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Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations  A Vogue Magazine top wedding planner. Floral designer, stylist, + lifestyle expert. Joyful mother, Midwest living, content.


It's time to give away some more love!

The @cultivatewhatmatters team sent me two undated sets of @powersheets back in May for the RB rebrand so I'm giving the other away to one lucky person this week. Also included in the bundle is a set of pencils from @ashleybrookedesigns, a print from @prairielettershop, a @starbucks gift card, and an hour with yours truly to talk shop or whatever topic of choice is on your mind. All you need to do is sign up for the newsletter via the link in profile and a winner will be picked next week.

And while you're here feel free to nominate a colleague or friend who you feel would be so deserving of a little pick me up ⬇️ I'd love to bless TWO people this week.

Happy Monday! Xo

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Creamy mojito popsicles. The perfect way to celebrate good people on a summery Sunday! We're off to a fun afternoon cook out but if you're looking for a fresh treat to indulge in this week, here's the (dairy free!) recipe:

1 can of whole fat coconut milk
1/4 cup of homemade simple syrup
2 tbs of lime peel zest
2 tbs of fresh lime juice
1 tbs pure vanilla extract
1 vanilla bean's worth of seeds
Handful of fresh mint
2 limes cut into slices

Combine everything except the lime slices into a small saucepan and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes. Let stand covered for 20 minutes until all of the flavors mix together well. While the mixture cools fill each popsicle mold well with 2 to 3 lime slices. Strain the saucepan mixture through a mesh sieve, discarding the big pieces of mint and zest and pour the remaining liquid into the empty molds. Follow mold instructions or let freeze overnight. Enjoy! ⠀
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Flower orders, timeline drafts, and endless giggles, hide and seek, iced lattes, and playing with the hose. Consult calls, dirty buckets, sleeping with the windows open, piles of ribbon, boxes of inventory, and bags of linens. More lattes, Lachlan snuggles, long summer nights, puppy walks, dinners on the porch, and what feels like endless flights.

I'm unsuccessfully keeping up with laundry this week but refusing to feel guilty about it; this is a busy season of life yet somehow it all feels so slow and sweet too. I'm savoring the summer so far and enjoying all of the facets of life that fuel me in so many different ways. Here's to hoping you're doing the exact same thing 💗

Floral design: @rhiannonbosse
Photography: @kellysweetphoto

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The balance isn't so much about finding a perfect place in the middle to bask in but instead finding contentment in whatever end of the spectrum the various parts of our lives inevitably bring us to and from.

One more flight to go and I'll be right back where I belong with my favorite people. Feeling grateful for some good stuff and great people tonight. Xo

Photo by: @shannongriffin

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The entire @sea_island property is something out of a fairytale and being here with such gracious and incredible clients is an honor I could never take lightly. After a memorable (and so delicious!) dinner last night with a one of a kind bride and groom and their families, today is a full schedule of meetings, flowers, tastings, cake, and walk throughs. I cannot wait for this October celebration and the opportunity to work together with @henryphotographs who took this gorgeous photo of #thecloister. #seaisland #rhiannonbosse #henryphotographs #southernwedding #thatsdarling #youmeandmontec

While I'm not in my studio today (waving from 10,000 feet somewhere over the east side of the country!) I'm over on the blog sharing three of the most impactful ways I outsource in my business. These three resources along with a very special and easy to read @lvanderkam book have changed my life and I'm happy to share them here with you today too. ⠀
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Do you live in PA?!

We are looking for an extra set of hands (or two) to join us in just TWO WEEKS on Saturday, July 1st at #cairnwoodestate for our next wedding! Tuscany aesthetic, small guest list, beautiful couple, lots of moving pieces and we would love someone local to join our team for the day. This is a paid opportunity and you can email me at hello@rhiannonbosse for more!

#rhiannonbosse #floralfreelance #pennsylvaniawedding #cairnwoodestatewedding #flowerlover #rbcfloral

I'm looking for a couple extra freelance designers to join our team for an event the week of September 8th. The wedding is on Saturday the 9th but we will need help leading up to the wedding. Prep work will be done in Grand Rapids but the wedding is in Holland. This is a paid job and if you're interested please email me along with some photos of your work or link to your website. hello@rhiannonbosse.com

Graceful. Wives. Brave. Sensitive. Hardworking. Bold. Sisters. Honest. Approachable. Funny. Loving. Kind. Mothers. Beloved. Lifegiving. Daughters. Teachers. Creatives. Lawyers. Photographers. Servers. Smart. Accountants. Homemakers. Coworkers. Friends. Visionaries. Cherished. Dog Mamas. Foster Mamas. Step Mamas. Adoptive Mamas. Nieces. Designers. Granddaughters. Aunts. Travelers. Humble. Genuine.

My brides are many things. So many things, in fact, that I see so clearly from my unique position in the planning process how my grooms fall in love with their partners. But beyond that, beyond two people falling in love and building something unique together, I see how really valued and respected these women are not only by their partners but by the sometimes hundreds of people that come together every wedding day. The longer I get to call this my 'work' the more I begin to see how the women I get to work with have such a profound impact on the way I approach said work.

Find the why behind your work. Search for that reason why when your feet hit the floor each morning, you vow to put one foot in front of the other and make it happen because your why is bigger than you. Maybe it's because you love to make beautiful things. Maybe you love people. Maybe you want to build a future for your kids. Maybe you want to travel the world. Maybe it's none of these things or all of the above. But find your why, and girl, hold on tight and don't look back.

Photo: @vienna_glenn
Make up: @_alexandra_nicole_
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I'm really excited about the week ahead. With a spotless studio ready for me tomorrow (see my stories for quite the before and after!) and lots of office work to tackle, this is the part of wedding season I love most.

Finalizing flower and linen orders, pulling inventory, talking with this year's eager and ready-to-get-married brides while getting to know next year's. It's a fun flurry of busyness and some focused work in the studio is just what I need before heading to south Georgia and Pennsylvania in the next few weeks for clients and a special wedding celebration.

Also! A happy second anniversary week to Jasmine and Tyler whose backyard wedding in 2015 still brings such joy. We displayed @thecakabakery's cake and desserts on these tall oversized wood hutches (from the groom's mom's barn) which were painted a soft shade of pink to match the wedding palette. The goal was to bring the intimacy you would find inside a home's dining room to the outside under a tent, and I think we did just that! We love you Jas and Ty (and E. Rose!). Photo: @vienna_glenn

#rhiannonbossecelebrations #michiganwedding #rhiannonbosse #grandrapidsmi #weddingplanner #jazlersayido

Today is a GOOD day.

I'm finally sharing all the details behind our treasured Legacy Wall and the front room of our home where it is displayed. This project is so special to us and I'm very grateful to @framebridge for agreeing to be apart of our efforts!

There's a lot more over on the blog beyond the tiny peek shown here, including a discount code for your first Framebridge order. So if you're looking to have something professionally and beautifully framed and preserved this is just for you.

And these peonies! My goodness. Just five years ago (I thought it had been six as I mentioned in my stories today, oops!) I was planting very small peony plants in the empty beds along the side of our new house. The plants had no buds on them and were just a foot off the ground which felt honestly a little sad when I wanted them to instead produce dozens of blooms right away.

But today they are literally bursting with beautiful, fragrant, and huge blooms! I remember dreaming of the day I could walk out into our yard and just snip away at my own gorgeous flowers, and today I did just that with plans to use these very blooms in the arrangements for a clients mock up tomorrow.

So today is a good day! The suns out, there is good work to do, and lots to be grateful for. Happy happy Wednesday to you all. Xo

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Emily and Matt's five tier wedding cake by the team at @sweetheatheranne was pure magic. ⠀
It sat on a custom linen from @idolinens which featured a grayscale floral sketch pattern we used throughout the stationery from @smittenonpaper. A classic black and white checkered dance floor and clear span tent from @eventtheorymi only accented the creation which sat in the middle of the action for guests to enjoy when they walked into the reception that night. Oh! And @kellysweetphoto captured it all perfectly as evident in this photo. @emilybastion let's do it all over again! ⠀
#rhiannonbosse #rhiannonbossecelebrations #sweetheatheranne #annarborwedding #weddingcake #idolinens #flowerlover #thatsdarling

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