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I just finished reading Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air, and it was fascinating. It’s about the 1996 Everest disaster, when 8 people died in one night due to a sudden storm, some questionable decisions, and overcrowding on the mountain. Jon Krakauer was with the group as a journalist, planning to write about the commercialisation of Everest for a magazine, but instead ended up writing about what happened that allowed things to go so wrong.
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TO BATTLE!!! 🐱 In honor of my favorite lil weirdo on #internationalcatday.

Besties being besties 💕

#nomakeup #nofilter morning selfie as I get ready for the day.
☀️ 👗 ♥️ .
Makeup can be really fun and creative, but it’s also time consuming, expensive, and it can warp what we think our own faces “should” look like. Like we’re not good enough to go out into the world without enhancement. Add in the carefully posed, carefully filtered pics on social media, and we’ve got a recipe for self loathing. We compare our natural selves to other people’s carefully idealised selves, and it makes us feel like crap.
So this is me, post face washing, pre mascara. As I’m getting older, I’m growing to like my face more and worry about it less. But when it comes to photos, I’m still super likely to say “not perfect! Not good enough!” So... one shot, no coverup, no filter, taken with the light from the window, me. It’s not perfect, but I guess that’s the point 💕

After Long May She Reign came out, one of the most surprising criticisms I read was that the book was “forcing an agenda” about women in STEM. And although I’ll happily take that “criticism,” it made me pause, because I never thought of Freya that way. Freya is a scientist. She’s analytical and methodical and is passionate about how the world works. But she’s one character. Her interests are not a message to the reader saying “hey, you should like this too.”
In fact, I’m totally not a Freya. A lot of her social awkwardness and anxiety was inspired by my own experiences, but I’m an English Major who was always more of a Marianne than an Elinor. I asked my scientist friends a LOT of questions to help me figure out not only Freya’s experiments but also her general approach to the world. It was really, really fun to write a shy scientist heroine in a fantasy world, and if her existence as a scientist upsets people, so much the better. But she was never meant to represent anything other than herself.
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Since the paperback of Long May She Reign came out this week, I thought I’d try my hand at some character moodboards. First up, the enchanting Madeleine Wolff, painter, fashionista and Freya’s secret weapon against the court.
Madeleine might be my fave character in LMSR. She’s everything a “strong female character” isn’t supposed to be — feminine, artistic, into fashion and makeup and jewels — but she Gets Shit Done. And it was really fun to have Freya interact with someone who’s her opposite in many ways and realise that they can both be smart and capable and strong in their own ways.
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Yay, thanks to @vickiereads for this gorgeous pic of Long May She Reign! Y’all are so talented, I don’t know how you do it 💕

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🌟🌟 Happy weekend, everyone! 🌟🌟
This morning I ended up buying a few more books online (even though I told myself I didn’t need any) this time from @adlibris.no 😅 it’s my first time ordering from there so let’s hope the books I order come quickly and safely 🤞🏼 #LongMaySheReign is a book I’m really looking forward reading. I can’t remember if it’s a retelling of a fairytale or not but the cover looks great and I’m into the royalty theme 👸🏽👑!!
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“I want your midnights, but I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day.” My heart 💔

Giraffes will never let you down 🦒

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Last night I embraced my inner fangirl and went to see @danielhowell and @amazingphil on tour in Leeds! Was I the oldest person there who wasn’t a parent? Possibly. Do I care? Nope! I had the biggest smile on my face throughout the whole show, and afterwards I was so happy I felt like I was walking on air. I started watching Dan and Phil on YouTube in 2014 when I was feeling down, and literally the only way I got through the intense anxiety of my first book coming out was by watching their videos whenever I felt overwhelmed. It’s been a few years, and I still can’t wait to settle down with a new video of theirs and laugh and smile and let all my worries go for a while. I was nervous that I was silly, a 29-year-old off to see Youtubers on tour, but who cares?? It made me so happy, and we all need a bit more pure uncomplicated happiness, I think!

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Look at those puppy dog eyes! Old Man Taz here is gonna be 14 soon, and he is the softest, sweetest lil pupper in the world 💜

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