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RHONDA • SHAW 💎  A life of adventure awaits in deep abiding grace 🌿rhondaredeemed@gmail.com 🍃 Certified John Maxwell Speaker/Coach/Trainer


Feeling my best and looking my best starts from the inside out! 🌱🌿 #beautydetox #gutglam Besides my amazing supplements that balance my body and keep my gut healthy, I am a big believer that what we eat and drink matters. Stocking up on yummy, fresh juice! #kalebro #cantBeetit #juicing

When people say that network marketing isn't their thing..... 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻yeah, earning trips 🏝and cars🏎, hanging with my friends👯, working from the pool🍩👙, making money while I do #momlife, spend time with family and vacation 💸, sharing something healthy 🌱I already love 😍 and getting paid 5 times a month didn't used to be my thing either🙅🏻...... but It's growing on me. 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

#thisaintyourmamasMLM 😜 #thefuture

I've got a great special going on for anyone who is ready to make a splash! 💦 *****disclaimer 😉“Plexus makes no guarantees on income, as such representations may be misleading. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Please see the Plexus Annual Income Disclosure Statement.” Scot Shaw

Would you please pray for my girl! She will be @newliferanch for a month. Please pray for her as she works in a leadership role. She will be leading worship and will be a camp counselor. Pray for strength, health and encouragement. I know the Lord has amazing plans for her. I'm so proud to watch her walk in obedience to what the Lord has told her to do. She would LOVE happy Mail!! It's a connection to the outside world and makes her feel so loved. Thank you a million for your prayers!

#homesweethome🏡 Moving is hard. And exhausting. But oh so worth it when the Lord leads you there. #feelingblessed

Always taking it to another level. ❤️ #jmt check out more info www.rhondashaw.net #mastermind #leadership

I threw my arms around her for the first time in a week. Too long. Oh it felt good to hug her. My momma heart relaxed as I saw her smile and she filled me in on her first week as a #nehi @newliferanch Her hands were blistered from lots of physical labor. Her face covered in freckles from long days in the sun. "Mom, the days are so long but this week has gone by fast." Her siblings were anxious to get their hugs. Like a scene from a movie, Avery and Abby ran into each other's arms. That sister bond is so special. They are more like twins then sisters 2 years apart. For just an hour, all was right with the world. My five babies all in a row listening to sweet testimonies from campers, and me and my husband sandwiching them between us. One more week until I see her again. ❤️

All the amens! 🙌🏻❤️

Praying they are friends for life! ❤️ #4thofjuly #parade

My sweet girl is headed to camp today. 2 weeks!! I don't know what I'll do without her. 😭❤️ She will be in her first year of leadership at New Life Ranch. She will be part of the Nehemiah team. She will spend her 2 weeks working and serving the campers and staff. They will also be going for an overnight hike and work on building leadership skills. It's an exciting, yet physically exhausting, two weeks. Here is her address if you would like to send her a word of encouragement. Mail is a highlight of their time at camp!! And if you think about her, please pray for her. Pray for health, safety and God to fill her cup. Thank you ❤️ so much!!! #nlr #nehi #summercamp @newliferanch

The #nurse and #glamexpert #besties have joined forces to help you! Let's face it, If you are anything like me, over the years, you've pulled it, colored it, fried it, brushed it, teased it, greased it, curled it, flat ironed it, blowed it, moussed it, oiled it.....But your hair's sheen, bounce, growth and fullness aren't about how much you've manhandled it. Healthy hair depends on changing hormones, the foods you eat and the health of your gut.
#gutglam ✌🏼
I know this doesn't sound glamorous but your digestion and elimination 💩plays a huge role in the health of your hair, skin and nails too! Hair is a barometer of your overall health.
Your hair is dead. As dirt. The 100,000 strands you twirled into that messy mom bun this morning are, in fact, lifeless protein fibers. The living parts are the follicles, tiny hair-growing factories under your scalp. They're nourished by the protein in your diet, essential fatty acids and vitamins B6,B12, and biotin ---> which is in #xfactorplus 🙌🏻 Iron is also essential because it stimulates hair turnover and replenishment. If your body isn't getting the proper nutrients (which most aren't in their daily diets) or even if you eat clean your body doesn't absorb or digest it properly without proper gut health.
Your outward beauty starts on the inside.
This is not a thoughtless sales plug, we wholeheartedly believe that the right kind of probiotics can help your body produce B vitamins and also ensures you are optimally absorbing nutrients, both key for great hair, great skin and overall health.
If you're not happy with your hair or skin you may need to do a 🌱✨beauty detox 🌱✨
I'll be starting an info page on how to go about the beauty detox and what it is in July. We've seen amazing results from this! This free info event is open to non existing ambassadors. If you are on my team I will be sharing more details in my team page. Hairdressers, aestheticians, naturopaths and others in the beauty and wellness field will be sharing their knowledge in this private event here on Facebook as well along with Beauty tips and prizes. If you're interested in learning about the Beauty detox please comment with ✌🏼so I can add you.

Lunch prep. Spaghetti squash with meat sauce. Yum! Photo creds: @abs.shaw #organiceats #wholefoods

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