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Hello from the other side (or at least what feels like it!)

You'll notice my IG handle is no longer the familiar heygorgevents but instead now my name, Rhiannon Bosse. I made the small (but in actuality, big) switch early last week and many people noticed and sent private messages about it. While I'll have much more to share next month about what this switch means and why I made it, I wanted to let you know it's still me here behind the account. It's still me dedicated to sharing engaging content that focuses on all the things I remain passionate about personally and professionally (to name a few things: motherhood, planning events, floral design, lifestyle topics, fun projects, teaching, home decor and of course, celebrating anything and everything).

My business is not going anywhere and neither am I. That needs to be made very clear. In fact in a lot of ways I feel like I, and the team I have the pleasure of working with, are just getting started. Maybe it was turning 30 last year, becoming a mama, falling in love with my son, having my best business year yet, and finding a lot of clarity over what kind of woman I want to be, but my life has taken a new and very evident trajectory and one that's built on the last seven years of entrepreneurship and all that comes with it. Over the next few weeks I'll be rolling out some (in my honest opinion) natural and really purposeful changes with my company that won't change the foundation I've created my brand on but instead only improve it. And they. Are. Awesome.

You know what I believe? Life is too short for a LOT of things like waiting for permission to embrace the kind of life you want. So in the meantime until this all comes fill circle, I'll be over here embracing all of it with all of me and I hope you too, will stick around to see what I'm rolling out next.

With that, I cyber high five and hug all of you for the support, love and good vibes. And I also promise (for the fourth time maybe?) the blog post with the homemade bath bomb recipe is coming oh so soon. For now here's another fun photo to enjoy.

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At long last! A clean bathroom AND sunshine. Tap photo for sources. Paint color is cement grey by Benjamin Moore. #thebossehome

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Today is a #fridayswithlachlan day and while I haven't posted a photo from our special days together since he was itty bitty (oh my he was so little!) I have been very consistent in keeping these days all about Lachlan and me while also having clients and colleagues passionately support my decision to make Fridays all about my son. These days are so sweet and leave me craving more slowness and meaningful moments with my family and the things I enjoy in my life. They remind me of the things I've fought for and the things I'll look back on and remember. They also remind me that I'm a really great mom and that there is a whole lot of power in being able to own that truth and remain unapologetic about it. Find what you're great at and shout it from the rooftops. Now if you'll excuse me I have a serious game of hide and seek to get back to. #lachlanruebosse #zoefrancine #rhidoesmamahood #uniteinmamahood #lovethatrug

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March 11th kicks off our official wedding season. But it wasn't so until just a few weeks ago. One night after a typical conversation with my friend and colleague @samanthajamesphoto (we talk multiple times a day) I was saddened to hear about her October bride. A family member of this bride was given very horrible medical news and this bride and her family wanted to move up their wedding to ensure her dad would be present to walk her down the aisle. I sat there on the phone as Sam walked me through the situation and heard my calling loud and clear. I asked for this bride's contact and now only two weeks later I can tell you she is so near and dear to me in a way that far extends beyond a planner/designer and bride-to-be relationship. The process of serving and loving has been so redefined for me.

See, 2017 has been a year (short so far, I know) and it hasn't been my favorite. I feel like there's been such sadness, hate and all around negativity seeping into all facets of life and I've been craving the good stuff. I've been craving spring and newness and just something bigger to make a small difference.

And then.

I posted something on Facebook about looking for an extra pair of hands to help with this wedding given our short set up widow at the venue. And I get emotional posting this here but I cannot tell you how many GOOD and kind and gracious people have come forward. Immediately my inbox and phone blew up with offers; from @specialoccasionswest donating linens, @wmrentalco discounting rentals to half off, @abisadrianbutler offering a discount on entertainment (and being available!), @thecakabakery offering a discount on the desserts, @reneeaustinwedding and Maggie doing everything they could to find a dress in weeks, @_alexandra_nicole_ fitting in make up services for eight gals, @prairielettershop and @momental offering calligraphy and stationery products, and even @floretflower all the way in Seattle sending her gorgeous seed packs to be used as favors; THIS is why we do what we do. We work to bring joy to others, we serve for the benefit of others, and we do this together because life is really hard and messy when you try and do it alone.

This color palette though. It's looking like tomorrow's mock up is going to be a beauty. #rhiannonbosse #thatsdarling #flowersofinstagram #floraldesigner #grandrapidsflorist

Just concluded a very full afternoon with some very special people for a wedding in three weeks. It's never lost on me that what I get to do for 'work' is both a pleasure and tremendous blessing. #rhiannonbosse #grandrapidsmarket #pursuepretty #greenhousewedding #grandrapidsbride

Kicking butt and taking names today. Took a midday break to bring a little cheer to a friend and @starbucks' #sharethelove sleeves are the best. @samanthajamesphoto I adore you. Tag a friend below that you're thankful for today 💗 #rhiannonbosselifestyle #thatsdarling #pursuepretty

Our guest room complete with a touch of #southernflair hanging over the bed. Would anyone like to come visit us? I promise a sweet bedside gift upon arrival and make a mean breakfast skillet with a fresh latte when you wake up 💗 #thebossehome #rhiannonbosselifestyle #ikea #thatsdarling #homedecor

I'm popping in to say hi and share this colorful photo, which goes hand in hand with my blog post that went live today. It was 8 years ago (!) on Valentine's Day I started my blog as a newly graduated 22 year old and I would have never guessed this would be the story I'd be telling here today. For the delicious and foolproof recipe I'm sharing, gorgeous photos from my friend @samanthajamesphoto, and an anecdote from yours truly, hop over to the blog to celebrate a weekend of love and another year thankful for the wide world of blogging. Happy weekend! Ps the patterned backdrop is actually a canvas I painted in case anyone asks!
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That pink brushstroke print (which has proudly sat in my studio for years now) was a gift I received from my dear friend @shalynnelson. If there was ever a time to feel like I've been fighting and working yet patiently waiting to head into a new season with grace and intentionality as someone profoundly changed, it's these last five weeks. Eventually I'll share more but for now it's this; if 2017 has been full of the hard stuff for you, just keep going. The other side of hard is really beautiful. #rhiannonbosse #homemadewithlove #dsfloral #homegoodshappy #worthit