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Robert Griffin III  Relationship with God | Live your life | 👸🏼👶🏽👶🏽 |Baylor Grad| Hopeless Romantic who found hope #NoPressureNoDiamonds #KnowYourWhy

Happy Father’s Day Dad!
Thank you for all your sacrifices for my sisters and I growing up. I am who I am and where I am because God blessed me with a father like you. Love you #HappyFathersDay #FlatTop #RG2

When you take a knee to ask God why didn’t He bless you with hair like Willie 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😂
Thankful for this opportunity with God fearing men on a mission #PlayLikeARaven #PrayLikeARaven #HairGame #BlondeHair #PurpleHair #KnowYourWhy #NoPressureNoDiamonds #TrustGod

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! You are half 50 now!!! God only made one woman in the world like you and what a beautiful creation you are! You are the best person I know, the love of my life and my best friend. I am truly blessed to spend the rest of my days with an Angel from Estonia. Real chemistry is hard to find and impossible to deny once you see it, feel it and do it. Let's keep doing it baby. I love you #HappyBirthday #25 #AQuarterForYourThoughts #Love #Celebrate #BirthdayGirl #Estonia

Every day we should remember those who have given their lives while serving. They paid the ultimate sacrifice for something bigger than themselves. We salute and thank you #MemorialDay #LandOfTheFree #Sacrifice #ThankFul #Grateful #HomeOfTheBrave


You are a blessing little one and now you are 3 years old...already!!! To see the pure joy in your eyes and genuine happiness in your spirit around us is truly special and something we cherish. You are an amazing little girl and a great big Sister. We couldn't wait to celebrate this day with you and we had a blast. We love you #HappyBirthday #Reese #BigSister #Three #Surprise #Smile #WhatAFeeling


Get out the mud one step at a time

A year ago today I made the best decision of my life and asked you to marry me, so as we celebrate Mother's Day know that I will always be celebrating the tears of joy I saw in your eyes as you said yes, I love you minu hingesugulane #SheSaidYes #MothersDay #Love #Celebrate #Happiness #EngagementAnniversary #HappyMothersDay #Blessed

Where do I start....
Hard to describe how amazing you are as a person let alone as a mom. Our little angel Gloria is blessed to have the best mommy in the world and it's not close. Clearly I'm biased but I see every day how you tend to her every need and raise her with love and passion. You are the best person I know baby. You have accepted me and all that comes with me. Never wavering in the way you display such love and passion to our family. Not sure you can be blessed and lucky but we certainly are because we have you. We love you and appreciate everything you do. I can't wait to watch you continue to grow as a mom and a person for the rest of our days. Happy Mother's Day My Queen #MothersDay #Blessed #Lucky #BestInTheWorld #Love #TheBest #HappyMothersDay

Blessed to spend the rest of my days with a strong and amazing Estonian woman and to have been raised by a strong Black woman. Happy Mother's Day!!!! #MothersDay #strongwomen #Blessed #HappyMothersDay

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