "- Sheri Dew

I loove this faithful, light filled woman! I've studied her talk- "Will You Engage In The Wrestle?" OVER & OVER. It's become a staple in my pondering lately. (And now it's s book w/ a little more "meat"--- just got it as per my friend @melanieburk's recommendation 😉❤️) Sheri Dew has taught me so much. I love the way she speaks & writes! It just resonates truth to my soul!
How can we expect to have the peace, answers & direction we need if we don't work hard at it!
Spiritual growth takes WORK! We have GOT to pay the price & study God's Word every single day!
Daily practices build & add up over time. I'm learning that I MUST put that work in every day & as I'm growing older, I'm LOVING the rewards I'm reaping. I'm constantly changing things up as The Spirit directs-
What are some of your daily practices you are doing as you put in the effort of building your spirit? Join me in studying her talk- link to listen, watch or read is in my profile.

Without sounding dramatic, in Oct. 2015, my life changed when I heard Russell M. Nelson speak to women in a stirring talk called: A Plea To My Sisters. Seriously-
Since then I have studied, read, listened to, pondered & prayed over this talk countless times. (Again, no drama- but I'm serious--- countless times)
One thing I learned from 2 dear friends @melanieBurk & @lizzy.jensen is to read all of his pleas as affirmations that I AM.
So when he called out to say: "WE NEED WOMEN WHO..." I personalize it & read: "I AM A WOMAN WHO..."
Personalizing such an inspired talk has brought clarity, peace & excitement into my life as I am trying to call on the grace of Christ to enable me & transform me into this kind of woman. I've got a list of I AM's that I read every single day as I pray, study scripture, ponder & meditate. It's so humbling as I work ever day to BECOME this kind of woman. I am faarrrrr from it, but I have so much joy knowing I have a lifetime & beyond to BECOME this kind of woman. I'm grateful for Christ's power that truly enlivens, empowers, enables & strengthens me far beyond my own abilities. I know with Christ I can become this kind of woman. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
I invite you to read this talk. The direct link is in my profile. And, remember: this is a place to build faith- no matter our religious affiliation. I believe like-minded people need to come together in this ever-darkening world. We can share our LIGHT. We can learn from each other & lift each other. While I share my journey along my spiritual path- (& since I am #LDS Mormon- I will include that) I believe deeply that we can all tailor these principles to our own lives. No matter where we are--- like-minded faithful people who want to bring & share more LIGHT--- unite! And I would LOVE you to share your thoughts & insights!

I've been pondering how to make our Summer a more meaningful time & as I was praying I got the impression to share short, family history stories when we read the Book of Mormon together each morning.
It's so easy to find a story quickly with one of my fave tools to gather stories// ALL THE STORIES. It's a web-based app that syncs with your family tree on @FamilySearch & gathers all the stories for up to 7 generations. This includes stories that others have gathered. It will automatically gather all the stories your tree has built out.
To get to it; •go to familysearch.org homepage •scroll to bottom & tap on APP GALLERY
•search for ALL THE STORIES •tap; GET STARTED & log into your family search account. •This will take a little while, bc it's grabbing allllll the stories from 7 generations of your tree on Family Search. So let it go for a while. Then, once it's synced, you can look on the left side & read all the stories of your people! •You will notice numbers by each story- like 2min
30min. This tells you how long the story will take to read it. •Tap on one & scroll down to the bottom of the story to see your relationship. & you can also tap in "view on #FamilySearch". ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
Yesterday I talked to my kids about this idea & felt impressed to share a story from our great, great, great grandmother's life-Catherine Fahy Martin. As I was reading a story- it talked about a VERY difficult time in her life where her faith was tried. She received a blessing where The Lord told her to stay faithful, hang on & she will have posterity that will bring her great joy.
Later yesterday, we attended my niece's missionary farewell & as she stood & shared her testimony of Christ, I felt the distinct JOY from this great, great, great, great grandma of hers. What I was witnessing as she spoke was Catherine's posterity going forward in faith because SHE stayed faithful even in trials. Im telling you-
#familyhiSTORY connections have changed my heart- TURNED my heart!
I'm strengthened, I feel peace & gather with my family through their stories. There is great POWER in this work & I love it!

Lots of changes.
School's out.
Summer has begun. Family trips.
Summer schedules changes.
I love summer, but it's hard, too. ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕
I'm not one that does well with change. It used to freak me out. But over the years I've learned to see "change" as my teacher; having my faith rooted in Christ & truly knowing that He knows what is best for me.
Lately I've been feeling some whisperings of "change" in my heart. I can hear a faint call to stand up. speak out. & share my heart more. Part of my biz: @therhonnadesigns, I talk a lot about designing the life we want. I talk about how essential it is to build our physical, mental & spiritual awareness so that our souls can be in harmony & we CAN design the life we've always wanted. •

One thing I've been holding back on sharing is my spiritual journey. My daily practices, devotionals, scripture reading, journaling, personal worship, prayer & the like. ❤️in talking to many of you- we are craving deep connections, drinking from the Living Waters & truly sharing our hearts in a way that feeds our souls. But- finding the TIME to do it with all of our life's goals & activities is challenging. I've found that if I don't MAKE the time for peace & quiet- my soul shrivels up & the distractions of life over take the Divine Light that my soul craves. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Summers are hard for me to stay focused. But I'm committed: I will feed & nourish my spirit with what it craves: the LIGHT of CHRIST.
Those of you who would like to join me, might I suggest a place to build faith?
Join the Facebook group & download their May Study Guide regarding GRACE and we will chat. 😉

Huge THANK YOU to @mormonmompreneur ❤️It was an honor to be interviewed for their podcast! If you are an entrepreneur you're going to love this. I share my heart with the things that matter most to me in my business and personal life. And just as I talk about in the interview- one thing I've learned: LISTEN TO GOD'S VOICE! Seriously- He knows the way! 🙏🏼➡️🕊 I've strived to listen to Him in every single business decision and I give Him all credit for any tiny ounce of success I've felt. If you've been following me- you know that THIS is key to my journey.
Well- Recently I felt inspired to share more here on my personal Instagram. And honestly- I don't know why. But I DO KNOW this is the nudge from God I have received- so/ I go forward in faith, starting fresh and new. Feeling the freedom to share whatever my heart tells me & whenever it tells me. So/ YES- my #RhonnaDesigns account is still going strong- follow @therhonnadesigns for everything from my #RhonnaAppSuite, to my site, to my #DesignYourLifeSeries & Creativity Exercises! Here- it's just you & me--- connecting heart to heart! ❤️➡️❤️
Say HI- let me know you're here so I can follow you! Love you all!

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