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rHi 🚀 Wallace  Cosmic American Lady Tattooer. Chronic Art maker 👻 Collector of Art/ Tattoos/ coins. NE PA USA @apsychicunicorn email rhitastic@gmail.com 4 tattoos


I don't strictly make big or bright colored tattoos.. Im down for whatever.
Here is some black tattoos from this week. @apsychicunicorn

It's all coming together. @katheorr is committed! At @apsychicunicorn

@apsychicunicorn Open Sunday !
Stop in and book your next piece.
Here is a healed WU tang killer bee #wutang #wutangisforthechildren #killerbees #healedtattoo #kingston #pennsylvania #5703017776

Snagged a shot of this healed cosmic camera @nikonusa #healedtattoo @apsychicunicorn thanks for looking!
Want an interesting tattoo?
#5703017776 rhitastic@gmail.com or #stopin #apsychicunicorn #kingston #pennsylvania

Caught this small walk-in after my first appointment at @apsychicunicorn
It's based off an illustration my client brought in. Thanks for looking

Chipping away at this sleeve on the regular. Ditch compass on top is healed and awaits backgrounding. Owl is fresh. Arm is a WIP. It's going pretty pretty pretty good. 👻
Come see me at 🦄 @apsychicunicorn to fulfill your tattoo fantasy. #letsgetweird #illustrativetattoo #originalart #customtattoos 🚀 #5703017776 #kingston #pennsylvania 🇺🇸rhitastic@gmail.com

Second piece from my new skate/ surf series.

I took old skate magazines from the 90s and I illustrated over top of them. I have roughly a dozen finished pieces in this series. So stay tuned!
Second piece is from an old Juice @juicemagazine
Marker & pen drawn directly on original magazine.
I'm illustrating the super human feeling of launching into the atmosphere.
Thanks for looking 👻 🚀

Hail of a storm earlier..

Owl. Background coming soonish. @apsychicunicorn #5703017776 #owltattoo

I usually don't post progress shots.. so here's one!
A coverup. Reworking it wasn't an option. @ryan_zero s trusting in me. I'm over confident. Truthfully sometimes, it's not like you can make it worse.. It's going well.
I'm trying to keep some of the old tattoo elements showing and incorporating them in to a new but similar idea. Tattoo was meant to be a tarot card. We are keeping the swords as teeth. Making a demon face. Adding snake hair. Keeping and fixing bat wings. One more session should do it.
@apsychicunicorn #coveruptattoo #reworked #solutions #imaginations #fixie #wip

I'm into bird houses. Painted this one up recently. #birdhouseinyoursoul

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