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Captain Taco  Photographer & software developer in Stockholm. Haven't quit my dayjob Hyr mig! #photographer #stockholm #portrait #sports #concert

The offspring playing
#football #soccer #soccerskills #farstacup

This picture perfectly sums up my feelings on #cars and #november. Technically it's December today but who cares.

I hate having to have a car. I hate having to deal with the business. I hate their macho smugness. I hate the way they talk about cars. I hate that they're all digitally stuck in last century. If I order a simple piece of plastic from China, I can digitally follow it every step of the way. If I order a new car I have to CALL to find out if it even exists yet, a week before expected delivery. And when I do, I get told I'm an idiot for asking.
Could someone please start a car selling business with a solid digital platform and a female only sales staff?

New tires and a new gear wire. Like new. But old.


I desperately need to work on stability

#november #farsta #sunset

And a few #sunset views from #farsta yesterday afternoon.

This is 35 minutes by public transportation from #stockholm central. Hard to believe...

After my daily lunch picture yesterday, I had to grab a proper camera and make it right.


I missad the Magic hour yesterday. By a month or two it seems. However, I do believe I nailed that #duck. Anyone who can tell me what it is?

Also: second picture to illustrate how this is one out of ten shots, not all of which were good. At all.

#November #run in -2C. This was a beautiful day!

When the offspring is warming up, dad gets some culture time... #stephenking

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