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Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations  A Vogue Magazine top wedding planner. Floral designer, stylist, + lifestyle expert. Joyful mother, Midwest living, content.


Getting to conceptualize this fun event design and then watch my workshop attendees work hard to bring it to life was very rewarding! I also loved working with a color palette and design direction that's so different than the usual. There were many businesses and vendors that helped make this possible including our favorites at @nuagedesignsinc, @creative.candles, @mminkstudio, @jennandjulesdesigns, and @wmrentalco who all sponsored this farewell @trouvailleworkshop retreat. There's more over on the blog if you too want a dose of tropical color on your Tuesday afternoon! Photo by @samanthajamesphoto. #rhiannonbosse #workshopwithaheart #tropicalwedding #livecolorfully #dscolor #accentdecor

I'm finally sharing all of my most favorite photos from our farewell Trouvaille Workshop this past May. I'm so truly grateful to each and every attendee who joined us for three days at @hotelwalloon and thankful for @samanthajamesphoto's talented eye. Even more so, I'm tremendously humbled for the more than 100 women from five different countries who have made the investment into this experience since 2014. Visit the blog today for the full post along with five things I've learned in this workshop-hosting adventure! ⠀

Bouquet: @rhiannonbosse
Photo: @samanthajamesphoto
Ribbon: @midori_ribbon
Beauty: @onsitebridal
Gown: @springsweet
Florals: @florabundanceinc

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You know those seasons where you just know one day you'll look back and see how it was a pivotal part of shaping you for the next chapter? Phew. I'm smack dab in thick of it over here. After a rough morning, this evening I have all the heart eyes and praise hands for a palette that loves both beets and onion. And Advil. Because sometimes you have to 👊🏻#rhibootrhi #thewellnessproject #eatingclean #babysteps #wellness

I have such a soft spot for tented weddings. So much so that executing these types of celebrations has become a specialty of ours. In Michigan there are so many beautiful lakefront properties owned by our clients and their families that it's no surprise they wish to celebrate their forever in this fashion.

Later this summer, A&N's stunning fall wedding from @arcadiabluffs will be featured on @caratsandcake. While the tent didn't go up on the family's property it did go up on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan thanks to the hardworking @eventtheorymi team. And man it ended up being one magical beautiful September day.

In the meantime I'm off to @biankabridal with my gal @kellysweetphoto for some gown shopping. Some days are stuck in front of a laptop with to do lists and some days are full of lace and satin like today! I'm thankful for the ebb and flow of a creative job like mine.

Photo: @jenotchy
Planning, design and floral: @rhiannonbosse
Linens: @latavolalinen
Stationery: @mminkstudio
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I cannot thank you all enough for your messages, emails, and comments on my post last week about my health.

So many of you have been truly thoughtful and encouraging, but the biggest thing I wanted to share is that many (MANY) of you have privately messaged me to say you've been going through very similar symptoms. It's really, really hard to change how you cook, eat, live, and as a result socialize with others when you're conscious of where things come from and how they make you feel, and I think the hardest part in making all these changes isn't a lack of resources, it's a sense of feeling weak or alone. But I'm neither of those things. And neither are any of the women who have reached out since Thursday. I am strong and surrounded by many sisters, friends, mamas, business owners, wives, students, young women, and mature women, all who are walking this same walk to a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. ⠀

So with that I say all the power to US. Whether you're cutting dairy, avoiding meat, trying Whole30, trying to get better sleep, looking for clearer skin, more energy, less time getting sick, more happiness, eating raw, eliminating sugar, trying to gain weight, lose weight, build muscle, be more centered or mindful, less anxious, or hey, all of the above, I stand with you. Truly.

I created a separate account for my own personal journey of wellness. I am giving myself the next 12 months to #rhibootrhi from the inside out both mentally, physically and spiritually. My work is still important as are my clients so this space here will be dedicated to that and the beautiful things I create for others along with my family adventures. But if you want to follow along with the highs and lows of my personal health struggles and triumphs (and catch up on my sources, recipes, lessons learned, etc) then @rhibootrhi is where you can find me!

'You can't live a thousand pounds all at once. Yet you can easily lift one pound a thousand times. Tiny, repeated efforts will get you there." Marcandangel

Sending love to all of you today. Xo

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Yesterday was an incredibly fun day for Melissa and Tim, their sweet families and awesome friends (with a big group of #msualums you can bet it was a one of a kind group!) With only three hours (!) from entry time to the venue to guests arrival for the ceremony it was a whirlwind of an afternoon for us vendors but as always everything fell into place!

What I loved most about having M&T as clients besides their generosity and genuinely kind nature is their wishes in sticking to a firm budget as this made me flex my creative muscles and find ways to really make this wedding feel magical. One of those ideas that the couple trusted me with was this colorful and whimsical hanging seating card display that greeted guests post ceremony. It was a vision I had for so long that really came together as exactly as pictured. So many guests thought it was so fun and unique and we loved watching their reactions when they came into cocktail hour!

I had @smittenonpaper die cut large black seating cards, Alex @prarielettershop beautifully calligraph guest's names, and then @jodi_bos very carefully adhered everything on site to prestrung dowels of ribbon strands that I stuck to the I beam of the ceiling. Even my husband was on site yesterday to help, and of course be there to see the couple finally become a Mr and Mrs (Andrew was a part of my first meeting with M&T so it only felt right he was a part of yesterday!) The floral burst we made in advance and placed in the corner was a perfect way to soften up the look and create a bit of softness in the industrial space.

While I'll wait patiently for @kellysweetphoto to get get scans back I'll share this: M&T you sure know how to throw a party. I so love your love for one another and your ability to always express your gratitude for the little and big things. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day! I trust married life will be as amazing and sweet as the last 8 years have been for you two. ⠀


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I promised Melissa peonies so I got her peonies and I'm pretty thrilled with how beautiful they are. Tomorrow has got to be good if that's how we're kicking off the weekend right? Excited for the team to make magic happen tomorrow for two sweet souls but it's time for some shut eye first (and thank you thank YOU for all your emails, comments and messages on my last post; it's been three days of no meat and almost all plant based eating and I'm already seeing a difference in how I feel! I'm so grateful!) #rhiannonbosse #bridalbouquet #happilyeverhansen #rbcfloral #michiganweddingplanner #kalamazoowedding #peony

January 1st is one of my favorite days of the year. I wake up with such excitement eager for an official new start. Except this year APB ended up at urgent care after severely burning his hand while he made us a festive new year dinner. A blistered hand led to a very sick baby just a week later, followed by a sick husband, followed by what started as what I thought was also the flu. But the difference was I didn't get better.

Without rhyme or reason, I spent the majority of the first quarter of the year completely and utterly exhausted and hardly able to function with stomach flu symptoms. It took a tearful facetime call to a friend one morning in March (!), after my mother in law came over because I couldn't even pick up my baby, to realize I needed help.

After countless tests for things like hepatitis and crohns which runs in my family, we found my white blood cells were way off. And my liver functioning was very high. More fasts and blood tests eventually showed those things were improving except the same flu like symptoms were hitting again without warming and I had numerous bouts with severe bronchitis, losing my voice, chills, insomnia, chronic bladder infections, cystic acne, having more terrible cases of the flu at every worst possible time. And the anxiety over it all!

I've been in this odd space between feeling joy because my blessings are abundant and I sure am grateful for this life but then some days having my only priorities be loving my sweet son and getting through the day because I cannot do one thing more. I've been exhausted, and more so, frustrated that this year has been so physically hard on top of many personal changes behind the scenes that are out of my control.

Yesterday I finally went to a naturopath. And you guys, I left in tears because for the first time since January 1st I've felt so filled with HOPE! For those of you who serve others in the health industry, or who pledge to help people like me be accountable for their wellness, YOU matter and the work you do matters. My journey to health is just starting and I have a big mountain ahead. But for now I'm rebuilding a lifestyle that will allow me to flourish (cont below) ...

These two beautiful people get married on Saturday! Working with Melissa and Tim has been such a fun and rewarding highlight of the last almost two years (!), and I'm beyond eager to watch them finally become husband and wife. Plus it's always a highlight when I get to work with some of my favorite talented professionals like @kellysweetphoto, @thecakabakery, @prairielettershop, @childers6112, and @reneeaustinwedding.

I adore you M&T! Here's to a memorable weekend ahead! Xoxo ⠀
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In two weeks I'll be sharing all of the photos from our farewell Trouvaille Workshop this past May. This last workshop was bittersweet but more than anything made me feel really thankful for the last three years of helping to educate, inspire, and lift up other business women in the wedding planning and design realm. Our industry can always afford a little more compassion and kindness, and Trouvaille was a big piece of my efforts to do just that. The design dinner our talented attendees helped bring to life will be featured on @everylastdetailblog on the 25th, and that same week I'll be sharing all of the other details from our time in Northern Michigan. I cannot wait for the attendees to receive the photos soon from @samanthajamesphoto because they are really, really lovely! It's been hard not sharing them thus far.

Pictured here, is a peek at the welcome gifts I designed and curated for attendees. They included really beautiful sponsored items like @midori_ribbon, and notebooks penned by @mminkstudio, and some intentional gifts like monogrammed aprons from @oatmeallace, a marble patterned @swellbottle in each basket, and much, much more. ⠀

And finally, if you missed the chance to experience Trouvaille please reach out to me about private workshops or virtual consulting. I'd be delighted to work with you and build a relationship together as we hone in on making your business more intentional and focused. I've been having such a rewarding summer working with women behind brands like @anelegantsoiree, @harlinsparroweventdesign, and @darlingtonflowerco and would be happy to discuss further details with you too. Hello@rhiannonbosse.com is where you'll find me! ⠀

Styling: @rhiannonbosse
Photo: @samanthajamesphoto
Ribbon: @midori_ribbon
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Over the last seven years I've had the pleasure of exploring what is known as #puremichigan through the process of planning both big and small wedding celebrations. I can only look forward to the 2018 event season when we have the pleasure of doing it all over again because this great state has so much to offer. ⠀
This was the view from the back of one of our clients beautiful homes just last year. As the bridal party excitedly sipped mimosas and had their hair and make up done by @childers6112 on the back porch, the @eventtheorymi team put the final touches on the clear top tent over at @arcadia_bluffs. The excitement and hustle that happens behind the scenes the day of a wedding is exhilarating. There are literally dozens and dozens of people who help make these things possible, and being in the middle of it all feels like a responsibility and honor that comes with such humbleness.

So with that, I love how a peaceful image like this one can tell one part of a story but when paired with other images paints an entirely different one. I'm looking forward to sharing more soon from A&N's stunning rose gold and navy celebration! It was one of my favorite weddings in my career to date and an event I will always hold near and dear.
Photography: @jenotchy
Planning and design: @rhiannonbosse
Venue: private residence ⠀

#rhiannonbosse #northernmichigan #bearlake #michiganwedding #letsadventure #lakehouse

A&J's stunning barn wedding from last summer is finally revealed over on the @everylastdetailblog today. With only a two hour set up window my team and all the vendors really made the magic happen that day, ensuring everything was just the way our couple wanted it to be. I'll be sharing my favorite images in my story today but this shot of one of the reception tables with the summer sunlight pouring in from the barn ranks high on my list 💗 photo from @sarahandrachelphoto

Planning, design, floral: @rhiannonbosse
Rentals: @wmrentalco
Linens: @latavolalinen
Paper: @smittenonpaper
Calligraphy: @prairielettershop

#rhiannonbosse #rbcfloral #barnwedding #rhiannonbossecelebrations #michiganwedding #magicalwedding #thatsdarling

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