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The Therapy Session 2017 Tour is over and words can not adequately express my gratitude for the team that made this show and experience everything that it was. I learned something invaluable from every single soul and am a better musican and human because of them.
Could not be more excited and expectant for what is to come.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! I consider you Family.
@travidarabbi Is the absolute best Lighting director and designer/production mgr. Travis also has the most solid and positive mindset ive ever been around on the road.

@captain_chris_0507 oh boy. Where to begin. Absolute best Tour Manager on planet earth. His Attention to detail, professionalism, and execution are all impeccable. Chris is also an amazing friend.
@nfrealmusic is the best boss ive ever had. Without his vision, drive, and determination none of this would have even happened. An honor to be a microscopic part of bringing your story through music to people.
@dillonraley is an uncanny audio engineer and front of house tech. I am confident there is nothing he can not figure out how to accomplish. Dillon stays calm under pressure and makes what we are striving to musically produce sound so refined.
@danielthigpenn is an absolute blessing of a stage tech and I'm honored to say he was my first drum tech. Daniel is the epitome of patience and his spirit makes even the most stressful of situations manageable. Daniel can solve any problem thrown at him any time.
@kydtheband were an absolute dream to have as tour mates. They embody talent and kindness completely. Feel so proud to have shared this season with them and am so humbled to call them friends.
@heydeez (not pictured) is an absolute mathematician and single handedly weathered unprojectable merch sales every day. She also got me hooked on S Town and made Rhett's Corner a thriving reality.
@zachchafin and @aachafin were ballers that I can only thank for being friends by buying their next cappucino.

Performing live music is like going to war against my own doubt and limitations in front of my fellow humans.
I have played the drums my entire life but am in a constant state of exploration in my expression through this instrument. Accessing something below the surface of who I am that I can not say any other way. Communicating with God through this allowance He has granted me and hoping that conversation relays to others echoes of His realness.
I constantly hear voices in my mind on stage that taunt "You're going to blow this next section" or "You're not playing very well tonight and you're actually pretty terrible in general". These voices are attempting to mask the truth that I am in search of through playing in the first place.
The truth that being allowed to express myself no matter how well I accomplish this on any given night is freedom. The act of expressing freedom is of greater importance than how impressive that expression is to anyone.
I strive to be excellent in what I do but I am finding that the state of my heart from which I share what I have been given is of far greater impact than the skill of my hands.
Human skill and trade falter but love pervades all of time.
The voice of doubt that clamors to grasp at your attention is a liar that is terrified of the truth. Terrified of the risk that freedom may prompt and the hearts it will change.
I am learning to smile and laugh when I hear these voices or when I make a mistake because it is not up to me to win the war. No one expects me to be perfect. Letting go with a smile in these moments is my recognition of Gods victory no matter what happens in my trying.
Our gifts are true because they are not of us.
Giving of them freely through our fumbling hands and stumbling feet is what delivers the victory of our war.
Do not be afraid but push through the voices of doubt, fear, anxiety, failure, depression, and insecurity to declare who YOU are.
You are never alone. You are a warrior.
You are FREE. You are LOVED. You are made with and for GREAT PURPOSE.
So GO in peace and share your voice and your story through your own God-given form of expression. We need it.

Saw the entire continental United States in the last 7 weeks. 5 shows left. Speechless and reflecting on the whole experience. Thank You, Everyone.

📽: @64audio

I love travelling and playing music but what I cherish even more is getting to meet humans that I have never encountered before and getting into the most serendipitous conversations.
@conorsweetman and @gabenwells are two new friends I have met in person for the first time this week that have blessed me with their words, hearts, and perspectives. Grateful that this job allows me to come into contact with so many souls that I would have never had the honor of meeting otherwise. 📷: @samdeenmedina

Checking drums in Austin, Tx a couple weeks ago.
You are going to want to watch this to the very last moment for a rare smile/smirk from yours truly.

At 27 I feel as though this is an accurate capture of my disposition at this latitude in my life.
Completely focused on who I am and where I am headed yet shadowed by the ravining walls of this narrowing path.
There is joy in the hope discovered on the path towards self and purpose. There is also a solitude, a stark realization of your nakedness before God that is the most sobering humility I have known.
I am not on earth to enjoy myself. I am not alive to assert my selfishness upon my environment.
I am here to fight my own flesh, to wage war against my own thinking and understanding. I am here to seek what I will not ever know in this body.
I am focused on heaven. I am focused on freedom and hope in its fullness. I am focused on eternity.
There is so much more to existence than what we can perceive and I want to challenge you to look beyond what your eyes can currently see.
You are here for a purpose. You are here to fight against what you fear you can not be. What you do and say will echo on forever.
I believe in you, your life, and I believe in our fight.
This message is more important than anything I will ever accomplish or become, more dire than any drum beat or show I will ever play.
I am here to say that I LOVE YOU and I am honored to be on this journey with You. You matter more than this earth will ever be able to show you.

3 weeks left on the #therapysessiontour. Been an honor to be a part of this and to see so many new faces. Thanks everyone, you are Loved!

One of my favorite grooves to play in the show is on the verse of "Wait". - -
📹: @danielthigpenn

Its been an esteemed honor to be tour mates with Devin and Kyle but even more of an honor to call them friends. They make music thats honest and full of heart. They are about to have a FULL career ahead of them. Blessed to share this season with them on the #therapysessiontour2017 and keep both eyes peeled for what they are up to. @kydtheband
#kydtheband #wolfpack

Pre Show Meditation -

Captured by : @samdeenmedina

Getting out from behind the kit a bit ▪️▪️▪️

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