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Reza  non binary femme β€’ she/they β€’ queer feminist β€’ vegan β€’ antifascist baking doughnutarian @okidough stitching & bitching @grannypunx


Saying goodbye to Jad last night who's been like a brother to me since we met each other. It's really hard to let him go, but I'm glad he's moving on to bigger and better things. Love you bruh πŸ’œ Stay safe.

I miss eating doughnuts. I miss Brooklyn. I miss being able to eat until physically uncomfortable. I miss my US babes. I'm homesick all the time and then decide to go home, wherever that is, and then start to miss other shit. Moving around a lot has its downsides, I guess, but it's also the most wonderful thing in the world and I get to experience so many places and people who fill my heart with love. #sentimental

When your main bitch takes you out for lunch. Mocktails till I die. I did the thing and ate the food. Love you girl @edgylibrarian_

My hair is getting so long, what to dooo? Also, I realized I hadn't had any dessert in over four weeks. That's why I look like a sleep deprived nervous wreck (but still love this photo)

"That's the way everyday goes
Every time we have no control
If the sky is pink and white
If the ground is black and yellow
It's the same way you showed me"

I've had the time of my life at this party with an ice cream bar, fancy cheeses and bread, a kitty cat, Czech new wave film and lovely people. I can get used to this life here.

Friends! We need your help getting Mia a one way ticket to Prague! Tyler Noelle will be moving here soon and with the great apartment that we just signed a deal on, things are moving so fast. The down payment was ridiculous tho and only afterwards we realized how expensive it is to bring a dog on a plane. If you have a little money to spare, help a vegan feminist out! We will be forever grateful. youcaring.com/tylertolson-810584

When you're having lunch at an all vegan place and they do grassroots work with homeless women who they help getting employed and they use perfectly fine food from grocery stores that would otherwise be thrown out to reduce waste and keep prices of their food low AND they have desserts, I guess all of that makes me pretty happy.

It's so good to be back in Prague. There's vegan food everywhere, there's lots of dogs, the scenery is amazing and my friends are rad. Thank you all for making me feel like I've never left. πŸ–€

Midnight burrito queens.πŸŒ―πŸ–€ Oh, how I missed this place. Had a really good night out with dear friends and I'm slowly getting used to the idea that I'm actually in Prague. Let the job hunt begin!

Fancy dessert crew 🍰πŸͺ

I want to win this beauty! #hagclub2k

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