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Friends- oh my friends!!!! You know when you've been working on something that just makes you GIDDY? & you just can't WAIT to share? And you've worked sooooo hard on something & you are almost finished and you just want to do flips & cartwheels & jump for joy? Yea- that's me right now. The past few months as a #globalsocialmediamissionary for @familysearch I've been involved in a project that I can not WAIT to reveal! We have put our hearts & souls #andmanytears #thehappykind in it to bring you something full of love! Something rooted & established in our love for you! For your families! For connections of the heart & meaningful gatherings! One thing I know is true- LOVE is what matters & when we feel LOVE, pure love- we can do anything! With God! Happy Tuesday, dear friends! I love YOU!

Though our family is all over-utah, Idaho & D.C. - we are all under the same sun & moon. In awe at God's signs and wonders in the heavens. Happy #solareclipse2017

You know how this place has been crazy for me lately? Look up🔼 at my profile. See that number of people here in this tribe? Yea- it's going down. Day after day since I hit 100k. I've kept quiet about it- not wanting to make a big deal about it Bc it really doesn't matter- numbers, I mean. But do you know what DOES matter? YOU! Did you know I pray for you guys? I sincerely pray for all of my tribe!
Your hearts, & lives &
the things you think & feel •

•matter to me.
Deeply. And so when I get texts or messages saying "I'm not seeing your posts" or "I somehow unfollowed you, but I know I didn't" or "when I tag you in something my tribe goes down".... well....
Something's not right. Something is going wonky. It's not just me- sadly, it's many of you, too! It's broken. This way we are doing things- it's felt weird for a while & it just keeps feeling disjointed. The time we have spent here- designing the experience we wanted on social media-for us; for each other...the sharing; the loving; the lifting- we've built something special. And each of YOU have contributed & added great value in my social media experience!
I've tried everything I know how to put together the pieces-I changed names, opened up a personal account; stopped using certain hashtags... & yet.
You guys! I've got something I'd love to share with you! We are getting together a newsletter to share some of our thoughts! Who would like to be one of the first to join in on being a force for good, being courageous, making things happen & shining YOUR light?
hand! 🙋🏼

I believe that part of designing your life is surrounding yourself with… things that motivate you...things that inspire you. People that motivate you & people that inspire you! Take the time today to bring those things & people into your life- if flowers motive or inspire you? Go out & cut some & bring them inside your space. Or go buy some! Think of THE most inspiring person you know: reach out to them/ text, call, listen to their podcast or.... read scripture- God's word is THE most inspiring to me right now- drinking in the Living Waters! To design the life you e always wanted- take action & bring it into your life. It works, I promise! Just this year using the #DesignYourLifeWorkbook has proven CRAZY in my creativity & ideas & passion! I can definitely attribute this new venture I'm on to my #DesignYourLifeSeries and taking risks, being brave & digging deep to discover what I needed to do. Guys- how has the workbook helped you this year? If you haven't joined in- link in my profile! I think you will love it! Self-paced creativity book helps you work through your journey!

I've got some new fonts and all I'm gonna say is: they're AWESOME! Go to my @silhouette.inc store to see them! Link in bio ☝🏻

Chari of @persnicketyprints is at it again! She's got great tips on photography & even mentions #RhonnaDesigns app as couple of her tips! We loooove Chari & her forward-thinking in digital media! Go check out her blog post on @ctmhofficial's blog! Great stuff!

Fail fast. This concept has been on my mind a lot lately. I've teased here & there about a few projects I've been working on- all have stretched me in ways I hadn't imagined. I have a tendency to hold back for fear of failure. But I've been learning- if I don't just go forward & fail, I'll never succeed- right? So, I'm going for it. And I'm failing fast, but im also seeing God's teachings in my life/ daily/hourly!
Yes, I've been quiet for the past little while on social media--- working soooo hard right now as social media missionaries & on another project w/ 2 of THEEEEE most amazing women & we have got some awesome things in the works for YOU!!!! These projects aren't about us. They are about you & we have prayerfully sought God's help on how to connect us all together more! Stay tuned for more info! Go forward in faith, not fear & I promise... failing fast is one of the best ways to learn line upon line- little by little! Love you all!

We are loving this blanket from my @society6 store! It's so cozy and so fun to have my design wrapped around it- snuggling in Rhonna Designs? Yes, please!
See the link in my bio to see some of my designs that we all know so well from my app, but now they're on blankets, notebooks, phone cases and more! Go check it out!

"Pretty soon that fear becomes faith. Pretty soon that doubt becomes belief. Pretty soon you recognize there is an abundance, not a scarcity."
Have you guys seen my #DesignYourLifeSeries videos? A lot of the quotes I share in my insta are from those videos. I talk about my story, share experiences, give advice, and become your creative coach as we discover what we want our lives to be and make plans to make it happen!

Trip down memory lane brought me to this digital collage I did of my headshot years ago. ➡️On my computer. ➡️With my digital elements. ➡️Before apps. ➡️Before social media.
This was on my blog about 8 years ago. Crazy to think- 8 years ago IG wasn't even a thing. Smart phones were starting to change the way we used our time!
Fast forward to now! ↪️reflecting on how social media, apps, smart phones & technological innovations have freed up time for us to do more.
The question is: HOW are we using this freed up time? ➡️Are we enriching our lives with things that really matter? ➡️Are we using social media for good? ➡️Are we using these inventions to spread more light, love, kindness?
Just something to think about on this Sunday night. Happy Sabbath!

Did you know we put up new designs in my @silhouette.inc store every week! And this week we put up some of my Doodly Art as colorful print and cuts! Go to the link in my profile. Enjoy!

Sharing is caring! & this girl here does it. She shares her talents, gifts, knowledge & light. Had a great meeting with @persnicketyprints ! Can't wait to share what we've got in the works.... soooo many awesome things! Now- think of someone YOU can share your light, love, talents & gifts! The world needs more of your LIGHT! Love you all!

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