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Rhett The Borzoi  #ParkAvenueLASEK mascot raised $8K for breast cancer fr Valentino shoot & pet therapy! Followers get $500 off LASEK #DrChynn will donate $100 to ASPCA


VR World #vr #love #dog ๐Ÿ’ž

VR World New York #vr #model #ny

VR at Time Out New York (page 40) #model #magazine #vr #ny #beatiful #dog

It was on Fire Island this summer #beautiful #dog ๐Ÿ˜

We will be Live streaming part of his last goodbye on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for sending us flowers and over 500+ condolence emails and messages. This way everybody will be able to say goodbye!
Live on Instagram.com/EmilChynn @ 11.30 am
Live on Facebook.com/EmilChynn @ 1.30 pm

#rip #rhett #borzoi #mbf #bff #love #dogoftheday #borzoi #sighthound #westvillage #nj #tenafly #funeral #sad

To Rhett's friends & fans who wish to say goodbye to our little boy and angel one last time, please come to either event๐Ÿถโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡#rip #rhett #borzoi #mbf #bff #love #dogoftheday #borzoi #sighthound #westvillage #nj #tenafly #funeral #sad

Thanks so much to one of our favorite patients @mariuscarlucci who was kind enough to drop off flowers during this tough time. Please follow @emilchynn for updates for Rhett's funeral arrangements #grief #flowers #funeral #thanks #celebration

Rhett just died in the ICU. He went into DIC after heatstroke. Had "difficulty breathing" 20 min after Rhett's best friends visited him & he was calm. I booked a flight to get home in time to help him or say goodbye. The vet at VERG Brooklyn decides to intubate Rhett because he's having "difficulty breathing", hits an artery, Rhett bleeds, goes into arrest, they do CPR, get him back, but now it's no use. To be fair the vet tried his best, but if a patient is in DIC aggressive maneuvers will probably cause him to bleed out bc he CANNOT CLOT๐Ÿ˜ฌI make him DNR bc I don't want him to suffer & ask my/his friends to go back to say bye & be with him while we "pull the plug". But by the time Chris gets back Rhett is gone. I didn't even get to hold & comfort him in my arms bc I'm in Odessa. I was late for the airport so for the 1st time in our shared lives I forgot to hug him & kiss him goodbye. Maybe he thought he was a bad dog so I abandoned him to a strange new sitter. Anyway VERG has him in morgue so anyone who wants to see him can until fri when I'm going to fly home early. I'll pick him up on Sat. We will stop by my house on Cornelia if any neighbors want to say bye. Then we will go to my mom's house in NJ and bury him next to Hershey. We may stream this on Facebook at noon EST so you all can say bye (not to be morbid). Then I'll go to my lake home in Highland Lakes NJ for the weekend. Any friend of mine/Rhett's is welcome to join us in Tenafly/Highland Lakes this weekend. Thanks for all your support & prayers. Rhett was the sweetest kindest most affectionate and loving dog in a the world. What dog after eating a special treat comes over to you not to beg for more, but to put his head in your lap to say thank you? At least his end (except for the botched intubation & final code) was peaceful/pain free. You will always live in my heart Rhett. You taught me more about unconditional love than I could learn until I have child of my own. I will start a rescue dog adoption foundation in your name bc u adopted me. For which I will always be grateful. RIP๐Ÿ™โค๐Ÿถ#dog #borzoi #rip #bff #son #god #heaven #love

Rhett in the hospital

Art exhibition #art #gallery #nyc

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