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OFFICIALVerified Voice  UNITING THE 🌎 4 ALL ANIMALS FACING EXTINCTION using🐘🦏 EDUCATION /AWARENESS/ ACTION Supporting verified foundations. graphic content click link

There are less than
20 000 wild free lions
In the world
The captive ones if they are lucky live out their days hopefully in peace and happiness
However it is not always like that
And many large cats and predators are being held in conditions that would make you embarrassed to be human .
Thank god for sanctuaries like this one and the many around the globe doing amazing work rescuing these victims of illegal exotic animal trade of keeping wild animals as pets and from many circuses and exhibition companies even some zoos around the world are extremely unethical and have no morals
We must protect all of the victims from poaching and the illegal trade of live animals ,from the circus to the most wealthy prince ,these animals must be protected and not abused !! The stories of these few lucky ones who have managed to find a home in a safe place at the foot of the mountain is a blessing and they. Need your help!!! just like the wild animals. There are many factors involved keeping predators safe and well fed medically sound ,is a very costly and expensive thing and they all need our help !! So no matter what age you are and where or what you do !!! YOU CAN HELP #UNITETHEFIGHT #GLOBALVOICE #RHINOSAVERZ

Good morning from Africa
Where ever you aren’t n the world may your day be filled with positive energy blue πŸ’™ May we all do something good for our planet today #unitethefight #educatetheworld #actnow #rhinosaverz no matter what you you can help

Education :
Is so important and seeing how far and wide the persecution and abuse of our wild animals reaches from circus to poaching from. Exotic meat and bones to ancient medical and herbal ritualistic beliefs 🦁
These poor animals are the victims and sometimes end up dead decapitated mutilated their organs and body parts sold to make jewelry to be consumed and to be used as talisman all over the Far East and Middle East the desire for this animal and it’s skin and bones meat teeth and claws is beyond measure and comprehension truly it baffles me how cruel humans can be
But there is light and there are places of sanctuary around the globe just like this one who care and love the animals they rescue and protect them forever
These places are real safe homes and places of tranquility for these poor animals and they need to be supported and they need our help
If you would like to get involved in helping and being a part of the change please contact us every one can get involved and every one makes a difference #unitethefight #rhinosaverz #globalvoice#actnow#lions

It is still happening for those of you who don’t know
#Repost @theshando
If you’re able, please join this event. #Repost @animalhopeandwellness
This Sunday Suki Su of Animal Hope and Wellness China, will be in Los Angeles speaking about the upcoming Yulin Dog Meat Festival, strides being made to change things from within the country, our education center, and the time she has spent rescuing lives.
There will be catered vegan food, wine and drinks, and you will get to meet some of the dogs rescued from last year’s festival. The event is from 2 to 5pm - please think about coming to support the movement, the effort to bear witness, and these single lives.
The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is just three weeks away, and the more awareness that is raised - in the end that is how things change.
(Tickets are $40. LINK IN BIO. A donation that goes to help rescue and save more lives.)
#TheCompassionProject #animalhopeandwellness

All part of fighting this war on #EXTINCTION
Help us #endextinction
Here we are
It’s feeding time at one of the lion sanctuaries we work with,helping to educate children and adults from all over the world,about the plight of the lions.
All th facts leading them to be under threat in the wild.
And CAPTIVE victims being kept in the most outrageous conditions sometimes.
these beautiful victims of abuse from all over the world nobody will ever buy them for canned hunting or their bones. They are safe here at the foot of the mountain β›° till the day they die from natural causes in a forever home 🏑
Educating the world 🌎
Just like these children and the many people we try and educate and make aware of the lion issue from circuses to canned hunting from ancient Asian medicine to African magic this poor animal is being hunted by trophy hunters still in this world today greed and evil is so prevalent but so is good and the light and we need your help they need your help #unitethefight#globalvoice #actnow#rhinosaverz

Take a look and listen to the story watch
rhinosaverz and some young eco learners as we educate them on cruelty to animals and circuses as well as poaching and Conservation #actnow #nocannedhunting 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁
meet 🦁ARES ( male lion 11 years old AND 🦁EDNA (female lion 8 years old )
Both abused and now have been rescued from #french circus both been badly treated and abused by the people that owned them 😑
The male is small and has a stunted growth contrition due to malnutrition at the circus he is also blind in both eyes
But still he walks around he eats and he even has a girlfriend πŸ‘ŒπŸ» The female was kept in a box πŸ“¦ under a wagon and treated so terribly !!!!
Now at the sanctuary
They both live together and will be safe and never have to worry again about being treated so disgustingly (One hopes that the animals will forgive us for being so terrible)!!!
For many
You may think that this does not seem like a happy ending and to myself I personally prefer and wish to see lions wild and free in the bush where they really belong .
However the need for sanctuaries with the correct Conservation and moral ethos, whose aim is to protect, keep,care and love these victims of human greed and evil is so viral and necessary!!!
None of these animals are ever sold to canned hunting !
not Ever to be sold for their bones skin claws etc
There is no #cubpetting and they have all been medically seen to so there is not breeding at this sanctuary πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
In My opinion :
I am so used to seeing lions roaming with their pride in the bush !!
and the rescues I have come across have mostly been from a direct result of the illegal trade and poaching but this is because of a circus !!!
We must educate our selves we must become aware the fate of our animals and planet rest in our hands
We have the power to 1) educate the world
to stop using products that harm our 🌍and environment
2)to say no to unethical trade in exotic and endangered animals and flaura
3) to change how the world sees things and show the truth
4) to place a value of respect on all creatures and living organismsπŸ™πŸ»#rhinosaverz

Visited one of the lion sanctuaries we work closely with
This lovely fella was abused and mistreated in the circus was rescued and now lives a happy life in a safe forever
You can help
They all need our help
#notocannedhunting #nocubpetting #unitethefight#rhinosaverz

TURN UP THE VOLUME (get some cool facts
Oh and check out Francine who really thinks she is an elephant #globalvoice #rhinosaverz

observation & field lesson to learn and get to understand more about the animals and how they live,what they do in their natural environment and some amazing educational facts about so many animals plants trees herbs how to read signs of animals that have walked along the way before us ie SPOOR AND tracking etc all of this you can come and learn on the ground spend some time and help be a part of the change that we all must be to #endextinction #unitethefight #rhinosaverz #globalvoice #educateyourself #educate the world

subject Ellie’s
#rhinosaverz #educateyourself
1) elephants trunk leads the way for its feet and they put their front foot and back foot on the same spot which follows the mark of the trunk that leads the way!!
#listen to the video and see why elephants have bad eye sight and use their trunks for so many things
Share our videos translate them into your language and #educatetheworld #globalvoice #globalwarrior #protecttheherd #actnow #unitethefight #proactive #protection #conswrvationeducarion

🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘Rhinosaverz did you know 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
Did you know an elephant eats for over 15 hours a day 🐘
Did you know a fully grown elephant can drink up to 180 liters of water a day
Did you know elephants have toes hehehe
Did you know they are killed for their
Elephants bodies skin meat and ivory are
Used in medicine and as trophies used as jewelry and as furniture
Used to feed humans and the list of unacceptable uses worldwide continues
WE MUST MAKE IT STOP #actnow #rhinosaverz #protecttheherd #globalvoice #unitetheleague #unitethefight #globalwarrior #96aday
#protecttheherd #proactiveprotection

Do you know how many species of pangolin there are left in the world today
Do you know what they eat
Do you know they get poached for their scales made up of the same material as Rhino horn do you know they cannot run away fast and that they get hinted with dogs in some cases by the poachers
Share this message in as many languages as you can and help spread the word
Be a #globalvoice #unitethefight #savethewildlife
#Repost @pbsnature ・・・
Every five minutes a pangolin is taken from the wild. .
. Please follow @tikkihywoodtrust
They work with pangolins in many countries around Africa
Prosecuting and rescuing pangolins and eventually reintroducing them
Thank you to all the angels around the globe and a big shout out to Lisa from @tikkihywoodtrust .
#conservation #pangolin #nature #naturepbs #pbs

Oh Francine
Breakfasts with an ostriphant 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
your really not an elephant lol 😝
Look how she makes her neck as tall at it can go
It’s amazing to see all these beautiful creatures protected and as free roaming as one can be in a protected environment
To know they will hopefully be safelike this till they die of natural causes and that no ivory will be taken and they will never be sold for hunting or body parts
And nobody will ever ride them
#protecttheherd #globalvoice #rhinosaverz #lovenature#unitethefight #nature
Become active make a difference#actnow

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