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rhonda robson  Bakery Dept Manager. 🎂Mom. 😴 Wife. 💑 Kevin Harvick fan. 🏁 Nature lover. 🌛🌝🌜Planner 📒photos iPhone 6s Plus 📷

Thank you Walmart for the amazing training that I will take back to my dept to make it successful. #walmart #walmartacademy store #72.

Nails done. ✔️💜#nailart #nails

Its me and my travelers notebook at Starbucks. Have the day off due to training classes all next week. Need some me time. Some things lately have been overwhelming. Cancer sucks. Hard work seems to never pay off. It's the little things but they add up. Today I want peace and quiet. Today I need to release and relax.

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I got a travelers notebook. Here's the cover for my Midori calendar. So excited to start this! #travelersnotebook #planner

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Nothing makes me feel good like getting my nails done. ❤

This better become a movie.

Oh @jimmys_egg your Reese's pancakes are amazing.

Two new books. Which one goes first?

Since I work 4-1am today, it's me time for 7 hours. Starting off with Starbucks. Oh happy day!