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Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations  A Vogue Magazine top wedding planner. Floral designer, stylist, + lifestyle expert. Joyful mother, Midwest living, content.


On the blog today? A story about the time I wanted to own a bakery, a chemistry professor who bought banana bread from me for $20.00, and a beautiful new lifestyle post and accompanying recipe from @samanthajamesphoto and me. Here's to hoping your home is filled with the good stuff today! ⠀
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Jasmine and Tyler's romantic summer garden wedding is featured over on @caratsandcake today! This is one of my all time favorite weddings with a feminine and romantic aesthetic that simply oozes from every one of @vienna_glenn's beautiful photos. There was also a very special group of hardworking vendors involved in making this wedding happen, all tagged here in this image. It's a wedding you won't want to miss.

So while you're soaking up the gallery of pictures I'll be over here soaking up this beautiful afternoon with my sweet boys now that I am finally home. I missed them so SO MUCH while I was away for five days at our farewell @trouvailleworkshop. Much more to come on how everything unfolded. Happy Wednesday!

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Tonight's design dinner was a beautiful dream. I had a colorful, tropics inspired, off-trend vision for this experience, and my talented and hard working team along with our extremely talented eight attendees worked with passion and focus to make it come to life in a few short hours.

As I currently sit around the fireplace in my pajamas with these twenty women talking candidly about our businesses, clients, families and more, I can't help but feel so lucky that I get to help bridge together these extraordinary women with this one of a kind of experience.

A special credit to:

Photography: @samanthajamesphoto
Concept and design: @rhiannonbosse
Linens: @nuagedesignsinc
Rentals: @wmrentalco
Candles: @creative.candles
Calligraphy: @mminkstudio
Acrylic goods: @jennandjulesdesign
Dress: @lulus

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The women at this workshop are some of the best I've ever had the pleasure of being surrounded with. And I'll share the story of this particular experience one day soon but for now we have a full day ahead of hands on learning. I'm excited for you to see what we will be up to because it's going to be VERY colorful here at @hotelwalloon!

And here's a little look into the gifts the attendees received yesterday, packed with many purposeful things including candle sets, silk ribbon spools, and flower seeds sponsored generously by @creative.candles, @midori_ribbon, and @floretflower.

Monogrammed aprons made by @oatmeallace
Styling by @rhiannonbosse
Photography @samanthajamesphoto
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If you click on this photo you'll see all of the really, really awesome businesses that are a part of the #rhiannonbosse relaunch giveaway. It's still open until tonight over on the blog and I want to make sure no one misses out.

Between the new company name and launch, my birthday today and sweet dad being in town to celebrate with me, and leaving for the @trouvailleworkshop in the morning (ah!), it has been such a week! I'm so so grateful for EVERYONE'S support and love! Thank you. Photo by @samanthajamesphoto

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Happy May 19th, everyone!

My name is Rhiannon and it's a pleasure to have you here today in my neck of the woods. Today is my 31st birthday so I'm excited about a birthday themed round of #rbfridayfunfacts. Ready? Let's do this!

1. I'm currently watching my dad play with my son here in our home. They are chasing one another around the living room, both giggling like crazy. I'm still in my pjs enjoying a slow morning. My grandpa in Canada just called to wish me a very happy birthday. My husband is upstairs getting ready for work (he stayed home this morning to make us breakfast). I have many kind and thoughtful messages in my phone, and beautiful cards in my mailbox outside. That's the best birthday present of all; to be surrounded with love.

2. You know that smell after blowing out your birthday candles? I love that smell. It's like a smokey sugary scent with a hint of celebration! The best. I also love watching people sing 'Happy Birthday'. Even the most timid people often sing at the top of their lungs, unashamed of how they sound. I'm convinced birthday celebrations bring people together in special ways.
3. One of my 2017 goals (I set ten big goals in January; I've already met 5!) was to join an aerials circus class before my birthday. The class dates didn't work well with my husband's golf league so I figured it would be an unmet goal for the year. But I opened a birthday card from Andrew this morning and in it was the gift of my aerial classes for a different night! My husband isn't the goal setting type but I sure do love him for recognizing that I am, and helping me meet this goal today BY my deadline. Oh, and how fun do those classes sound? Maybe I'll join the circus one day.

What's your favorite part of birthdays? And what's your favorite cake flavor? Mine is marble with a whipped cream filling and no frosting.

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I had a consulting call yesterday with an attendee joining us at Trouvaille this weekend. And without intentionally knowing it we entered into a healthy conversation about boundaries, work schedules, and how it's even possible to make business and other things in life (be it hobbies, motherhood, marriage, another job, etc), work. I found myself getting so flooded because talking about how we define what success looks like for ourselves, has always been so personal.

I thought to myself, isn't it interesting how we work more efficiently and with more focus when we know the trade off is for something important to us?

Last night I worked well into the night finishing a presentation for this weekend. I had to help another client with a stressful emergency that came up. Another wedding on the calendar for this year needed their invites processed as soon as possible, and with a hold up at the printer the window of time to get them done was last night at 8:30 pm. Today there are thousands of flowers to process. Timelines to check. A design proposal to revise and send back to another client. A few calls to make. Bags to pack for four days away. And a meeting to go to. That's without even looking at my planner.


But the trade off for me, and why this all makes sense in this particular season is because I get to have and enjoy wholeheartedly what's valuable to me. It's not about bragging that I worked a long day yesterday but being honest about what that means. I get to do work I love with people I value. I get to treasure things like my #fridayswithlachlan. I'm allowed many days with my family where we can make memories. Slower mornings when it's feasible to play on the carpet with toys or sit on the patio as long as we want. For me, a few late nights here and there means somehow I am making my version of success work even if it the way I get there is a little unconventional or different from the next.

So, I'd love to know how you define your success? Have you ever thought about what that looks like for you? I'm engaging in this conversation on Sunday with my next workshop class and I'm eager to learn more from others' stories too.


If it weren't 85 degrees outside I'd totally pencil myself in for a hot bath tonight because this week? It's been a very very full one! Thank you to everyone for your really insightful feedback on my stories today too. Your comments have been helpful and intriguing. Already my mind is rolling with some new ideas 👌🏼 More on the blog today for these #diy bath bombs too! #rhiannonbosse #rhiandsamco #lifestyleblogger #thatsdarling @samanthajamesphoto

I've talked endlessly about these beautiful homemade bath bombs ever since Sam and I shared about them in January, so I'm thrilled to finally share the full post (and recipe!) with you today! This is the first of many lifestyle posts on the new blog and I hope you love it as much as I do. Direct link in my profile. ⠀
Styling and concept: @rhiannonbosse
Photography: @samanthajamesphoto

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On my mind this morning?

Nights by this beautiful lake, sipping a decaf almond milk latte, surrounded by 18 gifted business women, soon-to-be-friends, and many fruitful conversations.

Full days packed with education, inspiration, and of course, an event space we will be transforming as a group with curated rentals, stationery, florals and so much more. Oh! And the dinners. I cannot forget all of those delicious meals.

Lazy mornings by the fire with my incredible team, laughing and reminiscing over all of the hard but GOOD work we get to do together. Finding ways to work together to serve others, make beautiful things, and build relationships is what's on my mind.
You know, it isn't ever until the week OF Trouvaille that a huge wave of responsibility washes over me, but it's a good wave. It's one I take with such a tremendous honor because this experience means people are investing in me, my team, what I have to offer, and what I am promising to deliver on. While each of the last @trouvailleworkshop's have all been so so special in their own way, this one feels different already and like such an experience of renewal and transition.

So with that, today is a day of errands with @samanthajamesohoto for Saturday's departure to @hotelwalloon. I'm eager, very excited, and well, mostly eager to START things with this next class and create something we will all remember for such a long time.

Have you ever been to northern Michigan? If so, I'd love to hear your favorite place to stay! And THANK YOU for all of the love yesterday on the new brand. It was a crazy busy and awesome day and I'm still feeling so thrilled with this new direction!

Photo: @samanthajamesphoto
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I am absolutely blown away by the support and encouragement extended my way today with this relaunch. Wow. Everyone's kind words and love is making this truly bright day even brighter. Becoming a refined and newer version of myself has been one scary yet redemptive process. I'm so happy to share it here with you.

And the giveaway over on the new blog is open all week long which is even better. Oh and fun news! I'll be giving away TWO of the business bundles because all of your blog comments have been so life giving and inspiring. If there's one thing I've learned today it's to always share our stories because our stories change lives. Happy happy Monday!

Styling by @rhiannonbosse
Apron made my @oatmeallace
Logo design by @saturday_studio
Photo by @samanthajamesphoto

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My name is Rhiannon. My life purpose is to love unconditionally. I was created to make beautiful things that bring joy to others. I believe stories have the power to transform lives. I am happiest with my family by my side and flowers in my hands. I'm so happy you're here.

There's more (so much more!) today over on the newly launched Rhiannon Bosse blog. I'm close to being short on words this morning so I will say this because it perfectly summarizes all my thoughts and emotions; I am so grateful. The best is yet to come. ⠀
Brand identity by: @saturday_studio
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