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RHONDA • SHAW 💎  Jesus is my saving grace. Wife. Mother of 5. Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach, & Trainer. 🌿A life of adventure awaits in deep abiding grace🌿

We graduated our oldest child yesterday. One #homeschooling journey in the history books although, class is always in session. I’m still grappling with my emotions and struggling to put all my thoughts to paper. A thousand memories seem to flow forward all at once and where do I begin? I know this...I don’t regret one moment of sacrifice. I remember the struggle but only feel the beauty of completion. I am rejoicing in the woman she’s becoming. With all it’s messy glory. I sang loudly in church this morning, “you never left me, always faithful, always by my side.” Because that’s how we got here...cap and gown, diploma, tassel...His constant faithfulness and grace. For when I am weak (which was almost always!) He is strong! Congratulations @legitaveryshaw I am so proud of you! And thank you God for your faithfulness, mercy and grace in our life and our homeschooling journey from pre-K to Senior year. 🎓❤️🙌🏻

I’m driving down the road with the music up loud. I sing out the lyrics, “you can’t run when you’re holding suitcases, It's a new day throw away your mistakes and open up your heart
lay down your guard, you don't have to be afraid, just breathe, your load can be lifted, there’s a better way when you know you're forgiven,
open up your heart, lay down your guard, you don't have to be afraid.” For too many years I went through life dragging those suitcases everywhere I went. It left me broken, weary and exhausted. There is freedom! It’s time to unpack those suitcases. Reveal the messy things that caused pain, heartbreak and scars. In the light, it can’t hold it’s power. I needed a trusted counselor to unpack some of my suitcases. And that’s ok! The contents of your suitcases may cause you to need a safe place to unpack. But my friend, can you imagine what it’s like to be FREE? There is hope for your hurting. ❤️ It’s time for you to break free and run.

Weekend vibes 😍 How are you spending your Saturday?

You know that saying? “Kids won’t always do what you say but they’ll always do what you do.” I remember a wise woman sharing that wisdom with me when my girls were little. I never forgot it. I would hear myself correcting them and get that check in my spirit. “Am I asking them to do something I’m not doing?” Speaking softly, being kind, making my bed 🙈, eating healthy? I can’t expect them to not follow my example. More things are caught than taught! I’ve modeled some behavior I wish I could take back. 🙈 Thank you Jesus for grace! But one thing I’m happy I modeled is eating healthy. 🥑🥒🥦🥥 These two were up early at the gym yesterday and came home to make #organicsmoothie bowls. Proud momma! So I’m passing on this same wisdom to young mommas. I pray this bit of advice helps you as you pour into your children. It’s all worth it!

I’ve been homeschooling my kids all their lives until four months ago when we placed our younger three in a wonderful school. It was not an easy decision and took months of prayer. I cried a lot. Prayed a lot. But the Lord gave me overwhelming peace in the midst of a storm. Now I’m getting to love on my children’s amazing teachers. God has abundantly blessed us with the most precious and caring teachers, therapists and tutors. This week as we celebrate #teacherappreciationweek I am praying they know just how grateful I am for all they do! Who are you appreciating today?

Our first #seniorsunday🎓 in the books. Only 4 more kids to go. Can my ❤️ handle it? It was a surreal moment as our pastor prayed over her on the same stage where he prayed over her on baby dedication day 18 years ago. How is she really an adult?! I’m so proud her! @legitaveryshaw She is more amazing than we could have asked or prayed for. She’s going out into the world strong in her faith and on fire for the Lord’s plan and purpose in her life. 🙌🏻 Thank you God for your faithfulness!

Who loves decorating and home decor? I’m so excited to start putting personal touches on our new home! I could use all your recommendations for your favorite online shops. And it’s even better if you’re getting a great deal! My home magnolia inspired design #modernfarmhouse Do you follow any great IG accounts with amazing ideas? I’d love those recommendations too! Thank you ❤️

For so long I prayed, “Lord! I want to change the world.” I thought this mission was complicated. I was doing all the things. Volunteering. Praying. Donating. Guess what? That IS being a world changer! I learned a simple lesson. Want to change the world? Find the world changers and lock arms! Looking for a place to start? Here is one place you can start right now 👉HelpOneNow.org Donate. Pray. Be the change. #nationaldayofprayer So help me out! Where else can we help? Please share a #charity you are passionate about! 👇💖

Now that so many fruits and veggies are in season, I’m changing up the #lunchbox meals. Kids can be really picky but they can also be really adventurous. I find the more colorful their food the more appealing it is to the senses. So instead of just one veggie, one fruit, one carb, and one protein we are making multiple fruits and veggies. Last night as I made lunches I had the kids taste testing new veggies and now everyone loves radishes! Only a couple did last time I dished them out. So keep reintroducing them. There is something to be said for sibling peer pressure. A couple tips for encouraging them to try new foods. 1. Make sure they are hungry! You’re much more willing to try things when your super hungry. 2. Make sure you have yummy dips. Hummus, ranch dressing (we use @primalkitchenfoods) *they are #dairyfree #soyfree #glutenfree #sugarfree and #canolafree so you can feel like supermom feeding it to them! But the two most important tips I can give is to take care of their #guthealth An unhealthy gut only craves sugar and carbs. Second, kids don’t always do what we say but they will do what we do! So model healthy eating habits and they will believe it’s important. You’re body will thank you too! So what are your favorite #lunchboxideas ?!

You know how you pray that things will just be so simple for your kids? You pray they don’t face heartache and disappointments and struggles. Unfortunately, we know beauty comes from ashes and purpose from pain. I am so proud of this daughter of mine and how she’s conquering her challenges in life. She’s fierce, passionate, creative and incredibly gifted. I know the best is yet to come! I’d love to know who inspires you?

My best business advice: Do what you love. Help others. Never stop serving or growing. And when you don’t know what to do...call your mother! Rinse and repeat. Is there anything I can help you with today?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could bottle up special memories, and uncork them just at the moment we want to recall them? Unfaded, and unchanged? I wish I could bottle up our trips and his love for #hawaii 💙 He regularly asks me when I’m going to take JUST him. 😂 He recently mentioned I should take him for his #diaversary This August will be 5 years of his life with Type 1 diabetes. I am holding onto as many memories as I can. His baby-ness is fading fast! If you could bottle just one, what would it be?

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