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  I'm your least favorite memer, this is my cesspool. Take a dive, the water's just fine. 🐬

Okay, is it just me or are these super hero movies getting out of hand?

These video games are getting more and more realistic!

It's just me, I live alone.

Just some light reading on a lazy Sunday 😌

Toothpaste is the forbidden fruit. Collab with @wet.eddy

I'm charging my DS now if anyone wants to play.

Tosses salad once.

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will give me $1 billion to make this dream a reality.

The battle of the century.

Hey everyone, 2013 era rezuler here. Just wanted to say sorry, but there will be no meme today. I'm busy fishing, listening to Tool, and looking like a rhythm guitar player for a The Mars Volta cover band. I'll be back soon to tell you about that one time I almost landed a kickflip. Until then, please forward me all your torrent links for conspiracy documentaries and Talking Heads albums. Okay, thanks! Bye

Remember when Mom would open a can of these and the tormented screams of a million condensed soups would fill the kitchen and you'd run away crying? Lol

Now THESE are the real superheros.

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