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Rhiannon Bosse  Wedding planner, floral designer, + lifestyle expert. Joyful conductor of our lifegiving home. Enamored with motherhood. Pull up a chair! Xo

Gorgeous mock up and rentals meeting? Check. Catering tasting? Check. Dessert meeting and tasting at @thecakabakery? Check. It was a full and long day with dear clients in from New York but it was full of productivity and fun. These are some of the days I love most with my clients and vendors! Also, I didn’t even eat one bite of cupcake. I’m saving it for Saturday when I turn 32 🍰 #itstheweekend #jobperks #thecakabakery #weddingplanner #caketasting #birthdayweekend #whatroyalwedding

Lucky for you I’m sharing how high up on my body I wear my flower designing apron and how high on my head I wear my buns. Perks of being here, I tell you! Perks. 😝 #rbcfloral #twophotosinineday #flowersofinstagram #feelingsassy #floraldesigner #justasmallpieceofthepuzzle

Coming in just a few weeks? In this space here, a stunning wedding celebration to be comprised of a soft sage, slate blue, champagne and gold palette. Ballrooms are making a comeback and we’re going to be a part of the movement. And to the left (not pictured but certainly there!) the impressive NCAA football field at @thefightingirish and man, is it pretty. Wedding season is looking to be 👌🏼💗 #weddingplanner #weddingdesigner #notredame #fightingirish #notredamewedding #rhiannonbossecelebrations

At the end of our retreat over the weekend, @betsilynning handed me a gift bag and thanked me for the fruitful time spent together. We were in a carpool lot where Betsi had parked the night before so I hugged her goodbye and didn’t open the gift until I was home again. Which is probably in hindsight a very good thing. One look at the thoughtful contents inside and my eyes welled up with tears.

Betsi had her incredibly talented cousin (she has so many!), @pocketful.of.pegs create these little wooden replicas of our family for my birthday. Even Zoe and sweet baby boy Bosse #2 are included. Everything is just as we are, down to the flowers on my gray shirt dress, buttons on Andrew’s blue sweater and the blue dog dog on Lachlan’s second birthday sweater shirt. ⠀

After examining and delighting in every detail, I carefully placed the little pieces on a shelf high up in Lachlan’s room and actually admired them for longer than I care to admit.

These little guys may simply be small pieces of hand painted wood but they are also symbolic of a bigger piece of what’s treasured most in my story, one that’s been in the editing stages for the last few years. I’ve been sitting on a blog post over the last couple weeks about just that, but today posted it live because some things are meant to be shared. My prayer is it inspires even just one person out there stuck in a season of stillness or feeling torn between life’s biggest choices and the conundrum of using time best.

. . . ⠀

A no now doesn’t mean no forever. And sometimes when we’re called to stillness, when we’re called to things that feel uncomfortable, when we find ourselves face to face with the very things no one seems to be pursuing, that’s exactly when we should embrace the very beauty of ‘no’.

Link in profile for more. Happy Tuesday, everyone. Xo

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Magic. #spring

To my little wonder and the other one growing big in my belly, today makes me smile because of you 💙 #sweetest #happymothersday #uniteinmotherhood #lachlanruebosse #boymama #toddler #ikeakids

Did you catch the video bloopers in my stories today? ⠀

Turns out it was probably a big blessing that my high school and college dream career as a news anchor veered sharply to the left in favor of running a company specializing in wedding planning and flowery design. Ha! What was your dream career before the one you have now?

If you caught the bloopers (you guys have been sweet about them!) and are intrigued; great news! There’s still a few hours left to get on the list and grab today’s newsletter. ⠀
There’s a quick video, and tips and tricks for designing flower arrangements in your home. Visit my stories or link in my profile to sign up (here’s my final product from yesterday’s efforts!)

And finally! ⠀

Tonight is our Team RBC retreat and I’m overly excited for a night out and away with my ladies. There’s just something about sleepovers with your girlfriends as an adult right? I’ve baked homemade cookies, have (many!) surprises tucked up my sleeve, and look forward to tomorrow when we have breakfast in bed and strategize on how to love our clients well and make magic happen all over again in 2018. We’re a small team but we believe we do mighty things.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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When your husband gets you the same sweater you bought yourself for Mother’s Day, for Mother’s Day. Feeling like a million bucks today which is a stellar improvement from the first three days of this week. Also, even though Instagram hates when I publically love on you, I love you a whole lot @andrewbosse 😝

#nearlyhalfway #babybossetherhimix #fordandwyatt #bettermakethosecookies #raisingboys #boymama #uniteinmotherhood #rhitakesbackperfect

Am I the only one that really loves doing laundry? An extra shout out to my inspiration @sally.clarkson for giving me a life changing perspective shift via her book last summer. Being the joyful conductor of our lifegiving home in 2018 has radically improved the quality of our life and I’m so grateful. Visit the link in my stories today for a new post including how I simplify my laundry routines and a laundry room tour from @samanthajamesphoto! #lifestyleblogger #workfromhomeperks #bhghome #laundryroom #thebossehome #rhiannonbosselifestyle

Raise your hand if you’re on the RB funmail list and you’re excited for some VIDEOS to come your way? 🙋🏼‍♀️ ⠀

I’m welcoming @coastlinestudios to the studio this week to film some new exclusive content for my mail friends and can’t wait to pull out my reporter’s hat (gotta put those two degrees to use somehow right?) ⠀

Comment below with topics or content suggestions and we will consider it for future videos beyond what we currently have in the works! ⠀

And thanks for the all the kind words and sweet messages yesterday. A long visit to the hospital and one IV and bag of fluids later I’m a new woman. Sometimes you just need to turn everything off for a day to rest. Xo

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Here’s to sunny Monday’s and hoping whatever food poisoning / morning sickness I’ve been hit with passes very very quickly. The couch isn’t nearly as productive as the #rbcstudio. 💗 #mondaymood #homestudio #

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