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Reza  queer veg moon child ☾

great night out at this amazing art studio. it’s good to get linked up and get back into business! 💛🎛

when you fit in with the trashy bathroom aesthetics 🌒

looking shitty feeling pretty 🖤💕 i didn’t feel like doing make up today and i feel pretty good about my skin finally clearing up. so before i change my hair again, have a selfie.

there’s so much beauty in everyday life in Praha. how could i ever leave this behind?

I think it's time to start eating healthier again.

With a sunset this pretty, you go out on the roof. 🔆🎵

"You cut your hair but you used to live a blinded life. Wish I was there, wish we'd grown up on the same advice, and our time was right." .
🎧🥂 Lets post a selfie before I change my hair again but I think I'm officially growing it out? Awkward 'too short for long hair' and 'too long for short hair' stage. Also still in bed dreading Sunday night parties. Whatever.

Had a wonderful day trip to Černošice and Karlstejn yesterday and there was pieeeee, the quickest way to my heart.

It's been two days and I finally have the energy to go through photos and upload some. Hiphop kemp was awesome. I've made friends and memories for life. I met one of my favorite hiphop artists Oddisee. Being VIP at a festival has its perks. Oh, and I took a dive in a pool cause why not. Thank you everyone who made this possible and special shout out to the awesome Bounce Club team. 💜🖤

My new roommate is a real dork. She loves cuddles, belly rubs and shoulder massages and is loud af when she's not getting any.

My sister is the cutest but makes me look like a pale ass ghost. To all my family and friends who went out of their way to see me, picked me up or dropped me off; I love you immensely and I will see you soon. 💖💫

Lowkey wanna go back to the Netherlands to fight this homesickness. Highkey wanna fix this eyeliner.

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