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rhiannon gamble  pile of garbage // Jem 😍

Merry Anniversary bby @jemjammo 😘

get yourself a girl that'll buy matching everything with you for 5 years straight

3rd times a charm for this bday girl
can't wait for the next instalment @jemjammo

I am the true animal whisperer and #tbt cos why not

"Laura's the best" ♡

new hair, new clothes, new dance and lots of improvisation #twicewho #likey @jemjammo who's my better half

Flashback to this expensive ass weekend meeting some of my favourite people #kconaustralia2017

you may not be able to tell but I was enjoying myself with these legends

It's that time of year again, another day another stunning photo displaying our undying love for each other 💞
Me love you long time 😍💚💜💛

Hey look here's my big ass art from last year, but got this beauty in the MGA TOPshots exhibition earlier this year 👌 quality