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Guess who just enquired about a couple quick Tafe courses to bump up my resume for my dream job!! Paying for one next week and get started online! And waiting to hear back from the other course!!! Super excited!!! #study #course #TAFE #popcorn #tickets #Movies #ready

Haven't had one of these in FOREVER!!!!!! Thanks babe for getting one for me and little man 😍 πŸ’™ Brings back memories and hectic feelings ❀️

Just made an appointment to get all my moles checked!! Been a while so I figured it was time haha #sunsafe

Sometimes I feel pretty enough for a selfie haha even though I've cheated and used a snapchat filter lol

Oh wow! I didn't realise how sickly I looked today! Just looked in the mirror and noticed more black under my eyes than ever and I have been feeling like poop haha I think the fact I have been eating a little more junk the last few days isn't helping at all!!

Haha this must be a great lot of reading material πŸ˜‚Michael has been like this for the last 10 minutes!! Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So I was a bit of a sleepwalker when I was younger and still have some traits from it! I have had a night terror before but most often I wake up and a few things are different, the most common thing is me moving my jewellery that I am wearing around. I wake up and my rings are on different fingers lol. I always know what I dream about when that happens... haha most often I remember those dreams, and i prefer not to have them knowing it's never really going to happen.. Lol

Haha so this young man prefers falling asleep at the end of the bed next to feet instead of up next to our heads and on the pillows!! πŸ˜‚

OH FLIP YEAH!!!!! This is amazing!! Definitely going to make this again soon!! Of course I'll add a few extra veggies but overall an awesome dish that anyone can make!!

Loaded Vege chow mein for dinner tonight!! Woohoo! And tomorrow night is creamy chille Vege pasta!! Loving this diet!! 😍😍

I LOVE sunrises and sunsets and Kyle just sent me pictures because the sun looked red just before!! And I couldn't see it from our place 😍😍 made my afternoon babe 😍

Perfect day to just listen to the radio on and be outside 😍

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