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Rhiannon Bosse  A Vogue Magazine top world wedding planner. Floral designer, editorial stylist, + lifestyle author. Joyful wife + mother building a life giving home.


Our new website is officially live! Please pay us a visit on the web today and see what we've been up to. Cheers to a beautiful new beginning! www.rhiannonbossecelebrations.com ⠀
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We're getting final pieces in place for tomorrow's website launch, and reliving our events from the last 9 wedding seasons is making this process feel so sweet. ⠀

We have serviced clients in three countries, more than six states, and have handled a variety of budgets, backgrounds, sizes and styles. While each wedding has been so special and unique on its own, the common thread woven through each is an intentional focus on romance, approachable style, and making every person involved feel loved on and taken care of. I hope you'll join me tomorrow to celebrate the new Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations website and see our new home on the web. It's a day I've anticipated since January!

Ceremony tree installation done by the RBC team with photography by @samanthajamesphoto at @hiddenvineyard ⠀ ⠀
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I’m facing the fear of big groups of friends and social situations, and hosting a big group of women tonight in my home for a Favorite Things party (more on that if you’re interested!) I realized earlier this year that my work was often used to fill up what little free time I had instead of spending time to invest in friendships. Just because I’m in my 30’s and work alone at home doesn’t mean I don’t qualify for friendships with others.

I’m facing the fear of my professional growth and my newsletter, and the reality of people unsubscribing over the perceived lack of value I offer. I’m sending it Monday morning anyway. I do hold value and I do offer content of value even if my numbers aren’t comparable to others. ⠀

I’m facing the fear of falling short of perfection and going through with a launch on Monday that feels less than ready. Done is better than perfect and me holding back the things I can offer to the word is preventing others from enjoying and benefiting from the gifts I have.

I’m facing the fear of push back, the same push back I had when I was pregnant with L, about being a business owner and taking Fridays off. I’m finally taking a full Friday off tomorrow for the first time in a whole to just be with my son. No working during naps. No plans except to play hide and seek and pull all of the spices out from the cupboard. ⠀

Last night I faced the fear and shared more about this year on my @rhibootrhi journey on a live video and it all brought me to tears. I thought to myself why am I so EMOTIONAL! Stop being so soft and open. Stop being so feel-y. But this is me. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. So I’m feeling the fear of ownership and grasping who I really am after this profound year.

And you? What are you facing the fear on today? How can I cheer you on in your pursuits?

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Sometimes it's OK to feel exhausted from the rat race to fit in and stay relevant.

Sometimes it's OK to feel like reality has nothing to do with likes, affirmation from strangers, beating the algorithm and being the next best thing. More often than not the next best thing is right in front of you, shared only within the walls of your own home and privacy of your family.

Sometimes we have to fight to find our worth offline, because that's really where you'll find it anyway. Numbers and stats are not a measuring tool for your value. You're beautiful, important, worthy, successful, needed, loved, and important just as you are. And most so to people who probably don't even have an instagram account. Look to be validated by them instead of strangers because they will stand the test of time.

Sometimes we fall victim to the lie that we're not good enough. Our homes are pretty enough. Our flatlays aren't trendy enough. Our pregnancies, birth stories, marriages, wardrobe, weddings, photos, bodies, friendships, vacations, beauty routines, hair, faith, are never as good as hers or his or theirs. We wake up with the lie that we aren't enough. We go to sleep feeling the same way. Nothing is ever enough and that's enough. We spin our wheels feeling less than and fighting against true contentment.

You're allowed to change your mind and fight for joy.

You're allowed to take breaks and go your own way.

You're allowed to feel like you can breath better without a phone in your hand.

You're allowed to log off and still be of value. SO much value.

You're allowed to believe you are enough. Because you are.

You are enough. You are loved. You are the light. You are more than a hashtag with a number next to it.

Imagine if we woke up tomorrow and social media disappeared? Imagine if we acted and lived without the motivation to share, be validated, judged, liked, measured or approved?

I'm imagining it and it sure feels good. Today I embrace gratitude. Today I can breathe. And I encourage you too not to double tap this but to close out your screen and live the beautiful life you have right in front of you. Xo

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Getting to make not one but two bridal bouquets in two different countries for a cherished friend was absolutely a high point of my wedding season. Oh dear @kellysweetphoto how I love you! And I need more courthouse weddings in my life. Any courthouse brides out there? 🙋🏼 photo: @samanthajamesphoto and beauty: @rebeccagohl #rhiannonbosse #bridalbouquet #flowersofinstagram #filmphotography #rsflowers #rbcfloral #pinkonpink

Attempting my hand at homemade hazelnut milk from @ohsheglows while someone pulls out every single spice and tea bag from the lazy susan. These days are the good ones. #workingmom #keepthemlittle #rhiannonbosse #ohsheglows #lifestyleblogger #vegan #rhibootrhi

It’s hard to believe our 2017 wedding season is now complete.

If you followed my stories over the last five days, you’ll know we were in Georgia on the beautiful coast side executing a truly magical and one of a kind wedding. And I saw this a lot but it’s true, it was all for one of the most gracious and in love couples any of us vendors have ever had the pleasure of working with. ⠀ ⠀

From the elaborate guest gifts and welcome party centered around southern hospitality, to the surprise gospel choir at cocktails on the wedding day and over five foot tall cake centered on the monogrammed dance floor, we could not only visibly see but feel the tremendous sense of excitement and gratitude the guests at this event felt.

It was a three day long celebration of events for Sarah and Albert and one that required a lot of planning, capable hands, hard work, creative thinking, and coming together as a team. But as I stood with Sarah and watched her (and her father’s) faces light up as they prepared to walk down the aisle, saw month’s of hard work come to life as each detail came together, and of course went around and made sure to give out very warm and appreciative hugs of gratitude at the end of the night to everyone involved, I realized every last email, phone call, check list, and step (so many steps!) was worth it. And the amazing band! Sol Fusion bent backwards, sideways, and forwards to be their best for Sarah and Albert and that they did.

Sarah, you’re a bright light and a joy. You exude grace and class, and it’s so evident why Albert fell in love with you. You made so many hard spots in this long process be a pleasure, and for me, the best part of this working relationship is I get to now call you a dear friend. I’m so happy for you and cannot wait to see what’s in store for you and your sweet husband. I have such admiration for you. ⠀

And to the vendors who we worked alongside all week; you make the magic happen. I can say some much about you all but I’ll leave it at this; we love you all. ⠀

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Less than 24 hours and we will be on site at @sea_island beginning floral prep and opening boxes of beautiful goodies from both @mminkstudio and @marigoldgrey for @sarahctanko and Albert’s special day. ⠀

The finale wedding of each wedding season is always so bittersweet and that’s certainly the case this week. ⠀

Planning and designing this wedding has been a labor of love as we’ve had to adjust our services slightly and stand back as the usual sole floral and event designers. Since Sea Island is such an all inclusive luxury retreat they have teams in both areas who typically handle their events. There’s been such a big group of professionals involved in every part of this process and while it’s been hard to let go of our normal processes, it’s been a really exciting planning adventure. ⠀

Thankfully everyone involved had worked as a team and divided and conquered as one. I was able to create a specific vision with my couple from the start of this process and then work with such great professionals to make it all come to life. Wait until you see the wonderful things everyone is contributing! And finally, being given the go ahead to have my own hand at the person florals for my dear bride and her maids was the cherry on top. I am already feeling butterflies over the final result of this event and cannot wait for three days of celebration!

Also. Those trees. They get me every single time. See you tomorrow, Georgia! #seaislandwedding #southernwedding #youmeandmontec #weddingplanner #spanishoaks #avenueoftheoaks #wedo #rhiannonbosse

Coming up this Friday we get to watch a gracious and very gorgeous bride walk down these magical stairs in a stunning @misshayleypaige gown as she heads off to marry her sweetheart under the loveliest Spanish oak trees. It’s our finale wedding of the year at the one of a kind @sea_island property and we are beyond eager and excited to get on site and dive into this three day celebration. See you in a couple days, Georgia! #seaislandwedding #thecloister #southernwedding #weddingplanner #destinationweddingplanner #thosestairs

Story time, work emails, tea and coffee with friends, Christmas mornings, Easter egg hunts, creative projects, big dreams, hard conversations, birthday songs, workshops with new friends, a wall of legacy, watching dadda and guests pull into the driveway, UPS truck sightings, spilled Cheerios, spilled coffee, spilled bottles, spit up, and too many dang throw pillows to count (sorry to my dear husband). A lot of things happen here in this room and I treasure it so. And to to think we never would care for this space when we first built this place! #fancyfrontroomaintsofancy #somanycheerios #family #uniteinmotherhood #rhivitalizeme iPhone photo by my dear friend: @kellysweetphoto

Helping style this beautiful tablescape so @darlingtonflowerco could put her rather stunning floral arrangement on it was a fun afternoon and a great way to segue out of large scale workshops for me. Thank goodness for the access to such beautiful pieces from @gigiandlaclede’s inventory and the talented eye of my friend @kellysweetphoto to capture it all. ⠀

Also as a kind heads up! I’m starting to book private one on one workshops for February but do have a space left in December if anyone is interested! I’d love to work with YOU in an intimate and creative environment where we can focus on your business goals and skills while building an intentional relationship. ⠀

Send me a message for further details at hello@rhiannonbosse.com.
⠀ ⠀
Crystal! I’m grateful for you. And our email thread together! And our new formed friendship. #rhiannonbosse1on1 #tablescape #privateworkshop #thosecolors #style #rosegold

This. On repeat in my head and soul. #itiswell #seasonsofchange #morelove

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